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Thank you for stopping by at Geararium, a museum dedicated to history of gears and toothed wheels. Hopefully through this museum these reminders of mechanical past will be re-discovered again and become a source of inspiration for designers, engineers, Steampunk enthusiasts, visual artists, historians and everybody else who might be passioned about art and technology.
Note: An occupational photograph, CDV or Carte De Visite depicting workers, millwrights or engineers taking measurements of a gear pattern in a studio.
Note: It is possible that Thomas Hick, a gentleman on this photograph could be a Civil War engineer.
Note: Models like this one were quite popular in technical schools across France and other European countries. Note: The person at the front row is holding a pattern fo a bevel gear and a measuring tool.
Note: A detail of an occupational stereoview picturing a gentleman with a pocket watch holding a handle of a tower (turret) clock made somewhere in 1700s. Note: This pattern mentions interesting information about the weight of its cast iron copy.
Note: It appears that many gears presented on this photograph have been used in agricultural machinery. Note: This is an extremely rare example of gearing, a pattern of a ratchet type gear that has two rows of teeth goign in opposite direction.
Note: This is an original partial patent model submitted by the inventor from Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois. Note: This pattern consist of the multiple pieces of wood attached to a metal plate hidden inside. Note: This is a rare stereoview photograph of the inventor of a gear planer, bevel gear cutting machine. Note: It would be interesting to know what bridge used this pattern as a part of a lifting mechanism. Note: This is the original patent model submitted by an inventor from Onslow, in the county of Jones and State of Iowa.
It shows that even such a small detail as curved corners of a sign can make a big difference on appearance of a pattern.
Note: This might be a patent, demonstration or a prototype model made by an unknown inventor.
Note: This unfortunate pattern got almost half eaten by the insects that love wood for its great taste, termites.
Note: Notice the hand forged staples that were placed in order to stop the gear from further splitting. Note: With this poster that reminds of an early horror movie an artist from France wanted to show the real danger of rotating spur gears.
Note: This occupational group photograph was taken when Estonia was a part of Russian Empire. Note: This racially inappropriate trading card features a hand drawn Deering Binder machine with a variety of exposed gears or sprockets.

Note: These are the three patterns of toothed wheels, possible sprockets or gears with digitally added eyes. Note: Thsi medal was presented to the leading labor group at the one of the Soviet factories. Note: This gear is one of the two known survivors salvaged from a wreck of the submarine in 1922. Note: This interesting portable machine or apparatus with numerous exposed gears is capable of drawing various geometrical curves on circular pieces of paper. Note: The holes that are in a center of this pattern were left by a foundry worker who used a special tool in order to extract the pattern from compacted sand in a molding box. Note: Notice that the company logo is placed inside a gear and even the zipper made as a yellow gear.
Please, note that all of the photographs presented on this web site are Rights Managed and not Royalty Free or Public Domain images. What would you do with hundreds of foundry patterns?I am listing the first of hundreds of wood patterns that I bought at auction on Ebay I can send the pictures. If you have any pictures of the patterns of gears or cogs or maybe have anything for sale or trade, Making wood foundry patterns is a whole other lost art.
Gear - is a toothed machine part, such as a wheel, cylinder, or section of a shaft that meshes with another toothed part to transmit motion or to change speed or direction.
Such design could have a decorative purpose to enhance the appearance of an exposed gear or a functional purpose, to reduce the stress on freshly cast metal during cooling period. Such curved design not only adds pleasant apperance to the cast gear but also reduces the stress on spokes.
They were demonstrating the principles of mechanical movements quite often were skillfully crafted by the students as apprentice projects. Pattern makers of the past were using such material to protect the pattern from wood borers and also prevent it from drying and shrinking. Small local workshops like this one were involved in casting and repairing variety of gears and other moving parts.
On the left side you see the original photograph of a gear and on the right side, an artistic vision of a gear with a smile.
It features interesting mushroom-like wooden bevel type gears and lantern type gears (pinions). Back in the days there were many cases of serious injuries caused by exposed gears of the machinery in factories and other working places.
Notice that a pregidous cartoonist who was probably too busy caricaturing the Zulu people, forgot to draw teeth on the second gear on the opposite side of the card.
If you would like to use any image from this web site, please write to Roma, a museum curator, to obtain a written permission. Rotomold Wood Working, Millwork Product Development Services Movie Props, For pictures of ALL our items, after looking at this item click here to see our SALE LIST. FOUNDRY WALL SHOWING WOOD PATTERNS OF STEAMER GRATES, WHEELS, AND CRANE TRACKS-LOOKING NORTH.

It is possible that this pattern was intended for casting a wallover, a toothed wheel for a windmill.
Such a segment would be cast multiple times and then assembled together to make a bigger size of a gear. This was made in order to create a better illusion of depth for viewing in a stereoscopic apparatus. Such innovation helped to lower the costs and time of any repairment job that had to be done in case of any teeth breakage. Notice the shiny spur gears of a lathe on the right and the beveled gears of a drill on the left of the photograph. The solution for a better protection was placing a safeguard to shelter the rotating gears. The youngest workers have been placed at the very bottom of the photo along with tools and factory goods. Notice the logo of Glavmoloko, a state manufacturer of milk, that contains a gear with milk bottle inside. The museum was not able to identify the machine until a descriptive article of Anita Chowdry appeared in her fantastic blog about ingenious machines.
Objects in the collection include Victorian era scratch built models of horizontal and vertical steam engines with decorative features, interesting photographs of model makers and their creations, patent models related to steam, and many other items that represent early Steampunk movement.
Find best value and selection for your Antique Industrial Foundry Wood Mold Forms Wood Foundry Mold Casting Pattern Form See all 0 pictures: End of Wooden Pattern for Pump Casting sell offers from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Early gears, also called cogs, sprockets, ratchets and interesting objects with exposed toothed wheels have been gathered here. Early pattern is a wooden prototype of a part, in our example it is a gear, that is going to be cast out of iron. It is possible that this velocipede, pre-bicycle or four-wheeler has never been put into production. It would be interesting to make a real-size prototype and to try Ackerman's version of a geared velocipede. Probably the machine and the inventor had to stay outside during the photo session because of the better lighting needed much for the early photographic process.
Please That which is driven into the wood pattern for the purpose.AND FOUNDRY PRACTICE beveled.
Hot metal is poured then into a cavity creating a metal copy, a perfect cast iron gear widely used in early industrial machiniery.

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