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By using decorative wood mouldings you can easily add a subtle beauty to a door, window or room. Wood mouldings are available in a variety of different profiles, in spite of that they can be categorized only into a few groups, depending on their applications in a room, on flooring, walls, doors, windows and ceilings.
Whatever your structural project may be, wood mouldings can be made use of in order to enhance the look of windows, doors and walls.
The trim is shiny, lacks nicks, divots, holes or blemishes and it’s amazing it survived so well this long. Finish your tile installation or add shapes, colors, designs, and patterns with ceramic trim tile, borders, and edgings.
Trim tiles come in a variety of configurations to satisfy the design requirements of almost any installation.
Radius trim is made so its rounded lip turns a right-angled corner at the edge of the tile. V-cap edging allows you to finish almost any tile installation with professional-looking results.
Tiled floors are generally higher than the adjacent floors, and thresholds bridge the floors to make the transitions easy, safe, and attractive. Many hardwood thresholds are beveled on two planes and fastened to the lower wood subfloor with finishing nails or screws. Install a wood-trim edge if you cannot find V-caps or bullnose tiles to finish your countertop.
Creative Carpentry Trim Crew of Lancaster, Pa specializes in decorative wood trim carpentry for the interior of a residential home. There is just something about the look and feel of luxurious wood dash trim in your Sprinter van. Our new wood dash & door trim kits are just the thing to upgrade the finish your stock van doesn't offer. 3M primer-less adhesive making installation fast, easy and parts are re-positionable so you perfect alignment. Since 2005 we have been providing you with the best selection of new Sprinter parts & accessories available in the US and Canada. We sell OEM factory, custom manufactured and top quality aftermarket parts designed for your Sprinter and meant to last.
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Installing wood mouldings in your home can add character and appeal that was unnoticeable before. White framed walls, floors and windows are bright, beautiful, not to mention crisp, clean and simple. These photos are in the dining room, which has pocket doors and a large window seat with hidden storage.
This photo below is in the kitchen, part of which has been remodeled and has different trim, except this doorway.
I see the pictures, I subscribe to the magazines and while I love modern and contemporary design, believe me I paint things white, I’m not about to paint all this. Our baseboards are 8 inches tall and the molding around the windows is 5 inches plus the headers. In a design world filled with white, my wood trim is the rare minority and I love that about it. Edge trim has one or two rounded edges for use along the perimeters of walls and countertops. When the setting bed is raised over the existing wall surface, the turned edge covers the thickness of the setting bed. The lower leg of the cap takes the place of a separate cut tile to face the front edge of the countertop base. If the tile is a soft-bodied variety, you may be able to fashion the trim tile yourself by rounding the edges with a masonry stone. Pull the stone toward you, keeping the pressure even and the angle consistent on the edge of the tile. Because wood expands at a different rate than tile and adhesive, separate it from the tile with a bead of caulk. As a minimalist color, white is simple but clean and sophisticated, creating a polished look. These profiles include surfaces that are both concave as well as convex incorporated with planes and angles. They are mainly used to make a continuous, attractive transition where different surface materials or angles converge. Houses of this age are hard to come by {or nonexistent} in many cities and have unique features and characteristics that are not found in new builds.
Not any of the previous three owners of this home {which is a small number over the span of 114 years} had painted it and we won’t either.

Accent tiles, sometimes made of glass, can take almost any form but usually have a contrasting color, size, shape, or texture. I've been in the construction business for years, mostly as a general, but now have downsized to just doing specialty projects. Wood mouldings are considered very decorative and pleasing to the eye and using wood mouldings can add certain unique elements to rooms, doors and windows.
Even though chair rails are more commonly used for adornment, they get their name from protecting walls from being damaged where chairs are pulled back.
Visually pleasing transitions can be formed where different surfaces and angles unite and with the help of a little thought and effort along with some cheap tools, wood mouldings can add a truly beautiful appearance to any new construction or home improvement project. I love the fact that those people loved this trim as much as we do and am thankful it’s not painted. Wall trim is similar -- use it where you want a full-size tile and don't need a special edge treatment. If base tiles are not available in the same style as your field tile, you may be able to cut field tile to use as trim. Wood mouldings can be stained or painted in order to compliment or contrast nearby surfaces. Wood mouldings are also used to hide the seam where a window or door converges with the wall, along with the purpose to draw attention to the transition from the flooring or the ceiling to the wall. Casings are types of wood mouldings that are used to make doors and windows stand out when they are framed with casing moulding.
When you plan the layout, be sure to include these tiles so you have a good idea of its final appearance. Quarter round and out corners provide a smooth and stylish transition between the countertop surface and the front edges.
Crown mouldings are always sprung, which means that the back edges are bevelled with the intention that they may be placed where non-parallel surfaces come together. Crown mouldings are also used to conceal large angles as well as the unsightly seams between plaster walls and the ceiling.

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