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All around Australia, there are Ranbuild workshops on mining sites, production and storage buildings on vineyards, orchards, brick works, timber mills and processing plants. If you have the space, we can cover it.Partition walls for offices and amenities are steel framed and clad to match the quality and colour of the rest of your building.
Load bearing mezzanine floors are a standard option, providing light storage or additional office space. Polycarbonate skylights and wall highlights add natural lighting to work areas and save electricity.Choose a cladding profile and a colour from the Lysaght COLORBOND ® range.
Rents usually increases every year and often take a leap when the real estate is re-valued.
Buying your own shed with fixed interest re-payments helps stop overheads rising sharply, usually when least expected or at a bad time. You also get the benefit of tax deductions for routine maintenance plus capital appreciation because quality steel buildings increase in value with inflation.

Talk to us about BetterPay and put your capital into your business where it will earn a return for you. They provide more internal roof space to dissipate heat or cold transferred through the roof cladding. Skillion or monoslope roof buildings are more suitable for storage sheds, awning extensions and car ports, etc. The lower roof pitch lowers the price to a small extent, but the overall building volume also decreases.
Condensation also needs to be considered and low roof pitch buildings need to have an added moisture barrier fitted under the roof cladding if used for industrial or commercial purposes. Hangars use standard mass produced Covermaster building components with the addition of a heavy duty end frame designed to carry the wide-opening doors. The special end frame also allows for a clear opening not possible with conventional construction.We believe Ranbuild aircraft hangar sliding doors are the best on the market.

They run on ball bearing wheels and embedded tracks with wind guides at the top to keep everything aligned.
For fully open end walls, we supply external track and supports on one or both sides so the doors can slide outside the building.
All the other options such as access doors, windows, skylights, insulation, ventilation and COLORBOND ® cladding are available for hangars.
All the other options such as access doors, windows, skylights, insulation, ventilation and COLORBOND A® cladding are available for hangars.

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