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Hello everyone, my name is Chauncey Hardemeyer and I'd like to welcome you to my silly little site, How to Build a Playhouse.
Children always love a space made just for them and a great way to do that is to construct wooden playhouses for kids.
First of all, in order to build wooden playhouses for kids, measure an area in your yard that is about 25 square feet.
Dig holes into the location of each stake or corner no less than 2 feet deep with the help of a post-hole digger. The next step of constructing wooden playhouses for kids is to measure up from the ground on the posts approximately 6 inches and mark the location.
Nail the edges of the plywood floor to the frame and hammer the 2 by 4 panels alongside the boundary on the outside of the posts.
Your basic frame for your wooden playhouses for kids is done, you just have to add wooden panels over the openings.
Wooden playhouses are a fun structure for kids, however purchasing a ready-made one can be very expensive. Keep in mind that childrens wooden playhouses need to be maintained, an annual coat of paint to prevent moisture is highly advised. Imagine a safe wooden playhouse where your kids can slay dragons, have tea parties, enjoy some independence and literally play house.
The 5-sided design fits snugly in a corner of the yard and provides the perfect play area for your kids. Everything about this playhouse structure screams fun, but thankfully in an "indoors" voice. So let's have some good, clean fun!  Your kids fantasy play house is just clicks away! Complete with a captain’s quarters, two decks and a handcrafted crow’s nest, this pirate ship playhouse will be the neighborhood hangout, for sure.
If you’re drawn to a more modern aesthetic, you’ll love this Illinois playhouse by SmartPlayhouse — designed to replicate contemporary architecture and made with the highest safety standards (including non-breakable, impact-resistant windows). We guarantee the neighbors won’t have a duplicate of this imaginative, whimsical, fairy-tale-like playhouse, handmade in England with the highest environmental standards. Part playhouse, part playground, this incredibly detailed “chalet” has three balconies, three doors, a climbing wall and a twisty slide.
If you’d like a sleek, modern play space that’s also environmentally conscious, this mini cabana is made with FSC-certified lumbar, non-toxic paints and a translucent polygala roof. Forget those wooden fruit stands and pretend cash registers; this is the ultimate imaginative play experience. Another modern hangout, the geometrically shaped Kyoto has the same safety standards and sunny design as the aforementioned Illinois, except it comes in multiple sizes — with the biggest one being a two-story, futuristic play-place. It’s as if the people behind qb playhouse revisited and recreated their childhood fantasies, designing a unique, whimsical, personalized space that offers endless customizing options. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
When wooden playhouses are invaded by “alien life forms” it is sure to take on a whole new look and feel.
Painting the wooden playhouses orbital colors like orange, yellow, and bright green will add to the overall alien ambiance of the play space. Families appreciate the distraction that wooden playhouses can provide as the social workers are helping them to get the services that they need. They can serve as a great place for social workers to reach out to children in a comfortable and less formal environment. While a wooden playhouses may not seem as important as a financial contribution, its value can far exceed just dollars.
When decorating wooden playhouses, sometimes the best looks and themes are not always the cutesy or predictable ones. Wooden playhouses could be a source for a major relationship breakthrough for a foster child as well as a place where he or she can find solace and peace.
Try these child-friendly tips that will surely help your little bird lover to fully enjoy and expand their fascination with birds. Lookout tower.  An enclosed or open lookout tower is something all kids would be envious of and one where they would use in multiple ways during creative play. Loft area.  If the plans for wooden playhouses don’t include a second story, how about including a loft area so kids can have an added area to escape to when they want quiet time? Patio, porch or deck.  Each one of these features expands and widens the imaginative play area of the playhouse. Durability is one of the primary reasons when buying a wooden playhouse versus other materials like metal or plastic. Wooden playhouses are excellent for kindling your children’s imagination, help your child develop good interpersonal relationships while interacting and playing with other children, and encourage your child to spend quality time in nature’s company. To all the parents and grandparents who want to find out more about wooden playhouses, welcome! Building wooden playhouses for kids has been in practice among do-it-yourselfers for many years and constructing the playhouse on your own also saves you money since you do not need to hire the services of a professional to do the job. Position one 4 by 4 post vertically into each one of the holes and place a carpenter’s level across the top of the posts in order to make sure they are even and level with the bottom of the holes.
Nail 2 by 6 wooden boards flat to the outer boundary of the posts for the purpose of making a square support system for flooring. Place another plywood sheet on top of the wooden posts and secure it to the post tops using nails in order to make the roof for the wooden playhouses for kids. Constructing childrens wooden playhouses at home is not only more cost-effective but is also more creative. Position a 2 by 4 along the boundary standing on one end and secure it in place using nails.

