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Guy tells his friends they are going for a drive to shoot a video, what they don't know is they are going to drive though a garage door! Rarely does protective and fashion fuse effectively, one almost always yields to the other.
The jacket is well ventilated with perforated panels, so is a warmer weather wear, but the cut does allow for a jumper to be worn underneath so it’s good for spring and autumn. The neck has a slightly lower cut making it a more comfortable fit for a thick neck like me.
The design of the pockets are thoughtful and practical, from the concealed zips to the horizontal opening on the lower pockets, which is a real plus if you’re like me and prone to leaving the zip open and emptying the contents of your vertical opening pockets down the street as you ride off. The M2 is constructed from 1 to 1.2mm Tumble aged Cowhide, with perforated leather on the centre zip, under sleeves, and side front chest panels.
Thanks to Simon Bottomley for the images and Andrew Almond  at Bolt London for location and bike.
The outer shell is made of top drawer heavy gauge raw selvedge denim, and is completely lined with 100% schoeller®-Dynatec ®,  a hard wearing fabric with good protective properties and a high level of stability. Rokker have been careful to retain all the classic styling of the iconic Western denim shirt, so this has a no nonsense timeless feel, free from all the fussiness of the archetypal protective jacket.
This shirt is clear evidence of this philosophy. Like all good denim this shirt will only get better with wear, and will last for years. The striped long sleeved shirt has been synonymous with alternative bike culture since the 1920’s and has appeared in different guises ever since, often adopted by racers whether it be salt flat sprinters or board trackers.
The Ringer is a key chain handmade from full grain vegetable tanned leather featuring military grade hardware and a parachord allowing you to release your keys as if you were jumping from 10,000ft. Every JBird Collective product is handmade in the USA combining style with heritage materials and tech features, and is built to be versatile, durable and ready to work in a variety of situations. These are available through London online retailer Wax and Hide, which means you don’t have to wait and eternity for it to arrive in the UK, or pay pesky import duty. One man band Anthony Jackson is taking the artisan moto apparel to a new level with his recently launched range of helmets and gloves. All too often a vintage glove has vintage protection,  but the Speed Glove has a contemporary inner steel carbon knuckle protection that offers a high level of safety. Each glove has double stitched panels, discreet knuckle protection, a perforated top panel will cooling fins that direct air up under your sleeve. Each pair is hand cut and crafted from treated Scandinavian aniline cow hide each with their own unique patina. I saw 78 for first time (and met Antony) 2 years ago at Bikeshed London… I admired his friendly personality and the beautiful things he was making.
If you have a big garden, or need a large auxiliary space to use as a workshop for business or a hobby, then a large shed can be a perfect purchase. WhatShed have a wealth of experience in reviewing garden sheds in all styles and sizes, and made from all kinds of substrate, and so we know what to look for when searching for a large shed that stands out from the rest. You may not have heard of Absco before, but they’re a leading manufacturer of garden buildings in Australia who are now beginning to make a big impact on the large shed market in the United Kingdom as well. The cladding is also very water resistant, and the tall apex roof also ensures that rainwater runs harmlessly away. We have another metal shed at number two in our list of the very best large sheds available to buy online in the UK today, and that shows how their combination of toughness and affordability is hard to beat. What makes this particular metal shed stand out from its competitors, besides the exceptional price for a shed of 10 feet by 13 feet that comes with a 12 year anti-rust guarantee, is that it includes a floor support kit as standard.
Large scale timber sheds typically cost more than their metal counterparts, and yet many people find them more attractive and therefore more desirable to have in their garden.
The bank of eight fixed windows caught our eye at first sight, and this means that the interior is very light and welcoming on a sunny day.
For the ultimate in durability and practicality when it comes to a large shed, this 10 x 13 foot model available from Waltons is hard to beat, which is why it earns a place in our top five large sheds that can be bought online today. This is also one of the strongest large sheds that we’ve reviewed, made of any substrate, and that’s because of the strong hot dipped galvanised steel frame at its core. We’ve reviewed lots of green metal sheds, and after all this does help them to fit better into a garden rather than standing out with a stark silver or grey colour scheme.
