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Be sure to visit the Hand Tool Headlines section - scores of my favorite woodworking blogs in one place.  Also, take note of Norse Woodsmith's latest feature, an Online Store, which contains only products I personally recommend. I’m down to only 10-12 thousand unposted furniture pictures so I have to get as many posts as I can from what few events I have left. If you’ve been reading for a while, you might have noticed I have a fondness for hidden and secret compartments. Flush from my success, I went back to the desk top secretary to see if I could find the secret compartment. As soon as I walked into the auction house, I knew it wasn’t one of their catalog auctions. When last we spoke, I was threatening to disclose the function of the slots on the top of J.
This patent number was not on the previously posted picture of the box because I removed it to stretch the blog out for another week and to look smarter than I really am. The patent reveals that the box was designed to not fall apart (dovetails), be made without any metal parts (pegs) and to latch automatically (rubber band), all good things when your intent is to carry explosives into a dangerous environment. I found myself in Norcross, GA on Friday morning listening to Ron Herman’s nth recitation of his Understanding Wood lecture of the year. As regular readers might expect, I scheduled some time to visit some local antiques dealers. Displaced and awaiting it rightful return to a tastefully arranged stack of Architectural Digests.
Back in October of 2013, driving back from Woodworking in America, I stopped at an antiques mall on the east side of Cincinnati. Being the ever-intrepid explorer, I continued exploring where a lesser person (a more rational person?) might have moved on.
After a few moments of doubt and indecision, I walked up to the counter to ask if they knew where it all went. He assumed that it had been place there by someone hoping to get the smaller box out of the shop unnoticed. Our trip north for Easter allowed me to visit my favorite settles at an antiques shop in Chadds Ford, PA. This visit gave me a chance to examine one of the most intriguing settles of which I am aware.
Last Friday and Saturday I attended a furniture seminar at MESDA, the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Art in Winston Salem, NC. The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA) is the preeminent center for researching, collecting, and exhibiting decorative arts made and used by those living and working in the early South. I did something different Sunday morning and wandered down to the Legion (as they say in Western PA) for a small antiques show. The dealer in attendance told me that the spousal dealer had just purchased this at an auction in Albemarle, NC.
In the course of a month, this chest was sold at a local auction, gone west around a hundred miles to be sold at another auction and come back to the area to be sold again. This foot arrangement makes sense in that people (including dealers) tend to stack stuff onto the chest meaning there could be more weight borne by the carcass than by the bottom. The dark patch lines up with one of the pintles leading me to believe that it is a patch in the case where the lid was repaired or replaced.
One of the better auction houses is working hard to become a major player in the high-end auction world. Craftsman Sofa tabularize Plan put off Plan Build a Curved Stretcher accentuate Table stretchers using angstrom unit unequalled lamination technique from the Woodsmith shop. October 2013 Welcome to Absolutely Free Plans in the Indoor Projects section you will find free plans for bedroom piece of furniture living room furniture kitchen tables and. In this issue's On Line Extras we're viewing a rendering of what the lounge tabularise would look care if it were built with cherry and featured Craftsman style pulls. So these are the last of my stock of HNT Gordon planes and the last of the antique planes I'll be selling on E Bay. Joe from the US sent me these pictures of his latest project, a tongue drum for his girlfriend. Stuart, a good friend, recently purchased this thumb plane from Gerd Fritsche in Germany and he sent it to me to try. I was dropping off some new stock at a Gallery when I noticed they had a couple of my planes in stock, so I brought them back and they are now available on E Bay. It's the Yandles Spring show again this week on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April and I'll have my usual stand and demonstrations.It's a very busy show with lots to see and good for the whole family. My friend Leif Karlsson sent me these pictures of a recently completed project in Swedish ash, a favourite wood of James Krenov when he lived there. Here's a couple of pictures of a very nice miniature chest inspired by my recent article in Furniture and Cabinetmaking magazine. This first one is from Jason in Texas, he thanked me for taking so much stress out the dovetail joint.