Involve your kids in the decision-making process by having them customize their new playhouse in our custom design center. And with windows on all sides, your kids will have a sunny, inspiring, imagination-provoking palace. The only downside about this gorgeous playhouse is that the English willow materials will degrade in about 5 years, meaning it won’t get the longevity that you might hope from a pricey purchase. The My Space is a pop-up and collapsible cardboard play area that works like an accordion-style setup, with each panel (or room) having working doors and pull-down shelves. We love that the inside of this play theater has a ticket window (with tickets), a balcony and an actual puppet show stage, as well as space for a TV and DVD player. So kids can literally create the playhouse of their imaginations — from colors to patterns to unique personalized requests. Not only is this kids playhouse (ahem, playmansion) astonishing and jaw dropping as is, but it can also be custom-made to match your own house. Your little one will have tons of opportunities to defend the universe from these space invaders after you make a few modifications to his or her playhouse to bring it up to “space station” specs. Have lots of  “spacey” stuff hanging from the ceilings that will make your little alien feel right at home in their wooden playhouses.  Star shaped beads that can you can string together, along with large balls that look like or can be painted to look like planets, will be really cool as your kids run and explore in their wooden playhouse. Create hiding spaces where you can put little non-perishable treats or “alien snacks” for your kids to discover.
Also, choose furnishings such as little chairs and tables that can accented with alien themed pillows and accessories. Unlike some toys which are limited to one or two kids, a kids playhouse can keep multiple children engaged at the same time. Whether the family is displaced or simply in need of mentoring services for their children, having access to something fun like a kids playhouse is a welcome relief from the seriousness of their condition. Talking to a child that is sitting across a desk is not always the best way to interact with young children. When you have an opportunity to give to a local agency, call them up and ask them if they could use a kids playhouse. For some children, their outdoor playhouse will be much more interesting and exciting to play in if it truly reflects their hobbies and interests. Let your child do some of the directing with regard to placing the trains and objects in the playhouse, and even consider allowing your little one to paint or stamp trains in different places on the walls and floor. If you want to make your adult friends happy, set the party date so that it allows for them to get a little rest while you host the kids at your home. It’s small enough to keep the mess that they may make contained, yet it’s just enough room for doing loads of wacky activities. Since the beginning of time, chances are, there has always been a space set aside for children to claim as their own and to imitate the daily routines of adults.  This type of play place or outdoor structure takes on a whole new meaning when it is used for integrating a foster child into a new and unfamiliar place. An outdoor playhouse provides a space that children can decorate to make it more comfortable for them.
You may want to have several different feeders for different seed types (and thus different birds).  Some birds such as Blue Jays are quite aggressive so a couple of feeder options for smaller birds may help.
There are many bird calling audios and videos available at the library or through a book store.  Select 3-5 common birds that are visiting the playhouse bird feeder on a regular basis and find out what their bird calls using the materials from the library or book store.
Metal can rust and form harmful edges and plastic can crumble in the sun if it is not UV protected.  Proper care and maintenance, can prolong the life of a wooden playhouse for several decades. Mark the corners of the measured area by inserting wooden stakes into the corners in order to outline the area where you will be constructing the wooden playhouses for kids. Fill each hole with the soil you removed while digging, filling around the posts until the soil is even with the surface soil. Measure and mark a 4 by 4 inch square on each corner of 5 by 5 plywood sheet and cut out the corners. Finally, hammer each 2 by 4 vertically onto the outside of the perimeter of the wooden playhouses for kids using the floor and ceiling frames as attachment points.
The task of building childrens wooden playhouses may seem overwhelming at first for beginners, but with some tips and guidance along with some basic woodworking tools and materials, the process of building childrens wooden playhouses can be stress-free and rewarding. For this project, you will be constructing a small porch, so take that into consideration when marking the area. Yet for those who hate having oversized, unused kids products on their hands, you’ll be happy to know this can be recycled right in your own garden — no need for a landfill. The designer says that the plain, simple background is designed to be a blank canvas for kids' imaginations — and the set can then be compactly folded to fit underneath a bed or behind a door. It doesn’t take too much to transform a kids playhouse into an alien retreat or extraterrestrial landing pad, but it does take a little creativity and willingness to let your child’s imagination run wild. Together, with your child, shop at yard sales or thrift stores where you can find costumes or different odds and ends that can be glued on or sewn onto fabric to create really weird alien costumes. That’s why people that desire to donate to a local not for profit or social service agency should seriously consider purchasing one of these fun, educational, and therapeutic play structures.
