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At times I am awed by its beauty and the story of its history, the tracks that the passing of time have left. How extraordinary to know how to do the work, speak about it with such meaning, and connect with his audience. Reclaimed wood is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material to use in new construction or remodeling. When you use reclaimed wood for any part of a home improvement or remodeling project, you’re giving old wood new life – and helping to preserve forests by bypassing virgin woods for perfectly usable older wood that comes with a story.
One of the goals of the salvaging process is to acquire the wood before it gets shipped to the landfill. The mid-grade pieces of wood that don’t make the cut are repurposed and made into usable items, such as pallets.
The process of producing reclaimed wood flooring uses 13 times less cumulative energy than that of producing virgin wood flooring.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that demolished buildings provide about 1,000,000,000 feet of usable lumber per year. At Oregon’s Port of Portland, approximately 941,000 tons of breakbulk materials were unloaded at the marine terminal in 2011.

This post is brought to you by Viridian Reclaimed Wood, a reclaimed wood flooring, paneling and furniture salvaging and materials company based and operated in Portland, Oregon. Much of the wood I used is reclaimed wood that comes from the city streets of Pittsburgh, PA. If resources have violated your copyright, please through "Contact Us" to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you!
As many home- and business owners strive to be more earth-friendly, reclaimed wood products are becoming increasingly popular.
Shipping crates are often made from exotic and tropical blends of Asian and European hardwood species. Old houses, barns, warehouses, and water tanks often contain old-growth wood that’s still beautiful (and in many cases harder than new wood). The most damage Douglas fir bleachers have seen usually involves occasional carvings made by students.
Made from old-growth redwood, wine casks feature rosy stains that perfectly accent any space. This means scouting for lumber at shipyards, demolition sites, going-out-of-business sales, and building renovation sites.

There is no better way to acquire strong, old-growth timber or exotic woods and take care of the planet while beautifying a home or business. This is when the lumber’s true beauty starts to appear, as you can start to see the different hues and characteristics of the original wood. In addition to using salvaged wood for my sculpture, I use reclaimed lumber and barn beams in my furniture. The latest DIY fad is to upcycle wooden pallets – imagine the beauty of planing down wood from a shipping crate and discovering the inner splendor of exotic lumber. When this happens, the professionals separate the high-quality pieces of timber from the waste and recyclable materials. The reclaimed wood is then packaged and shipped to those who seek beautiful new tabletops, paneling, flooring, decks, countertops, and more.

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