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Custom Remington 870 combat shotgun with Mossberg Ghost Ring sights - this shotgun was built to resemble the shotgun used by Ving Rhames in 2004's Dawn of the Dead. Remington 870 with Aimtec Warhammer rail system, FAB Defense stock and pump, MAGPUL Back-Up Sights, and 1st generation Bushnell Holosight - 12 gauge. I'm removing some of the images on this page because it's starting to get ridiculous how users are adding so many images to this page, especially when they are images that don't need to be here, or are very low quality.
I saw an airsoft gun the other day modeled after a Remington 870 with a receiver cover with picatinny rails, an M4 pistol grip, a telescoping stock, and a detatchable box magazine. It could be based on the Valtro shotgun (which kind of looks like a Remington 870) or it might be able to be modified that way. Those airsoft ones only have the box magazines as the little plastic pellets don't work well in shells, and I'd expect for something reusable, that a non ejecting, higher capacity magazine would be more efficient than having to catch shells and re load them.
The model with the "dogbone" pistol grip and the 12 inch barrel was origionally created by Wilson Arms for the US Marshals service for their witness protection teams. Is there a difference between an "extended" magazine tube and a "high capacity" magazine tube, or are they different terms for the same feature? Otherwise the term "high capacity" is used too to describe larger magazine types like the Beta C-Mag or related systems (Drum-, Pan- and Helical-Magazines).

The original Remington 870 was produced in 1951, but in what year was the MCS variant produced? 1969 production, general refits around the mid '80s (the DoD ordered new bayo mounts around this time)for the Mk1. Remington 870 with an 18" barrel it has a brand new wood furniture.There is a little rust on the outside, has only been fired 5 times.
Includes 2 choke tubes (improved and super-turkey), original wood furniture and hogue forend. This is the screen-used firearm seen handled by Heath Ledger and William Fichtner in The Dark Knight. Now I know it probably had the magazine just because it would work a lot better for an airsoft gun, but it got me thinking, can an 870 be adjusted to accept a box magazine? For instance, there are pictures showing the Mossberg 500 can accept mags, so maybe it can.
The spring shotgun shells are fantastic, you get 10 shots out of them as they fire 3 shots at the same time on the tri-shot versions. Since then Remington shotguns in that configuration have been called "Witness protection" models.

I bought it as a combo gun and also have the same gun (minus the RSS barrel) in 20 guage-but have since replaced the horrid gumwood stocks on the 20 with a laminate set from S&K(before they were bought by Remington). When you have your first message approved, all other comments will be posted without moderation. I've added an 8-shot extension tube (7+1 total), 6-round side saddle, Hogue rubberized stock and a Magpul forend. Not that I would ever run around with a bayonet on mine, I would love to configure one of my 870's with the heat shield and bayonet mount. You can find them for sale on some of the larger 'gun exchange' site, but they're up around $250 now.

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