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These  one of a kind artworks are constructed from reclaimed local barn wood that is over 80 years old as well as natural salvaged branch pieces.
There are no faux finishes in the world that can duplicate the colors and textures that Mother Nature creates.
There is just something about wood that has been aged for over 80 years that produces the most unique array of colors and textures.
All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. March 17, 2013 By Beckie Gretchen over at Gretchen’s Garage teamed up with her son on a snow day to turn scrap wood and leftover paint into a piece of wall art. September 19, 2012 By Beckie I know we all love a little DIY wall art, and Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick delivers with this fab Pottery Barn inspired project! Sarah was inspired by the Painted Pieced Wood and Layered Colored Panel Square from Pottery Barn. Wood Carving, High Speed Engraving, Power Carving and Micro Sandblasting equipment, supplies and training for customizing and personalizing anything. Marilyn Sunderland put on a great presentation on gourd art designs and decoration last night as part of Profitable Hobbies Free Webinar Series.

During the presentation, Marilyn Sunderland went through all the necessary steps to add design, colors and special touches to turn any ordinary gourd into a work of art to be admired by all. The electric engraving systems are great for cutting out and removing larger amounts of material, while the high speed engraving systems are used to produce unmatched detail in the artwork. Many of last night’s attendees to the free webinar were shocked when Marilyn mentioned that some of her gourd art is priced up to $5000 each.
Keep up the great work Marilyn, we look forward to seeing more unbelievable gourd designs from you in the near future. The recording of the presentation is now available inside The I&E Network for members to view at your convenience.
Raging under the full moon, it looks as if it is about to shred it's latest victim. 18" x 12" on canvas. Every detail in it's creation is visible to the naked eye, and it's vibrant color is beyond compare. Each piece is hand selected for its character and natural patina to enhance the beauty of your piece. The duo drew out their design on a piece of paper and then made the puzzle come to life with the cuts of wood and paint.

In need of a piece of wall decor for an awkward wall in her living room, Sarah used wood scraps and leftover paint to create this rustic wood art for only $15.
She uses both engraving systems, electric and high speed to get the effects she desires, and save time in the process. It's durability and fade resistant inks make this an art print worthy of framing for any fantasy art collector or enthusiast. The darker brown natural woods were those aged within a barn, while grey boards have been weathered outside. For only $10 for the plywood backing, Gretchen got new wall decor AND a day of quality time with her son.
Besides saving money, creating your own artwork like Sarah’s allows you to customize it to your liking.

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