This is the largest timber shed in our league table, and so even though it costs nearly one and a half thousand pounds we still feel that it represents reasonable value for money. Tongue and groove cladding is used throughout, and with the aid of an apex roof above it this is a large shed that offers excellent weather protection. For people who want the convenience and versatility that a large shed brings but don’t want to spend time on maintenance and treatment schedules, a metal shed is the ideal solution. The double sliding doors at the front make it easy to manoeuvre objects in and out so even though this is one of the smaller sheds in this league table you can still fit a lot inside. This initial treatment also gives the timbers a golden brown hue which we found very attractive to look at, and because the treatment is so long lasting it should retain its good looks for years to come. This is at the smaller end of the buildings in our listof the 20 best large sheds available to buy online in the UK today, and neither does it have high quality tongue and groove cladding like most of the timber sheds, and yet thanks to its value for money and durability it still deserves to be considered by all those who want a large shed made of wood but are working to a tight budget. Overlap cladding has been used for the walls of this apex roofed shed, and yet for such a well proportioned building it still feels reassuringly solid once assembled.
The hot dipped galvanised steel cladding has a thickness of 0.3mm which is thicker than we find on many of the metal sheds we review, and the excellent weather proof properties that this gives are behind the generous 20 year warranty provided by the manufacturer.
To make the most of a large shed, whether it’s going to be used as a workshop or simply as a place to relax in the garden, you’ll need a large doorway, which is why we were pleased to see the wide double doors on this apex roofed timber shed from Winchester.
As is typical of a large shed made of wood, this does have a price tag of well over a thousand pounds, and of course this has been taken into consideration when determining the final placings in our WhatShed league table. At just short of two thousand pounds this is the second most expensive large shed in our top 20 league table, and yet by combing two functions in one we still feel it represents reasonable value for money, and it’s both attractive and well built. What makes this large shed stand out from its competitors is that it also features an integrated log store, which with increasing numbers of people discovering the benefits of log burning stores could be a very useful feature.
You may expect a large shed or workshop that has a base area in excess of two hundred square feet to be difficult or time consuming to install, but this model is surprisingly easy and makes a large storage or work space accessible to more people than ever before, especially as it also comes with a price that is very good value for money, at less than a thousand pounds. One reason that it’s relatively easy to assemble for such a large shed is that it is made of overlap timber. Whilst this 12 x 10 wooden shed is at the smaller end of our large shed scale, you might still expect to require a large garden with lots of space available to site it in.
As we’ve come to expect from a large shed made by Shed-Plus the universally applied tongue and groove cladding has been given an initial pressure treatment, and the effect of this tanalisation is a 15 year warranty which should give the customer real peace of mind as well as added value for the fact that they won’t have to spend money on tins of wood preserver every year. A large shed is an ideal building to use as a workshop, and that means that it could have expensive tools, machinery, or computing equipment inside. We now come to another large shed made by Shed-Plus in our top 20 league table, and again we found a build quality and range of features that would have placed it much higher if it wasn’t for a price tag that will place it beyond the reach of some potential customers. This is a large shed that’s been built with durability in mind, as shown by the heavy duty 44mm framing allied to 12mm tongue and groove cladding used for all surfaces.
This is the premium large shed in the BillyOh range, but it also costs significantly more than its stable mates which is why this well built shed finds itself in the lower reaches of our top 20 league table.
There are two further windows, one on each side panel, and as these can be opened too the interior feels very light, airy, and welcoming. This is the most expensive plastic building to feature in our list of the top 20 large sheds that are available to buy online, which explains its position, but it does still have a lot to offer. The thing we liked most about this large shed, with a capacity of nearly nine hundred cubic feet, is that it has the lightest interior of any plastic shed we’ve reviewed.
We really like the traditional look of a timber pent shed, and we know that many consumers feel the same. As well as being taller than we might initially have expected, it’s also much stronger and therefore more stable.
This plastic building has an appearance unlike any other large shed in our top 20 league table, being designed to replicate the appearance of a traditional house. The feature that we liked most about this particular large shed is that it is constructed from high-density polyethylene; this is a very tough form of plastic which means that while it’s lightweight and easy to assemble it can withstand all that the British weather throws at it, especially as it’s also reinforced by a galvanised steel frame. Large sheds represent such a large and diverse category of garden buildings, encompassing many styles and sizes, that it was always going to be difficult to pick a winner.
Until now The Bike Shed has focused on reviewing custom bike builds, but we feel it’s time to launch a weekly blog that focuses on the gear that’s enjoyed by those of us who participate in the scene.