Because most non-profits that have multiple families with multiple children to entertain, they need toys and play structures that can hold up to a whole bunch of children playing with it at once.
Many non-profits understand the value of having a really cool play structure like a kids playhouse where they can meet new clients, encourage social interaction with other children, and most importantly, provide a place for the child to run and explore. It may be one of the best and most rewarding calls that you will ever make knowing that your contribution is being used and loved! That is the case for collaborating with your child to style his or her playhouse into a real train fanatics play space.
Imagine how cool it will be for your little one to have a train that actually rolls circulating around his or her kids playhouse. From overalls to the fancy conductors suit that they see on children’s shows like “Thomas The Tank Engine”, just being able to dress the part will bring a smile to your child’s face.
Add in items like switches and controls that don’t actually work, but come from real trains.

Some of the best times that your child will have in his or her outdoor playhouse can happen when there is a little coolness in the air. If the space is small, a little space heater, such as an electric baseboard heater, may do the trick. Encourage kids to dress up or provide a box of dress up clothes with top hats, costume jewelry, and feather boas. Serve sparkling gelatin treats and serve finger foods on fancy plastic silver colored plates.
One of the best reasons to branch out and use the kids outdoor playhouse in the Winter is that it’s really, really cool! Not only do foster children need some space that they can use to relax and free their minds, but most children need that also.
Have fun with this activity.  See if your child can identify the 3-5 bird calls and then go to the playhouse to listen for these calls and verify visually if you correctly identified the bird. With the help of some basic tools and some know-how, you can build wooden playhouses for kids today.
Place the plywood sheet in between the posts and position it flat over the wooden 2 by 6 frame, aligning the corners of the posts evenly to the cutouts on the plywood floor. After you have determined the location, use sticks or poles to mark the corners and tie a string around them. If more than one piece of plywood is used, then secure them together with the help of brackets and screws. Repeat the process to build the walls as you did for the flooring, adding plywood on the inside as well as the outside. It’s amazing what you and your little one can put together using items such as glittery ornaments, shimmery or extremely patterned fabric scraps, hats, fake gems, and headbands.
Your child and his or her friends will love going into the playhouse searching for alien bites!
After his many earthling adventures, his inner alien will need a place to relax and unwind in style!
To accomplish this, you will need to create a platform around the structure that is securely fastened with some type of brackets. You should be able to find these type of items on a website like eBay or canvass your local thrift stores and garage sales for anything with trains on it. They will be happy that you gave them a chance to participate and to make their space extra special! One such event that could be totally cool for your children and their friends is to host their very own New Years Day Party in their kids playhouse. A winter party event will need adult supervision, so you should plan to be there the whole time. So, actually having it on New Years Day could work, as many adults will be just in from their nights out. While meditating for a child may not be the same as it is for an adult, but solitary play can be very helpful for a child. Foster parents can use that decorating opportunity to interact with and encourage the child that has been added to their family. I've always loved playhouses, whether they were forts or tree-houses, for some reason they've always held a child-like appeal to me.
Position 2 by 4 wood boards on the edge of the perimeter and fix them in place until the entire perimeter is finished. Select a train that your child will be able to handle without your help and place the train at a height that won’t impede play. Whether you opt for curtains that have trains on them or shutters that can be stamped with trains on them, if your child is a real hobbyist, he or she won’t be able to get enough of having their favorite things all over their playhouse. The games should be simple such as pin the sparkler on the New Year’s Clock or have them create a wall scroll with their resolutions. It allows for the child to be creative and to experiment with mood enhancing colors, which could be a wonderful outlet for a foster child. As I got older, I started building them professionally, and people really started responding to the quality design and workmanship that I put into every project. Measure a space of two feet and place another 2 by 4 on the edge running vertically and secure it in place. So, give your child free reign and don’t forget to make sure that there are plenty of mirrors or a reflective surface in his or her wooden playhouse that will allow your little alien to see how cool he or she looks!
If having it travel around the wall is too challenging, then, use the loft space and let it circulate there. And in this site, I promise I'll put in that same effort to create something really special.
Attach a 2 by 4 at the top of the constructed wall through the center of the childrens wooden playhouses going the long way.
You will need to cut more 2 by 4 wood panels into small pieces and nail them in place horizontally between the vertical rows so that they are spread out at a distance of two feet from each other. Secure the cut 2 by 4 to the wall and to the center support on both sides with the help of brackets. Attach more plywood on top of the base in order to complete the floor of the childrens wooden playhouses.

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