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Cedar Sheds, Outdoor Storage & How to Build a Shed are proud to present the excellent Victorian Cottage Kennel Dog House.
Humble and beautiful in their imperfection, little cottages with hand-made details call to mind the tales of the Brothers Grimm and other fairy stories, making us long for an adorable abode to call our own. Thatched roofs, as seen in this adorable example, are one of the hallmarks of storybook homes. This sweet stone cottage has a sculpted thatch roof, leaded glass windows and multiple chimneys along with a gated garden – can it be any more evocative? A hunting cabin transformed into an all-white, shabby chic cottage in the hands of Sandra Foster, who uses it as a romantic retreat.
There’s no greater modern-day fairytale village than Carmel-by-the-Sea in California. Windamere is another Comstock cottage in Carmel, with its most eye-catching and distinguishing feature clearly being its unusually textured roof.
Imagined by many a passer-by to be the cottage of the Seven Dwarves, Sunwise Turn is another Comstock creation.
Obers was Comstock’s own home, made of adobe brick, local stone and hand-carved trim.

Looking almost like something straight out of Disneyland, the Tuck Box was Hugh Comstock’s office and was built in 1927.
The Victorian Cottage Kennel Dog House is certainly that and will be a excellent acquisition.
These tiny houses provide inspiration to simplify and live smaller, and they’re definitely fun to look at. Thatching methods are used all over the world but are most closely associated with the countryside of the United Kingdom. The cottage measures just 9 by 14 feet and cost just $3,000 to renovate and furnish into this Victorian beauty. Its setting, just against the dark woods, contrasts with its picture-perfect topiaries and welcoming steps.
Cecile’s Garden is reminiscent of a Tumbleweed House, which are tiny wooden houses built on wheels or foundations.
The cedar shingles were steam-bent to curve and meander along the surfaces of the roof, a skill that is not easy to find among today’s craftsmen.
Shabby and sweet just as a real unkempt cottage in the woods, the home also known as the Elspeth Rose house is totally timeless.

Marchen Haus bears all the hallmarks of a lovingly hand-crafted home including asymmetrical windows, curving roof tiles and a misshapen chimney. This old groundkeeper’s cottage is now a private home, still adjacent to the old cemetery with which it was once associated.
So make yourself a mug of hot cocoa, settle into some blankets and get ready to daydream about cozy snow-covered cottages brimming with the magic of storytelling. Everything from its proportions and thatched roof to its lopsided staircase and beautiful garden serves as ideal inspiration for modern-day cottage copies. Over 250 roofs in Southern England have coats of thatch that were applied over 500 years ago!

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