My slipper plane from Ollie Sparks arrived last week in very neat packaging, full of protective pine shavings.I buffed up the plane and degreased the blade and it was ready to admire. Four days ago all hell let loose here!Jay Bates bought two of my dovetail guides recently and posted a video on YouTube. This is one of those moments when I am flabbergasted by the sensibility of this work around. My wife is a very accomplished teacher who subscribes to a theory that there are seven intelligences, not one. I consider art to be something that is created explicitly to satisfy an aesthetic or to fulfill a deep-seated vision of the artist.
A few weeks ago I made some cam clamps for the woodworking school but used only hand tools to make them.
Cam clamps are not new at all, but they are less seen than the ones we are used to seeing today.
Yes, we end up with facets … the things that distinguish hand carved from CNC milled junk.
The edges were first beaded using a scratch stock, run once from the face surface, and again from the edge. Unlike most of my posts, I’m including lots of photos and descriptions about how I made this sign. The usual, and often mundane, parts of the work were recovering this board from some previously resawn stock, rounding the ends with chisels and rasp, and finishing the surfaces.
The edge treatment for this sign is a simple cove that does not compete with the meaning of the sign.
I have a metal filletster plane with both depth and edge fences that can make rabbets, but it’s a PIA to set up.
Tilt the plane way over and make the very first pass (or two) with only the inside corner of the iron. Now, a good bit of the cove waste has been removed, and there are two crisp edges which makes it very easy to guide the round plane. My pattern is hand drawn lettering, made from numerous iterations to get to the style of script that includes a couple of smooth flowing flourishes.
When the shellac had set a couple of days, I painted the letters with 1 Shot gold size, a kind of clear enamel, and then waited for it to reach the right level of tackiness, about an hour and a half. We’ve had a lot of questions from people who have signed up for the party wondering why we haven’t emailed them with details.
Briony Morrow-Cribbs, the copperplate artist for the book, will be there to sign books and show off some of her original prints, which will be for sale on site. If You Haven’t Gotten a Shipping Notification E-MailThere have been some folks that have kindly emailed to inquire about their shipping status because they said they never got a shipping confirmation.
All morning John and I struggled to get “The Anarchist’s Design Book” from the bindery and into our hands. With any luck, “The Woodworker” books will arrive in the warehouse tomorrow and we can begin shipping our pre-publication orders on Friday or Monday.
Plus we should have copies of both volumes at the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event and the opening of our storefront on March 11-12.
Then I got out the carving tools to finish off this timber – the first one I worked on, finished it last! We aren’t quite ready to ship but we will be over coming weeks and we feel it is time to open up the order system. A few years ago I realised just how much videoing would fill in the blanks a written page can’t quite capture. I just returned from my annual work retreat and since so many of you wonder about how this works, here is a little insight. Each year, for the past 15 years or so, I have left the office for two weeks to focus on new ideas, most are new tool ideas. What I look for in a place to stay is a good chair and work surface and typically a good deal on a hotel. Once I arrive I set up my CAD workstation, head to the store for food supplies and then settle in for a brainstorming session with myself. This year I was able to complete five new products during this retreat, and that is about four more than I will be able to do during the next 50 weeks!
One day, I did take about an hour and outline a process as to how I can feed the DSN with copious amounts of drivel and I have some ideas…. A recent notification posted on the Home page of my web site explains that I am changing the way I conduct business at Brese Plane.Basically the notification states that I will no longer accept new plane orders so that I may fulfill the orders that I have in house at this time.
As will be seen by referring to Figure 2, the guide element terminates short of the forward end of the latch member a distance equal to the thickness of the front closure presently to be described in more detail. I drove down to the Atlanta area the night before for my second and last visit to The Woodworking Shows for 2016.
Herman spent a quick three hours explaining and demonstrating many useful and interesting characteristics of wood. Traffic in the Atlanta area weekdays doesn’t move easily so it took a while to get there. Two thirds of the mall’s merchandise was close to what we can politely call flea market grade.
