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Hand made at The Cellar Trust, these planters are made from high quality reclaimed timber and will last for years to come. WALKWAYS and GARDEN PATHS: Gravel makes a great walkway surface, expecially for quiet secluded paths. WALKWAYS and GARDEN PATHS: This is a great formal entrance, but be sure your property is as grand before adding a walkway like this! If you live in a climate with a cold winter, think of how your walkway will fare in the snow and icy conditions.
Make sure your path compliments your landscape and home design.  The lines of your walkway should reflect the lines present in the rest of your landscape. Here are some of the basic materials to choose from, but you can use almost any hardscape material to make a walkway. The benefits of this material are in the rustic feel of the stone, the ease of installation and the low cost of the materials.
Bricks share all of the other benefits and drawbacks as pavers, including weeds growing in the joints.  As with pavers, polymeric sand will help reduce weed growth. Be sure to check out our slideshow of walkway designs before making any decisions and happy designing!

No more waiting and wondering when your plants might arrive or vague delivery windows making planning difficult. Our locally handmade wooden garden planters are ideal for creating an eye-catching display in the garden, patio, balcony, deck or yard. The timber we use has already been pressure treated to help  protect it against decay and weather elements. There are many interesting raised garden bed ideas you can look up to inspire you refreshing the appearance of your beautiful home garden. The materials needed in building a raised garden bed are: space, rubber mallet, pre-cut landscape wood, drill and screwdriver, heavy-duty coach screws, level, rubble and topsoil, tape measure, and bark.
The first step in making your raised garden bed ideas come true is measuring up the garden bed. These planters are hand made in our Woodwork Skill Shop from high quality reclaimed timber and will last for years to come. These planters are hand made from high quality timber in our skill shop at The Cellar Trust. These garden planters are hand made from solid high quality reclaimed timber here at The Cellar Trust and will last for years to come.

If your walkway abuts a lawn, you may want to use some sort of edging between the stone area and the lawn.
It doesn’t matter which one of raised garden bed ideas you plan to build the steps are basically the same. It doesn’t matter at all as you can simply make sure the bed will fit perfectly in the spot you prepare.
This way, your most favorite raised garden bed design or raised garden bed ideas vegetables will be no longer a dream as you can make one comes true… even without costing you your fortune! Thus, we recommend you to have the wood already pre-cut at local hardware or gardening store. When your garden bed is finished, you may want to consider adding mowing edge which can be really useful to prevent the grass from growing too close to your raised bed.
You can also consider the raised garden bed ideas for veggies, which are popular as raised garden bed can provide better drainage for the vegetables to grow.

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