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Click the button below to add the KlevaKlip Adjustable Bearer Support Bracket for decks on a concrete slab to your wish list.
These high quality and strong pent roof sheds are higher than average making them ideal for many different uses in your garden. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone lines, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Log cabins are made of a natural material and it is impossible to guarantee an absolutely perfect finish to every part because of the natural movement of timber. It is good practise to lay a damp proof membrane (DPM) on top of your base before starting to install the building.
Fit the gable trusses into position and secure by sliding the main roof purlin supports into the appropriate pre-cut notches in the gable triangles. Screw the eaves coving to the cabin eaves wall, making sure that the top of each end aligns with the previously fitted gable coving.
Place the pre-cut tongue and groove (T&G) ceiling boards into each bay in turn, ensuring that the tongues and grooves are fully interlocked as you go. Once you reach the last piece of ceiling board the end of each bay, go back to the other end and lever the whole section of ceiling boarding away from the cabin wall to leave a gap of approximately 10-20mm.
The reason for the gaps at each end is so that if the boards need to expand - cabins are not generally heated as well as houses and the heat is only turned on when they are in use. If you are installing electric wires (ie lighting circuit), this is the perfect time to do this as there is full and easy access to all areas required within the roof void.
Lay the polythene vapour barrier over the whole roof making sure that there is a good overlap if more than 1 piece is required (ideally over the top of a purlin), and also ensuring that it laps up and over the cabin walls. Insert your insulation into each bay, if you have a solid foam board and fibreglass loft roll combination mix, then lay the solid foam board in first (make sure it is a tight fit and sits tight against the ceiling boards), then lay the loftroll on top to fully fill the bay up to the top of the purlins.
If you have a cabin supplied with threaded rod, nuts & washers - insert the rods into the pre-drilled holes at the corners of the cabin, using the joining nuts to extend them if required in order to reach the full height of the walls.
Nail the tongue and groove roof boards in place by starting at one end and working along (2 nails in each board at each junction with the purlins), checking the distance covered at the top and bottom of the boards to ensure they are running parallel to the walls (this will avoid cutting a wedge-shaped final board). NB Do not fix the roof boards tightly together as they may swell and cause damage to your roof structure and felt. Once the felt roll has been fitted, the barge boards and fascias can be fitted which helps to hold the felt down.
Now the building has been weathered in, it is safe to lay the floor without danger of it being exposed to the elements. NB Always allow at least an 8mm gap between any wall and the floor boards to allow for expansion. The following storyboard log cabin installation video follows one of our customers (who isn't a builder or carpenter, just an enthusiastic DIYer) and his wife through their installation process. It is very important that anything fixed in the vertical direction is done so using flexible joints (ie slots) to allow for future log movement (ie- shelving, electrical conduit, cabinets, etc.), and allowing at least 50mm of expansion or contraction gap.

We strongly advise an annual maintenance for every door and window - lift each one off of it's hinges, grease or oil the hinge pins then replace. Downloads listed below contain technical information on a wide range of timber and building construction related topics. Our staff has over 125 year's combined technical experience in the building industry and can offer free advice at any stage of your project, whether it be an Architectural or Engineering query.
We offer a free site tour of our facility so you can see exactly how your products are going to be manufactured. We can provide a supply and erect service for your pre-nail frames, floor trusses, roof trusses plus internal and external fix outs.
It is the customers responsibility to supply the foundations whether it is Concrete or Paving Slabs or 100 x 75 H4 Bearers.
The top 50mm of vegetation is removed and fine coarse metal is used to support the bearers . Extending your verandah can add extra living and entertaining space to your home, as well as adding value to it. Other mentioned product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. These pre-notched easy deck bearers can be simply slotted together to create a solid foundation for your garden decking.
The first part of the installation process is to unpack the individual items within the main pack and stack them near to the proposed site for the building, at the same time counting the parts and checking them off against the parts list which is supplied with the building.
If you have an insulated floor, a 19mm thick timber edging piece is supplied to fix along the ends of the bearers to close the ends off (there are no air voids with an insulated floor and therefore no ventilation is required). If the base is over-sized, the DPM should be cut about 200mm larger than the base size required for the cabin, it can then be folded over on top of the floor bearers and trapped by the first course of logs to make it stay in position.
You can screw the frames through the bottom piece of outer frame into the log directly below but it is important that you do not fix any window or door frame directly to the logs higher than this. It can depend on the time of year as to where exactly you fix through the slots – the cabin will always settle down after you have built it but it will then also either contract further if you are building in the winter (the building is always slightly taller in the winter as opposed to summer when the logs will dry and shrink), or expand if you are building in the summer.
The metal plate is supplied in long lengths which can  be cut to length on site with snips or hacksaw.
Now return to the other end of the bay and cut the last piece of ceiling board so that when it is slotted into place, it will also be about 10-20mm away from the cabin wall.
Therefore the roof boards will all absorb moisture during the winter months and will probably swell.
These are screwed into the side of the purlin whilst being pressed down onto the ceiling T&G boards, thus forming a guide rail for the ceiling boards to be contained within but can still swell or contract if required. Floor Truss and Roof Truss installation guides are listed under the Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses section. Whereas a verandah typically has a roof and is usually attached to your house on more than one side, a deck is usually connected to your house on one side only and built above ground.

By definition you must be a competent woodworker and have the appropriate tools (saw, hammer, chisel, drill, etc.). This stage is very important and you should not start to construct the cabin if there are any missing or damaged pieces. This means that should water get on top of your base and under the building, the water will stay under the DPM rather than get on top of it, keeping all of the timber dry. Ensure that all door frames sit directly on top of the wall log underneath (in some cases the internal side door trims may need to be cut down to length). This can always be altered at a later date if the screws get too close or touch the ends of the slots – the higher up the building, the more accummulative movement there is).
The joining logs should be tightly clamped and then fixed using a screw  through the metal plate either side of the joint which will stop the logs spreading in the future (these screws should be angled away from each other slightly as this will pull the joint together and also increases the pulling strength of the screws).
The same rule applies below any windows where the logs could also settle down - leave a pro rata gap depending on how many logs are below the window.
Make sure that there is enough room underneath to periodically tighten the bottom nut until it tightens no further (usually in the first summer after the installation when the timber is at it's driest).
Typically, both these structures are made of wood, which means that there is an extensive range of Steel-MAX flooring system products you can use. If you feel that you might not be capable of carrying out this type of work then you should look to employ a suitable contractor who is able to do this for you. Please note that the plan shows the spacing between each of the bearers as well as the width of the bearer on plan view. Ventilation holes can then be cut sufficiently above the base level, if required, to keep the standing water at bay. You can use packers to stop any unwanted sideways movement at the top of each of the frames (only use packers on the sides of the frames - they can be screwed or tacked onto the frame to hold everything in place- do not put packers on top of the frames as this will not allow the logs to settled down after the build is complete or during the change of seasons) - there is a deliberate gap either side to allow for final positioning of the frame. Finishing trims can then be fixed around the edge of the base in order to hide the DPM if required (not provided in our kit). If you find that the door lock has the latch pointing in the wrong direction, you do not have to take the mechanism apart to change it but merely either pull the latch out, twist it round and click it back into place or push it in by releasing the gravity toggle, spin the latch around and click it back into place. Please note that they are called floor bearers and not floor joists, this is because they are designed to be supported by a sub-base. They are not designed to take the full load and span from one side of the building to the other.

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