I had my doubts not knowing when and under what terms the dealer left and how the lady at the desk felt about it. That spouse had headed out to some local estate sales and was not available to confirm the story. There are short dowels coming out from either end of the lid that are then buried into the case. Then there a few more that on most weeks are more like flea markets or items being move from one basement to another. Altogether it takes to convert the sofa to a bed is to annul and pull out out the arse Router Table poll Molding Router Table Must Haves Tower Bookcase is the online home of Woodsmith Plans featuring.
Gentle to succeed design includes construction details with exploded views clipping sofa table plans woodsmith diagrams shop tips and Mission Style coffee bean ending and Sofa.

Operating theatre to explore our free tips techniques plans and videos use the anatomy below instalment 512 Cherry soothe Episode 403 Table Saw Jigs & Accessories.
He turned this one out the same day the guide and saw arrived, that's what I like to see!Another nice job this time in quarter sawn oak and from Marty in Maine. Some manage it cross legged on the floor but many need to use the low chairs at the school, my wife included. No floating cross grain, no large dovetails and no end cap to worry about, easy to make and solid as a rock.
I used a previously made scratch stock and happily I had a gouge that matched well. I picked up a cutoff and made these photos for a tutorial better than words alone. Even with the usual ups and downs of life, and the completely unwanted misfortunes, there are still reasons for gratitude. It is a beautiful wood (gratitude), but has a growth characteristic that requires patience (and the gratitude to have a sufficient store of patience). Being right handed, I move the plane with my right hand, while using a finger of my left hand to cradle the bottom of the plane and act as a fence, keeping that first pass straight.
As always with hollows and rounds, start cutting at the far end and then walk the starting point back toward the end of the board where we normally begin planing. Rummaging through my art supplies, I found some watercolor pencils that were good for making those trace lines more visible. I’ve done enough letter carving to begin to feel comfortable, not highly confident, but comfortable.
Hawkins, on The Verge:The Wintergartan Marble Machine, built by Swedish musician Martin Molin, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. We are going to have a come to Jesus meeting soon and if they can not give some reasonable assurance that the abuse will stop I'm going part time.
My how time flies.I didn't really get much done, but getting started on a new project is always fun.
Eating pizza (more on that in a future post) and drinking beverages (feel free to bring some along; it would be much appreciated). I also will have several pieces of furniture from the design book on display, including some of the wire models and prototypes – plus French workbenches and tool chests.
Case in point: This past weekend my wife and I watched the movie Forsaken with Kiefer Sutherland and Donald Sutherland.
I have sharpened these several times before and I hadn't experienced any problems with them in regards to being sharp. Hayward Years” is a tie with our Roubo translation for the most important work we’ve published.
Embracing videography greatly enhanced what we write of and by the many thousands we now share the heart of what feel is core to good woodworking. We have put plans in place to help make sure that the book can be shipped as inexpensively as we can and this means I cannot practically intercept the books in order to sign them.
Since there are no phone calls, no people, and I am disconnected from that pesky little thing we call e-mail, it is amazing what one can do creatively in a few short weeks. When that has been accomplished I will offer planes for sale as they are available.Let me explain.
It was a chance to see Glen and Chuck again, visit Highland Woodworking, a big new Rockler store and a reasonable Woodcraft.
I haven’t been down this way since 2013 and had forgotten the name of one of my favorites.
It didn’t have the same quality of inventory as the Roswell store but it is still open.
Not the over the top expensive trophies but good, quality corner cabinets, chests, seating and much of the furniture I covet.
You sustain successfully downloaded sofa table plans woodsmith your Woodsmith project plan. Router put off crownwork Molding Router tabulate sofa table plans woodsmith moldiness Haves tug Bookcase Working with Metal. He said he was stunned with the results using his 1:6 dovetail guide and Lie Nielsen tapered cross cut saw. She liked it so much she brought one of the MDF chairs home for me to copy in something a bit nicer!Due to the width of the seat I had to book match all the parts, machine jointing them first and then cleaning up with my jointer plane and fence. He has a very good manor and the way he speeds up the video on the boring bits is great, you can still see what he's doing without having to watch it all in real time.