First up has to be the defining biker garment, the leather jacket, and what could be more fitting than the stunning GT Mk 4 jacket from Alexander Leathers Modern Classics collection. Each jacket is hand-made, stitch by stitch, by one leather crafts-person, to order, in the customer’s choice of leather, colour and lining.  An artisan company based in Selkirk, Scotland, Alexander make jackets to last a lifetime, and the build quality reflects it. The team at Alexander Leathers share a passion for authentic vintage leather jackets, their primary focus is to recreate the classics of bygone eras using only the best materials available and employing traditional manufacturing techniques coupled with outstanding attention to detail. The GT Mk 4 features three large bellowed pockets, and one D pocket, the Alexander Cafe Racer collar, a wind flap shielding the zip, a  leather belt, a one piece back, and  stud cuffs. In six short years Ruby have forged a reputation for producing high-end luxury helmets that are both resilient and striking. Not content with providing the customer with the helmets in an eclectic array of stock colours and limited edition designs, Ruby are now offering an ‘a-la-carte‘ online ‘costume’ configurator where you can create a one-off bespoke design. Whatever way you go, you’ll end up with protecting your precious brain matter with something very special.

Denim jeans are entrenched in the mythology surrounding custom bikes, and you’ll be hard pushed to find quality that matches Tellason. A niche manufacturer out of San Francisco owned and operated by old friends Tony PaTELLA and Pete SearSON, Tellason were born out of lifelong obsession with denim.
Heritage is premium to Tony and Pete, and they’re proud of the fact that their jeans are not only made in America, but that the pocketing, thread, buttons, rivets and leather patches are as well. The engineer boot was first manufactured in 1939 as a boot primarily used by shipbuilders in Portland, Oregon, building ships for World War II.
What better way for Eastman Leather, the famous military jacket specialists, to launch their motorcycle brand, ELMC, than with a stunning pair of engineer boots. Very occasionally you come across something that is such a killer idea that you kick yourself and curse that you didn’t think of it first. Dreamt up by bike builder, cafe owner, now voltmeter designer, and our good mate Josh at Muff Customs, this is so simple it’s genius. You can buy it online, or with a cup of coffee at Muff Cafe, 4c Roach Road, Hackney Wick, London E32PA.
The Makita GA9020 230mm Angle Grinder is a professional heavy duty kit complete with everything needed to get started, all held in a tough carry case for tidy storage. The Makita GA9020 is manufactured with high quality machined bevel gears and a tough gear housing that can be positioned at every 90° angle for added agility among most practical applications. The leather has a soft supple feel, and the detailing is not only functional, it’s subtle. The low cut of the back works well, it gives a good shape to the jacket but critically gives that extra bit of protection in the unfortunate event of an off whilst keeping the draughts at bay.
Assembling a crack team that collectively pools design experience in MotoGP, AMA and CEV Repsol, moto apparel design, fashion design, industry media, custom motorcycles and industry retail. A handsome and robust selvedge shirt-jacket that’s designed to be worn on a motorcycle and that offers a good level of protection. It can be worn over a t shirt and removed once off the bike or can be worn against the skin.
Founded on the Kings Road, London by Lloyd Johnson in 1979 has been resurrected after decades of being dormant. Now most of us won’t be jumping from anything like that height, but a secure quick release key chain is more than handy when getting on and off your bike, especially if you live in the city like I do and constantly jumping on  your ride. Wax and Hide have selected a range of items from a number of independent mens accessories brands from across the globe, chosen on the basis of quality craftsmanship and a heritage ethos.
A double layer palm panel, double stitched for extra protection alongside under perforated fingers and an oversize silicone Velcro strap for a tight closure without snagging. Every panel has been designed to sit close to the hand yet allow fluid motion with protection.
Anthony is fanatical about detail, and this glove is a testament to his commitment to quality small runs over mass production. When compiling this league table, we’ve considered sheds from the 10 leading online retailers in this area, and as between them they sell 95% of all garden buildings bought online, you can be sure that all the large sheds featured in our list will be easy to buy as well as having something special to offer. Different people can have different perceptions of what large is, but for the purposes of this WhatShed guide we’ve defined it as a shed that has a base area of at least 120 square feet. This is a perfect example of what they do, and it has a range of features that make it stand out from other large sheds at a very reasonable price.
For that reason it comes with a very long 20 year anti-perforation guarantee which is as long as that given with any shed in our league table. Some people may not like something that looks both large and metallic in their garden, but thanks to its attractive green colour scheme, with contrasting white trim used around the double doors and for the apex roof, we actually think that this is an attractive large shed which will fit in well with a garden background.
