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Adding a raised panel door to your storage building will increase its utility and add an extra detail to its looks.
HIGHER DOORS: If ease of access is an issue, our higher doors option can accommodate your needs. While providing easier access to your building, increasing the door height makes placing items in and removing them an efficient option. Whether you use your building mainly for storage or as a workspace, adding a garage door can be a real benefit.
If you plan to work inside your building, adding additional windows can brighten up the work area. End vents can effectively help to disperse the heat produce from your roof during the warmer months. Depending on the location of your building, heat buildup can be a problem, especially, if you are storing heat sensitive items. Combined with end vents, a cupola can function to give your building heat relief while enhancing its looks. PAINTED INTERIORS: If you plan to work inside your building, efficiently increase available light with a painted interior. PRESSURE TREATED FLOORS: If moisture is an issue on your site, having a pressure treated floor could be the answer. Although we always use pressure treated floor joists and runners, your site conditions may warrant even more moisture protection.
Some people have a limited ground area to place a storage shed, but have a multitude of items to store. PEG BOARD WALL STORAGE: If Neat And Careful Storage Is A Need, Our Peg Board Wall Systems Could Be Your Answer!
RAMPS: Make It Easy To Store Larger Equipment With One Of Our Ramps Sized For Your Door Opening. Our Savannah Package add- on provides the eye appeal that landscape conscious individuals really appreciate. HIGHER WALLS: Increase the head room and wall storage of your building without taking up more site space. BUILD ON SITE: Even if you do not have the space for delivery, we can still provide you with the storage shed of your choice. After following our examples of garden shed design ideas, you will be inspired to make your garden shed truly unique.
Next, choose your foundation options such as treated plywood flooring, metal ramps, portable ramp, wood ramp and metal augers. Sometimes we hear stories of wives that complain to their husbands that storage sheds are just an eyesore. I like this but for what it cost to do something like this you could go to the store and buy a bunch of dulpicate tools when you can’f find the ones you lost in the mess in your garage. I opened this up to take a look at your plans only to find out that the My shed plans paagcke is not really your plans but the name I am guessing of some plans in a book?
Where can I find info on a vintage geramn coffin sided hand plane for woodworking?Please don’t say on the internet ! Hand-made in Maine from high quality pine this bucket can be used to harvest fruits and vegetables, carry gardening tools, or even as a decorative planter.
Yes (Your price will change to display an estimate of your monthly payment with 36 month terms. The Side Utility model features the industry standard gable roof and is available in 8' up to 16' widths. Studs in our Painted Wood buildings are 16" on-center for superior strength and durability.
Free Shipping is offered on any purchase within fifty miles of any authorized sales center, and is only available in Texas. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
One 2 x 2 (24a€? x 24a€?) window with 6, true-divided lights.A Windows are framed in high-quality pine and come primed in white on one side. This package includes 9 lite door, porch, porch railing, two 2x3 windows, and double barn doors.