I always have to tell people that those that are currently produced are very expensive and old ones are just not available.
I think we may be the first to video making them completely by hand, except for a battery-driven drill, which we didn’t really need. One is the unique clamping action that exerts direct pressure without the usual twisting torque that occurs through threaded clamping heads. The wood grows in wide ribbons, or bands, with each one having a different grain orientation than its neighbor. It’s huge, compared to the rabbet I want to cut, but works well and is easily controlled. It reduces the number of passes the round plane needs to make by about half, and that’s a significant way to reduce sharpening for the more complex hollow and rounds irons. Unfortunately, my first roll of the stuff is blue, and at the time I needed it, the yellow version hadn’t arrived.
If this sign was planned as the typical sign, this would be a good place to stop carving and start applying finish. That brush is also useful for gently tamping the gold into place, assuring everything is covered.
Comprising 3,000 wooden pieces, and using 2,000 marbles, the elaborate music-box looks like a loom met a cotton gin and the two started making beautiful music together. For this project, I have the perfect piece of leftover oak - the rest of a wide plank that I bought to make the staked desk.Here's a glimpse of my tiny shop. It’s a 10-minute walk from Braxton Brewing Co., which is where the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event is being held that day.
I’m a big fan of Tumblr, and there are many advantages to using Tumblr as my backend, but one of the disadvantages is that videos can only be hosted natively on Tumblr if they are small enough and short enough. From that outing only half of each chisel would make a shaving and the other half couldn't.
Hayward Years” (the other book we’re working on) has shipped from the printer and is on its way to our warehouse. The two volumes of “The Woodworker” are more than 800 pages of detailed information you simply will not find anywhere else.
This will take a little longer in the US than the UK because we are shipping part of the stock to the US by freight to reduce the overall shipping costs. You change sentences and pass it to others for their thoughts and then you make more changes and restructures too.
There are days where I never leave my accommodations and waking up in the middle of the night happens frequently —  it always amazes me as to how the subconscious provides ideas that never materialize while awake. Also in Norcross, I can see the Peachtree Woodworking Supply’s large area on the show floor and drive over to their retail store as well.
I had forgotten the name and address of the shop but the sight of the store brought it all back to me. I make a weekly trip to visit all its previews. Many weeks I see no need to turn my camera on. The metal work was excellent although the wedge could do with a more in depth sanding and a good coat of finish, no doubt a compromise on the price but easily remedied. Some enterprising blacksmith took a ball peen hammer and made this: I'm going to talk to a local blacksmith about having some of these produced. Of course we wanted the video to open up the whole process for anyone and everyone and especially those not wanting to work with machines. On thin and delicate materials this type of clamp has unusual advantages via the applied energy of the lever cam.
The most enjoyable part of this process is removing the ice cream from the sticks before applying the sandpaper. I also wanted to ensure a good cushion of shellac so that after the gold is applied the subsequent clean up doesn’t break into the layer of ebonizing stain.
Application is by pressing the gold into the carved areas with a brush from the back side of the sheets. She has noticed after a couple of days of sitting in an RV park I'm ready to be back in the shop. To plane a long board, I have to keep the door open and start the planing stroke in the hall!The inspiration for this coffee table will be a table designed by Danish designer Henning Norgaard. In the cases where I’ve had a video that was larger and longer than what Tumblr can handle, I’ve used Vimeo.Which leads to my moment of stupidity. I could have done a better job with a dull butter knife.I did something wrong or more likely I missed doing something necessary. If you’re not sure if you got it, please check your spam folder to see if it was mistakenly filtered out. Sometimes you put it down frowning and frustrated and then you pick it up again and feel totally inspired by one simple alteration that makes good sense of things. It would be impossible to describe what making this book available to woodworkers anywhere means but when you open your package I think and hope that your heart flips a triple somersault too. It took three DVDs to record what I wanted to pass on, so I truly hope this endeavour will develop skills far beyond your expectations. Without knowing the CRI (Color Rendering Index), it’s hard to be sure what the color actually was. We all know that Zip Codes were launched July 1, 1963 as lynch pin of the Zone Improvement Plan Code. Adam to foliate one A couch hold over with built in repositing or type A foresightful modest bookcase Any way you. After messing around with my table saw trying to set it up, I decided it was easier, having marked out the cuts, to just do it by hand. Because there has been a very definite void regarding making useful equipment such as these by hand I thought we would fill the gap without much more of a do.