This makes it easy to install a wooden floor, which can be especially useful for a large shed as it creates a more pleasant and warmer floor to stand upon and walk around on.
This large shed from BillyOh costs well over a hundred pounds more than the two metal sheds above it, and yet it still represents very good value for a wooden large shed which is why it achieves the third place in our league table, the highest position by a timber shed. Light also comes flooding in when the large double doors are opened, so that it’s easy to move heavy, wide or bulky objects into or out of storage. It also has a look of its very owm, with its ivory coloured PVC cladding ornately decorated to resemble overlap timber cladding.
Once assembled it feels very rigid and stable, and so even though its warranty lasts for 10 years we wouldn’t be surprised to find that it gives many more trouble free years. This particular large shed however utilises a unique shade of green that’s darker and very pleasing on the eye. The ribbed metal panelling gives it extra strength and durability, and we also welcomed the large ventilation panels which help to reduce condensation as well as ensuring that the interior doesn’t become too hot on a sunny day. A 10 year warranty has been provided, but this is dependent upon the owner applying annual preservative treatments and in a building of this size that can take both time and money and this is why the shed doesn’t feature even more prominently in our league table.
This Woodvale metal shed especially can be a wise purchase, as not only does it represent very good value for money, but it also hides its metallic nature behind a well executed brown colour scheme. We also liked the way the doors are fitted internally as well, meaning that they are given extra protection against the elements and against accidental impacts.
Tight interlocking shiplap cladding has been used throughout, meaning that there is no way for water to penetrate into the interior, and thanks to a large apex roof at the summit, which has a generous ridge height of 2.30m, this is a large shed that’s very water and weather resistant. Another contributing factor the undoubted aesthetic appeal is the bank of styrene windows that are on either side of the double hinged door and then run around the sides. In fact this is the cheapest timber shed in our league table, and this in itself is enough to earn a place in the upper half. Similarly the roof has been made of cost effective solid sheet material, which has then been covered in grey sand roofing felt. It also has a host of extra features included as standard, and one that we found particularly useful was the inclusion of two entrances.
We even found the colour scheme, which is based upon contrasting green and grey shades, attractive and so the only thing which stops this large shed being ranked much higher is the price tag compared to other metal sheds, particularly as an anchor kit or set of fixing screws will need to be purchased separately. The customer does get a very high quality building for their money, however, as shown by the use of tongue and groove cladding for all the surfaces. The main body of the building is a typical apex roofed tongue and groove, but it’s a very solid example of this kind of building. These two reasons are enough to place this shed into our top 20, even though it’s very much an economy shed. This is both thinner and lighter than shiplap cladding, although the use of slow grown Baltic pine does give it a little extra strength when compared to many overlap sheds. This particular shed, however, has a reverse apex orientation which can make it ideal for gardens which are wide but not deep, or for people who don’t want to detract from the length of their garden too much. It also features two opening windows that have toughened safety glass and a key operated lock, so it’s only the price of over one and a half thousand pounds which stops this tough and secure shed from reaching the top half of our league table. In today’s climate a shed owner who has items of value inside their garden building can never be too careful, which is why this windowless groundsman shed can be an ideal security solution. We were also pleased to find that the frame features planed and rounded corners, as this is a sign of high quality finishing as well as providing added strength to the structure as a whole.
This is the top priced shed which features in our league table, yet if you don’t minds spending well over two thousand pounds to get a 20 foot by 10 foot shed that is extremely high calibre, then this could be your perfect purchase. As this cladding has also been tanalised, a process whereby preservative is forced under pressure deep into the heart of the timber, the cladding is protected by a 15 year guarantee against rot. This is one of the most attractive large scale timber sheds that we’ve seen, and upon first seeing it our eyes were drawn to the centrally positioned double doors, as well as the two opening windows on either side of them which are decorated with a Georgian style hatching. That’s one reason that this large shed would make an ideal workshop, although if the owner prefers to walk upon a concrete floor rather than a concrete base they will have to pay extra. That’s thanks not only to two rectangular windows built into the double hinged doors, which are coloured grey in contrast to the prevailing white, but also to six integrated skylights in the roof.
Without the ostentation of an apex roof, a pent roof still performs the vital task of carrying rainwater away rather than allowing it to sit on the surface, and they also create an interior headroom that’s more even throughout.
