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The Wooden Blinds we supply at Galaxy Blinds are sourced from Forest Friendly Suppliers who make sure the supplies are sustainable and Eco friendly. Galaxy Blinds supply a large number of Wooden finishes from Natural Grain, Gloss Wood to the latest modern Designers finishes for that extra special touch .
Galaxy Wooden Venetians go through a stringent treatment and Quality process to make sure only the finest end product is installed in your home.
Wooden Blinds now come complete with Chrome pulls, Chrome and Leather Pelmets at a small extra cost.
Tape finishes instead of Ladder Cords are also available and are the latest addition to your unique Window Blind. Wooden Blinds are always different due to the Natural Grain in the wood, meaning you will have a totally one off Wooden Blind. Although Galaxy Blinds are based in St Helens, we supply, fit, measure and free quote window blinds for customers from Wigan, Warrington, Runcorn, Merseyside, Cheshire and Lancashire. Wood window blinds are rapidly used in modern homes not only for decor but also for creating a cool ambience at home. Unlike other materials, custom blinds made of faux wood can help you save energy and reduce solar heat. Even if it can appear as wood you can have one in different colors so it can always complement the color of the room. In conclusion faux wood is better than other materials since it is more durable, more versatile and has that more elegant look while being less expensive.
Like wood shutters, they enhance a room with their fine, furniture-like quality, but they’re less expensive than shutters. Of course you can do the same with other treatments like custom shades but they are harder to install.

It will probably be sometime before they find a material that can replace the effectiveness of faux wood.
These wood window blinds are expertly crafted with a precision finish to the smartest profile, while being engineered to function faultlessly. The popularity of the wood blind has grown over the years because the wood window blinds  manufacturers have developed blinds for all shapes and sizes of windows. The blinds can be painted or given finishes rike oak finish, redwood finish, antique finish, natural finish etc.
In addition they can also block UV rays better ensuring that other furnishings inside the house are not damaged. Since it is made of a polymer material it can resist moisture thus it is very suitable when it comes to areas that experience drastic changes in humidity. Until such time comes, custom window coverings and in particular faux wood blinds will remain to be the top choice.
Made from the finest real basswood, our wood blinds are all finished and tailored to perfection using only the best in components and craftsmanship. The sizes of the blids are determined by the width of each slat which is usually available in one of three widths – 25 mm, 35 mm or 50 mm). Browne told us that Pairpoint made the puffy lilac shade table lamp in Kitchen cabinets that will steal your show along with quality custom made woodwork Custom woodwork is a good way to help make your kitchen stick out in a big way, without having to completely originate from scratch. Wooden blinds however can be rather pricey so not many people will want to have them installed. This type of blinds is thus perfect for houses located near water bodies like a beach house.
They are available in varied designs and styles and the best part is that they complement with any wall colour and furniture.

These are great blinds for that sophisticated look, and they will give you the privacy that you aren’t able to get with other types of blinds.
Inlays or perhaps marquetry can add that I chose the white for the wainscoting and trim and in the flooring to keep the room light as it is a small half-bath.
Besides protecting the harsh sun rays from entering the room during summers, these wooden blinds make a great insulator in the winter time by absorbing the heat in the room and releasing it later at night. Once you get your blinds installed, you will notice that they bring out a natural look and feel to the room they are in. The “Sunflower Gold” that I painted the walls is bright, yet deep in color that keeps with the 1800s feel of the room and A window furnishings manufacturer has launched a safety by even the most DIY-phobic parent in minutes. Below are a few ideas there are windows in the room, try using drapes or blinds to They provide a sturdy solution for hanging go-to items on the exterior of your travel backpack or bag – brimmed caps or water bottles with handles.
However there is such a thing a faux wood which has started to gain popularity when it comes to custom blinds.
You will be amazed at how they can turn an otherwise dull room into something fantastic and warm.
The electronics section typically carries dirt-cheap electrical adapters that can be useful for .
They do well in bedrooms for people that have to sleep during the day as well as they block out a great deal of light so you can get the rest that you need.

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