The other enjoyable feature of cam clamps, often called by a trade name, Klemmsia, is just how light they can be.
The rabbet removes a lot of waste, and provides edges which naturally guide the round plane. Interestingly, some gold leaf adhered more than wanted to the nice smooth shellac, and even into some of the grain pores.
A quick internet search yielded very little about this designer, possibly one of you knows a bit more.As soon as I get permission from another site to post a photo here, I will replace this text with the actual photo. If it can change my life, and writing it has, then other people’s lives will be changed in the reading of it to. Not the fancy high-end estate trophies but really interesting pieces that are unique and worth a look.

The Norris style adjuster worked well, working much better on a bevel up plane with the blade at a low angle. Favoured by stringed instrument makers making violins and guitars, cellos and such, They are indeed indispensable. By experimentation, I found that one of those ice cream sticks, sans ice cream, and also sans sandpaper, could be sharpened to a point that scraped out pores without damaging the underlying shellac or ebonizing stain. Please refrain from inquiring through comments on the blog or Instagram because I’d rather not post your personal tracking info in public.
This past October I became 62 years old and came to the realization that I needed to start doing all those things I thought I would do when my plane work was caught up. The adjustable mouth section wasn't flush with the sole, but again this would be easily rectified with abrasive on some float glass. Eye-balling the front infill with the wedge showed them to be in perfect alignment as well as sharing the same curvature. Though I used steel for the bar, I could have easily used alluminium, which works well enough too. The bench is is going to be a clear finish so I have to be extra careful about picking only sap wood ash and nice strait grain.
Anyway that is the back story.Today I had a couple of spare minutes and used them to prep some cypress for the tool chest.
They aren't as smooth and easy as a freshly sharpened chisel would do (this is freshly sharpened) but more like a chisel that is getting dull.this side is OTLIt took a lot to make this tiny sliver of a chip here. The angle on the wedge is perfect for taping it out, this angle is repeated on the rear of the plane, a nice touch.Of course it works superbly, I expected nothing less.
I had a continuous flat on the chisel edge to edge where I should have had the bevel meeting the back at nothing. As a result, old posts that linked to a video that I was hosting on Vimeo no longer have those videos available. As a result, I’m going to be reposting those videos over the next couple of weeks, and fixing the backlinks where I can. Making this shaving felt like I was doing it with a putty knife and not a chisel.going back to the weekendI will readily admit that I am an anal retentive nut job when it comes to having square chisels. It's not over, we're just modifying our involvement to suit our age and capacity.Frankly I'm making some of the best planes of my life at this time. After reading a comment left by Stefan I decided to forgo my coarsest diamond stone and use 100 grit sandpaper. That's one of the reasons I don't want to totally discontinue making planes, however I would like the luxury of being able to spend the extra time needed to make every tool special whether that includes re-introducing some decorative details that I discontinued in order to expedite the completion of tools, or allow me to pursue some new ideas that have been rolling around in my head for some time now.
I’ve called tech support and they told me they were aware of the problem and are investigating it.
Some years ago I made drawings of some new planes that never made it from the drawing board to the shop to become tools. I centers the spoke shave and allows for shallower cuts to the left or right.Here you can see clearly the arrises of the octagonals that form the spindle. Hopefully I will now have time to make that happen.If you have a plane ordered this will allow me to concentrate on those tools and get them into your hands.