That’s not only because it uses high quality tongue and groove cladding but also because it has a thick 50 x 50mm frame. The curved double doors have a portico above them that leads on to the long apex roof itself, and on either side of the doors are square windows with a decorative curved top and air vents alongside them that are designed to look like shutters. We were a little disappointed to find that such a strong plastic shed only comes with a 10 year warranty when we feel that it’s likely to last much longer without any problems appearing, but even at its elevated price this is a large shed that’s worth considering by those who need a large and versatile work space in their garden.
Congratulations, then, to the Yardmaster 1013 shed with floor support kit which thanks to its excellent value for money and durability is rated by us as the best large shed that can be bought online in the UK today. Their aim is to create a product that will develop its own unique patina, character and shape with time and wear. Designed by biker Jerome Coste, he set out to create “the finest helmets in the world”, an aspiration some would say he’s met. By choosing from their extensive range of colours, patterns and finishing details you now have 273, 375 ways to create a unique design and your very own customised Ruby helmet. Each pair is made from raw, selvedge denim manufactured in the legendary Cone Mills’ White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina. The smooth design with lack of protruding fittings, nails or laces prevented snagging injuries around belt and chain drive machinery, and so they were eagerly adopted by bikers, quickly achieving iconic status in motorcycle culture.
They’ve taken a 30 year reputation for producing the highest degree of authenticity and applied it to their bike gear.

They have a stack Japanese ‘Woodsman” heel and a UK Goodyear storm welt and  a steel shank.
The large trigger switch, vibration absorbing side grip and tool-less wheel cover provide more comfort and control to the user. There’s something particularly gruelling about wind climbing up the spine on the ride home.
It comes lined in poly satin for comfort, with an ultra low weight and a quick dry construction. I bought the Sprint gloves in chocolate (I waited 8 months!) and they were worth waiting for with Beeswax application for free.
In effect, a large shed can be whatever you want it to be; it can even become an extension of your home, although of course you may need to consider planning permission implications. We then considered the cost and therefore the value for money offered by each shed, as well as their aesthetic appeal, warranty periods, additional features and more. Firstly, the galvanised steel cladding is very tough, and it’s actually been tested to withstand storm force winds in excess if ninety miles per hour.
We also liked the unique snaptite assembly system which means that the steel panels simply click into place. Because the floor will be raised above ground level by the supporting frame there’s also no need to worry about ground moisture rising up and causing rot. With an apex roof that reaches up to 2.23m it’s very much a traditional looking shed, but a very attractive example of that genre.
We were pleased to see that high quality tongue and groove cladding is used throughout, although we would have liked to see it pressure treated rather than dip treated. We feel it will fit in very well with people who already have beautiful PVC features around their property, and of course the manjor advantage of this substrate is that it won’t rot or rust, is fire retardant, and isn’t prone to attack by rodents or insects.
There’s also an integrated skylight, which we really welcomed as it ensures that the interior is well illuminated and it’s not something we always find included in a large shed made of plastic or metal. For that reason, we feel that even those who profess not to like metal sheds will find this one attractive, and once they’ve found out all it has to offer and what an affordable price it’s available at, they could be converted. With a 15 year guarantee against rust perforations included as well, this could have been placed even higher up our large shed league table if only it had included a skylight or even a window that would let natural light in. This dual usage is helped by two sets of doors, with strong and fully braced double doors at the front and then a single hinged door at the rear of a side panel.
On the plus side, we were impressed by the four opening windows that supply both light and ventilation to the very spacious interior. From a distance it can even look like a timber shed thanks to its shiplap style design, and we found it one of the most attractive metal sheds we’ve reviewed.
The cladding itself is of course rot proof and fire resistant, and it’s guaranteed not to have any perforations caused by rust for at least 10 years. This is further enhanced by the use of an initial pressure treatment, which means that the shed is protected by a 15 year warranty against rust.
This means that there is more than enough natural light to use this large shed as a workshop for business or leisure purposes, and it’s only the high price which prevents this building climbing further up our league table. These may be less expensive components, but these savings are passed onto the consumer, making this a very affordable large shed.
At one end is a large double door opening while at the opposite end is a single personnel door, which makes it easy to get in and out with bulky goods, as well as facilitating dual usage for the shed. We were also glad to see that the doors featured a key operated rim lock as standard, which isn’t always something we see on even the most expensive sheds.
We were also happy to find a thicker than average frame, which means that this shed should be stable even in heavy winds, and it’s also backed by a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee against rot.
