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Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery 126 Rivington Street, New York, NY 10002 New York, cupcakes, CHEAP ASS PICK!, Lower East Side, Austria St. Before adding a photo' You will also be able to edit your posts, rate eats and share your favorite spots.
BIRDIES, Grandma’s Chicken for the people is pretty new to the hood, when we went there it was their fourth month in operation. If you have ever been to Japan and don't happen to speak Japanese (and therefore can't like eat anywhere), you quickly discover the gaijin cheap-ass' best friend: KAITEN SUSHI. I called them and they said this week they are only open for private parties, but they open soon. These are japanese fast food, where you sit down at a counter and sushi comes around on a conveyor belt, on color coded plates.

So I don't have pictures, but I heard the sushi bar is this like tricked-out 100 mile monstrosity. Its seem everyone and their mom are only eating mini cakes or going on some crazyass cupcake diet, ok the last statement is a stretch but seriously- what up? Wasabi and ginger are in little cups and each seat has a hot water tap and little green tea bags.
That would be the MOST disappointing. BTW - last pic is kaiten sushi in japan not sakae sushi, but you get the idea. The Creamy Spinach is a bit disappointed, too heavy on the cream and cannot taste the spinach at all, maybe its supposed to be like that? Young got the Pulled Jerk BBQ Chicken Sandwich combo with Coleslaw, Pickle and a coke ($8.50). But upon returning to New York I learn that there is going to be one here, and (omg) OPENING NEXT WEEK!

At first bite the chocolate is the major component of flavor but as you eat more and more you can taste a slight hint of amaretto and the cake it self is so fluffy and light that most of the flavor comes form the frosting.
Besides the gigantic bun, the easily fall-apart Jerk Chicken tastes excellente. Have anybody try their Banana Puddings?
The frosting is not overly sweet but enough to give me a sugar high… come to think of it I am still jumpy that this review has taken me an hour to write.

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