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This skirting board with patented Incizo technology makes it possible to show your creativity and add that little extra touch of individuality to your interior. To install this flexible skirting against the wall use contact glue or a rubber-based construction adhesive (not the Quick-Step One4All Glue). Note that you can also opt for a non-flexible version (QSPSKR4PAINT) to nicely finish the other walls in your room with the same skirting. Skirting boards with a matching veneer structure are available for every Quick-Step Parquet floor. Equipped with a quality veneer surface, they can really take the rough and tumble of everyday life.

This elastic, acrylic-based paste is the ideal solution for those spots where you cannot install skirting boards or profiles. This multifunctional glue is perfect if you wish to quickly and firmly attach your skirting boards to the wall, and for use with the Quick-Step Incizo profile and its sub-profiles. That’s why you can choose from a wide range of high-quality skirting boards that match every floor and style. Go for a classic or modern look, choose the height and colour yourself, in short create a look and feel that matches your own taste.
Choose your preferred height and play around with the near-endless options and combinations.

If you click the skirting board on the Quick-Step Track profile, you can easily reach the cables at all times. If you don't need the cable conduits, you can glue the skirting with Quick-Step One4All glue.

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