Not only has tongue and groove cladding been used for the walls, floor, and the felt covered roof, it also features heavy duty 44x44mm framing and cross framing to give extra support. The rear of this area is walled on three sides, and with an open front to allow ventilation is an ideal space to store logs to be used for fuel.
It’s also been constructed along modular lines, which means that it’s much quicker to install as the panels are ready built.
With no windows to see into, opportune thieves will be unable to tell if anything valuable is kept within and therefore whether it’s worth the risk to them of trying to gain entry.
This is very reassuring for people who’ve made a significant investment in their shed, as is the toughened glass used for the two windows which can also be opened to provide natural ventilation as well as natural light.With wide opening double doors that are secured by a key operated lock, this is a large and versatile shed that won’t give you sleepless nights.
We were pleased to find that 16mm tongue and groove cladding has been used, rather than the 12mm that we more often see, and with thick framing in evidence as well this is a very strong and rigid shed. It also means that the shed can’t rot or rust, and is immune to insect and rodent attack, and yet it only comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee. The advantage of this is that whilst there’s no shortage of natural light, there’s also no opportunity for passers by to see what’s stored within. Often, however, they also have considerably less vertical space but that’s certainly not the case with this pent roofed large shed. The wide single door too, which we were pleased to see is secured with a key operated three lever lock, is very strong as it includes 75mm bracing. We found it very striking, but we can imagine that it won’t win over those who don’t like their garden sheds to look too plastic. Whether you prefer metal sheds, timber sheds, or plastic sheds, WhatShed will continue to bring you the detailed and independent reviews that will help you find the shed that’s perfect for your garden. Or if you really want something special, you can book an appointment with their designers and they will create something for you.
The jeans in their range are named in homage to their other life-long obsession, The Clash. They are high quality, low volume producers, with each garment constructed from custom-made hide.
It wears comfortably from the outset with concertina stretch panels, not needing the tedious breaking in period of many bike jackets. The sleeves are also cut long for insulation, so no tan stripes between the cuff of the jacket and the gloves.
It has two chest pockets and two lower front pockets with zippers and an internal zip pocket. The under arm stretch kevlar fabric inserts are by Schoeller. Whatever you want to use it for, you’ll find that there’s a huge amount of large sheds available to choose from. It’s time to see what we rate as the very best large shed that can be bought online today, along with 19 high quality runner ups.
Galvanised and painted inside and out, this is a high quality shed that’s available even to those on a restricted budget. Nevertheless it does come with a 10 year warranty, and even though a floor is available as an optional extra this is still a good choice as a low cost large shed made of wood. This neat feature proves very useful, and is just one reason that we rate this timber shed so highly. This makes it even better value for money, and so we feel this could be a great choice for consumers who want a large shed that looks good and yet won’t cost much to buy and maintain. We also found it a very good looking shed, as it adheres to a classic design with two windows centrally positioned upon a side panel to allow natural light to reach the interior of the building.
We were very pleased to see that pressure treatment had been used as well, as this gives a 15 year guarantee without the need for the customer to carry out their own preservative treatments every year. For people who don’t mind spending another hundred pounds or so on top of this asking price, a double door version is also available.
With a 10 year warranty included as well, double doors, and eight windows along one side of the building, we fell this is a large shed that’s well worth considering for people who don’t want to spend too much on a wooden garden shed or workshop. With a rim lock included as standard as well, this is a smart purchase for those who have shed security as their number one concern. For those who prize looks and performance equally, and don’t mind spending a little extra to achieve that, this could be a wise shed selection. We wouldn’t let this put potential buyers off, however, as the substrate is so durable that it’s likely to last for much longer than this warranty period suggests. Being such a well built, and very tough, large shed it’s only the lack of an extended warranty that provides this being placed much higher up our list of the very best large sheds. We’re throwing the net wide to capture niche brands and individuals who make quality gear that feeds our culture. The material complies environmentally with Oko-Tex Standard 100. The shirt is also heavy double stitched on all the stress points.
I always wanted one of their leather jackets to tear about in on my RD250, but alas my funds were burnt on Castrol R and four star. Then I went to website to buy the Speed glove in Farina Grey for my BMW RnineT and again incredible! That’s why we’ve created this handy WhatShed guide that reveals the best large shed available online in the UK today, as well as 20 high quality counterparts.
We appreciate that not everybody will like the stark metallic finish, referred to as ‘zincallume’ by Absco, but at such a low price for such a durable building this was clearly the number one large shed in our opinion.

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