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It’s Sunday morning and you begin to walk around the block, taking in the beautiful surroundings and that aroma of fresh flowers as you walk towards the end of your street. Fences can be installed for many reasons, such as maintaining your privacy, wanting to create a stylish finish or to prevent your dogs from running off. The first thing to do if you’re thinking about installing a fence around your commercial or residential property is to find an established business who will provide you with all of the important details. The level of maintenance is something to consider when getting a new fence; certain designs require frequent upkeep, others need very little.
Budget is also an important factor to think about, all fences vary in prices and it’s important to find the fence that not only suits your property, but will suit your budget. If your pet has a tenancy to run away, its crucial to find the right fence that won’t give your pet the opportunity to jump over the fence or escape from under the barrier.
Make sure you’re fully aware of the requirements needed to keep your fence in pristine condition. Timber is one of the most durable materials and is an excellent option for people looking to install a fence that looks visually appealing.
You might be under the impression that timber is bland and only has one colour; this couldn’t be further from the truth as it comes in a range of shades. Although certain fences may look trendy and in style for a short time, timber fences are timeless, and will never date. Timber is incredibly sturdy and if you’re fence ever requires some shininess; purchasing some coating for the wood is the way to go. If you’re looking for a business that supplies timber, look no further than Sandgate Timber Mill, offering the highest quality materials at the most affordable prices. The easiest step of this process, and one of the most important factors to be considered when assessing the value of a stand of timber, is estimating the volume of the individual trees. Since timber is sold by the board foot (a volume measurement equal to 144 cubic inches), the board footage you harvest is the single most important factor in estimating the value of your standing timber. After the volume of a particular tree, the second most significant factor in the value of a timber stand is species composition.

The species composition of your woods is going to depend mostly on where in the world you are.
If you need some help deciphering the species of the trees in your woods, take a look at the gallery below. Prime grade logs will produce mostly FAS lumber (the highest grade) that is well suited for furniture and cabinets. If you’re woods has been responsibly timbered in the past, and some time has passed since it was last harvested, you likely have a high number of harvestable timber.
If you’re woods has been responsibly timbered in the past, and some time has passed since it was last harvested, you likely have a high number of harvestable timber. Let’s say you estimate the volume of your stand of mature White Oak to equal 10,000 board feet.
Timber Works explains every step of both the assessment and the logging processes along the way.
I’m thinking about buying some land and using the trees to pay for half of the property.
We build horse loose boxes, tack rooms and barn at a competitive prices and we offer our customers the option to choose high performance, long lasting Marley Eternit roof. While taking in the lovely settings, this home complete with a pretty white picket fence pulls on your heartstrings.
There are a number of aspects to take into consideration when getting a fence installed, from the height of the fence to the type of fence you want, the colour, gates and more.
If a wood fence is something that you’re looking at, you have to be prepared to look after it in order to preserve its natural appeal.
Safety is incredibly important; ensure that all rules and regulations are followed to guarantee the whole process runs according to plan. The interiors are perfect, the garden is in impeccable condition; however the fence is in need of a change.
Timber is an easy material to cut, allowing for you to choose the height that would suit you.

Wood is an incredibly versatile material, and can always be painted, unlike fences made from metals. They are a popular choice among many people who aim to increase the value of their property. As well as giving your fence a nice finish, it also provides extra protection from the sun; only two coats are needed for your timber fence to receive a perfect finish. The main factor assigning the different grades is the number and size lower limbs on the standing tree. Though part of the proper stewardship of a forest involves continual assessment of the health and maturity of the trees, for non-professionals with large stands of timber the task can be daunting. If you can wrap your arms around a particular tree (excluding professional athletes) it might not be quite ready to harvest, though this depends in part on species and other conditions. The more mature trees you have, the more likely it is that your timber is ready for harvest. To estimate the value of your timber, take the volume, divided by 1,000, and multiply it by the price quoted in your states standing timber stumpage report.
There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a new fence, personal style and budget are two of the main things that concern most people. Colorbond fences are also a good option and come in a wide selection of colours and styles.
Whether you would like a pattern on the top of your fence or have visible gaps between the timber beams, you can pretty much design a timber fence to suit your personal style.

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