Our garage package includes a garage door, house-style door, one 2x3 window and 12" on center floor joists.
Old Hickory Sheds of Boise is committed to bring you quality storage sheds crafted with the construction techniques and philosophies of the Amish and Mennonite communities.
Each of our sheds and buildings are crafted with quality, care, and attention to detail that is rarely seen in the storage industry.
For those who are unable to come to our locations during our operating hours, we'll open early or stay late to meet your schedule.
Sometimes it is more convenient to quickly open a single door than to open the double doors. Rich looking raised panels are enhanced by an upper level of window space partitioned by integral dividers. Storage of a variety of lawn, garden, and recreational equipment becomes a real possibility.
A large opening makes it easy to place items in or take out, not to mention the increase in natural light when the door is rolled up. An insulated garage or roll-up door provides an extra measure of comfort during extreme weather, The roll-up feature makes it convenient to bring in supplies or take out completed projects. With its integral grids and a choice of a clay or white finish, this window dresses up the appearance of your building, while performing the function of increasing light and ventilation to your workspace. Transom light windows can efficiently brighten an area without diminishing valuable wall space. What better way to display your “green thumb” than to show off your favorite flowers in our Window Flower Boxes? With a weathervane mounted on top, this is a welcome addition for the hardscape of your yard. When damp conditions are your nemesis, pressure treated flooring can provide a greater measure of protection. It can greatly improve the ability to store items that either get lost hanging on the walls or can be better retrieved from a shelf.
With one of our sturdy benches you can save the back strain and see what you are doing with greater ease. The rest of us can give in to organization because of the ease in which you can store and access items that we frequently use.
Sized to fit the opening of your doors, the ramps can stay affixed or can be unscrewed to be place out of the way. Stylishly appointed with lighted window, railing, and contrasting shutters, you will receive rave reviews from guests and visitors. Extend your storage with extra vertical space while not impacting the site space that you have available.
Packed with features like eight foot walls and garage door options, these sheds are everything but just a shed. While sheds may be used as storage buildings, they can alter the appearance of your backyard tremendously. While the choice of colors that shed manufacturers offer may vary, in this example you can choose from black, dark brown, driftwood, light brown and white shingles. While many manufacturers will offer different types of shed decorations, adding a weather vane  and a nice drip edge will add unique style and function to your garden shed. However, with the right creativity, design and know-how, your backyard can house a beautiful storage building. If you had a URL to go to I would have been happy to take a look at them but Im not going to google or bing the name of something as vague as plans and hope I find which plan your talking about so I hope you can understand that. It comes standard with 8' walls and the 8'-wide models feature a single 46" door, while the larger models include double 36" doors. The SmartGuard® manufacturing process actually improves upon nature, creating products that are engineered for strength, performance and protection against fungal decay and termites. This upgraded product provides is a finish-grade radiant barrier that helps to reduce the sun’s radiant energy and acts as a vapor barrier. Our doubled top plates, window headers, and door headers are yet another indication of the quality and craftsmanship in all of our buildings. Complete with five (5) windows, a 9 lite man door and the wrap around porch, this may just be the ticket for your weekend getaway.

By including a single side door to your design, you can quickly get to the smaller items you need, while relying on the double doors to access your large items, such as, lawn and garden equipment. A classic look that will allow increased light to enter your building without taking up more wall space. Open up the window to allow more air flow—bug free with the screens that are included. Our ridge vents have little visual impact and disperse heat at the highest point of your building—important as heat rises. Now you can more readily see your stored items or the careful work you have been doing on your workbench. So, regardless of your main hobby, you can be “in the zone” while working off of your bench! By storing items over head, you will have the floor space for those large items or frequently used equipment that you need to get your hands on. Smaller structures can seemed cramped, but with higher walls they will allow more freedom of movement for you items.
Whichever style you would desire we can produce it with the same quality as our shop-built sheds. With 35 years of storage building experience, Backyard Buildings and More has seen many great landscape designs in customers backyards. While you are considering garden shed designs, think about what you are going to use the shed for?
Hopefully by now you are coming up with many ideas to design a unique and eye-catching garden shed.
If you know a specific site, that is what I want.ThanksThis is wooden, and is marked ULMER REFORMHOBEL twice on the body, and MUSTER SCHUTZ on the end.
A zinc borate compound is then applied throughout the substrate to help protect against fungal decay and termites. A Designed to be installed horizontally, select fixed or hinged in the options menu at checkout. These high quality sheds can have various purposes, like being a pool house, garage, office, extra bedroom, hunting cabin, or even a man cave.
Old Hickory Sheds has been in the industry since 1997 and has satisfied customers throughout the country. We are currently offering this package on 12' or 14' widths and from 28' to 40' deep (long) net of the porch dimensions. If security is an issue, transoms provide light up high making it difficult to see the contents of your shed. Future building supplies, seasonal items, and things that you just can’t get rid of are safely protected until you want them. Originally built to increase light and ventilation, our dormers do the same for you, while adding architectural detail rarely seen on today’s buildings. This is not for the casual landscape aficionado, but for the enthusiast who wants to make a difference. Stretch your storage possibilities for all of your equipment and increase the workspace you need with higher walls. Storage, style, quality and convenience in a building that will secure and protect all of your lawn, garden, and recreational equipment.
Adding windows, shutters and flower boxes makes any garden storage shed feel more like a home. There is a wavy inlaid contrasting wood design on the body, and a double carved stripe around it and is very pretty for a common woodworking tool. Each window ships ready to install. Choose fixed or hinged in the options menu at checkout. Superior exterior-grade resins are used to create extremely strong bonds within the product.
Whatever you decide to do with your shed be rest assured that you will receive friendly customer service that will go the extra mile to help you with storage needs.

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