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This pair of nesting wooden boxes is perfect for stashing small valuables or jewelry while adding a decorative accent to tables or shelves. A vintage style bi-plane graces the lid of this nostalgic wooden storage box in a postage stamp design with 'Orville & Wilbur Wright Aviation Pioneer' across the top and 'USAirmail 31 c' along the bottom while the hand. With beautiful floral design this set of two faux leather-covered wooden box is a wonderful addition to any executive desk or a perfect container for holding special treasures. This playful little wine box serves as a reminder to the newlyweds to LIVE every moment as one, LAUGH together every day, and LOVE each other beyond words. This set of 3 Paris postcard themed books is actually a set of secret stash boxes that allow you to store private things out in the open. SouvNear Wood Handmade Keepsake Box & Trinket Storage Box with Decorative Mirrorby Souvnear Inc. Featuring the artwork of Lisa Parker this decorative box titled 'Elora's Enchantment' is of a beautiful Goddess with long flowing hair in a white gown surrounded by pink blossoms and hummingbirds offering up a water lily she holds in her hands. It's long and narrow shape, lends perfectly to a display for florals, plants candles or desk organizer. Our Vintage Inspired collections are manufactured by hand using vintage, recycled and natural materials-therefore, no two products are identical. We believe these irregularities give each piece character and are part of the design, which enhance the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.
We would be happy to answer any questions regarding specific items so that you feel confident in your purchase. When your damaged item is received back at the warehouse and inspected, a refund will be issued. OR if you prefer to make your own shipping arrangements for a specific carrier of your choice. International addresses are subject to additional charges depending on destination, local duties and taxes. Vintage Retold is about recognizing today’s comfortable lifestyle and blending beautiful vintage treasures that tie our homes together.
Payments for your store can be processed through Stripe, a leading online payment processor, or through PayPal. By registering you are agreeing to our Terms of Use, Seller's Agreement and Privacy Policy. Candy Box 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the bizarre ASCII RPG created by aniwey programmer, was finally launched.
Step 2 - The first thing you'll see is a message "You have 0 candy", saying that you do not have candy.

Step 3 - You will have options like "Eat all the candies" and then add 10-Candy, playing sweet 10 on the ground. Step 4 - Upon reaching 30 sweet, appear the "Request a new feature to the developer" button. Step 8 - The next button will say "Request for something more exciting" (Request for something more exciting), also for 5 sweets.
After finish building the game menus in the above steps, click Map, and you will be taken to a village, all made with text characters. Step 10 - In the penultimate home, from left to right, you will find the first match lollipops.
Step 11 - In the last home owner will tell you that they are having problems with rats in the cellar and we need someone with a gun to solve them.
Step 14 - Go back to the last house and click on "Let's go, then" to face the rats in the cellar. Step 15 - After all the rats are defeated click "Exit the quest (and keep what you found)." You can leave Quests anytime, but you need to pay attention on the "Keep what you found", because some quests only let you keep the items if by the end of them. Step 17 - In the shop you can buy some useful and not so useful items, but that could be improved during your adventure.
Tip: Ring Ring Time allows for 500 Sweet decrease the speed of the game, making it easier to make decisions. Step 18 - Go back to the village and then click "Back to the Map' to see the main game map.
Step 19 - On the left side of the village you will find its first official quest, The desert.
Step 20 - After going through a quest, or even after it dies, you have to wait for your energy to recover, a little every second. Step 21 - After the desert you will have access to The Lollipop Farm, the farm where you can plant lollipops and more will sprout from the ground, following the twisted logic of the game. There are numerous ways to evolve in Candy Box 2 and some of the simpler will be accessible early in the adventure.
But there are less obvious ways, such as The wishing well, in the lower left corner of the map, where you can play to delight chocolate items. As the game progresses, more upgrade options are available and it will be up to you to choose which path to follow. Many of the new Norse towns started as seasonal camps, then over the years expanded to become permanent settlements that attracted not only traveling merchants, but a new class of Artisans. Large items may take a little longer, depending on the logistics of the shipping company or special circumstances.

Players can experience a new adventure in a bigger world where greed is the law for sweets and lollipops springing up on farms. Click it and you'll gain settings tab to the right of the status bar, writing "CFG" vertically.
There is one on top of the cabinet, one inside (click to open the door) and one hidden in the carpet (click to reveal it). Click the "Back to the village" button to return to the village and check the second house from left to right, a store. None of them is required at first, then give preference to weapons blacksmith unless your candy are left. You can not pass through it using only a wooden sword, so if you do not have the Iron Axe, go back and buy it.
Its total energy can be increased in "Eat all the candies" Candy Box tab of the more candy eating option will have more energy.
This will be a leap of considerable difficulty regarding wilderness, a characteristic of Candy Box. You could, for example, buy a pair of gloves in the village and enchant it so it shoots fireballs or to recover your energy.
The first involves passing again through the steps 1-6, to win the Save tab, and consequently have the option to Load. Slot = 1 at the end of the address to load the save slot 1, changing the final number between 1 and 5, depending on the slot. These craftsmen produced goods that could be bought with the silver profits from Viking raids. It is recommended that you click on this tab and enable the autosave feature by clicking "Save every 10 minutes on slot 1". You can click to enter that are not locked and back to the village by clicking the "Back to the village" button. Your items do not equip themselves, so it is important to always keep your equipment upgraded. The Norse would either create new towns or expand existing ones throughout the areas where they had influence: Dublin in Ireland, York in England, Hedeby in what was south Denmark, Birka in Sweden. All of these have proved significant for the wealth of archaeological evidence they have given us about daily life in the Viking Age.

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