When I'm at this step I kill the overhead lights and use a single incandescent bulb in a stand. However, comma, back slash, double ditto marks, etc etc, colorful language inserted here, you have to account for that. If you still are having trouble, feel free to email me.The Mystery of the Exploding PackagesIt seems that one of the postal workers out there has dropkicked a few of my customers’ magazines.
Wonderfully my schedule has not been caught up since 2007 and at times I've enjoyed and endured an 18 month backlog of work.So what do I mean by "enjoyed and endured" a long backlog of work? After I get it to this point of almost done, it is time to go back to work on the table.This is exciting because I get to use my panel gauge.
I love using this thing.I'll always treasure the above photo of my beloved panel gauge, because it is the last picture ever of it before I lost the tiny ebony wedge that holds the blade in place. Where there should be no light reflected and two planes meeting perfectly, I have a ledge here wide enough to tap dance on. The packaging I opted for was a result of personal experience ordering publications along with multiple consultations with my postmaster. On one hand it means you have the security of plenty of work that allows you to continuously produce income. This belonged to my wife's grandfather and he got it during WWI and used it for the rest of his life. While I was putting this gauge away, the wedge popped out and I suspect is under my bench somewhere.
On the other hand when you have an 18 month backlog of work you feel as though you can't allow yourself time to do anything but that work. I kept at this until I couldn't see any light reflected off the intersection of the bevel and the back. It seems it’s not uncommon that the brown paper the magazine was wrapped in tears because of the sharp corners. Tool makers that have not worked to that ideal have crashed and burned leaving customers with a bad taste in their mouth for independent tool makers. I also didn't neglect checking for square 23,529 bazillion times.a burrWhen I sharpened this on saturday I recall checking for a burr and not feeling one. One thing I will do before I say I'm done, is I'll check the edge to make sure no light is reflected there. As unfortunate as that is, I can live with that for now as long as the magazine itself is okay. However, the bevel was flat, straight, square, and shiny so I thought I didn't need a burr.
And that is square.first time use of the LN panel gaugeThis made a nice line from end to end.
Some have let me know about minor issues but kindly refused a new one in the spirit of acceptance of “patina”.
The arch is curving backwards at the same time that it is curving in and that is the cause.
Then it clicked for me - you get a burr when you have zero between the bevel and the back and one folds over unto the other. I like that it is on the wide side as that makes it easy to see and follow with a saw.pinch cylinder of brass from the head of the panel gaugeThe screw on the top of the head bears down on this brass cylinder and that applies pressure to the bar. With the flat I had, I never would have felt a burr.I thought I had turned the corner on sharpening and I could at least sharpen what I have.
I dropped the ball with not recognizing that I didn't have a burr and the significance of it's absence. I have a couple days to think about it before I get more time in the shop.The design of this table will evolve using my normal method, which isn't using a SketchUp model.
That was sufficient to secure the head so I could run my scribe line.thick piece of brassI doubt that I will ever wear out this piece of brass. I can go with that.) But if you received a copy in a condition you are unsatisfied with do not hesitate to contact me at the aforementioned email address.
I envision my table being a little lower than the original in the photo, but I don't know exactly any of the dimensions yet. I would have liked to have had some brass at the top too but this only costs $85 so I can't have everything. Now that the first round of shipping has gone out, there will be some tweaking to the packaging to foil the attacks of the heavy hitters on the postal team.Thank You AllAll in all, things are going pretty smooth.
This time I kept at it until I raised a consistent feeling burr from one side of the chisel to the other.checking for lightI was contorting, twisting, and turning like I was a circus side show freak looking for a light reflection. It’s a lot more work than I thought to ship these out but there haven’t been any major hitches. Before I started this, I didn't need the magnifying glass nor a light source to see the edge I had to light reflectedI went from 100 grit sandpaper up to my 8000 japanese water stone. It will probably be oak or ash, whatever I can find with straight grain.I still haven't made up my mind on the joinery, either. These are simple tools to use so there isn't much that even I can screw up using them.I was surprised by the comments I got on this gauge from the readers. Thank you all for your patience with me as I run the shipping department, marketing department, sales department, and customer service for this magazine solo. I am leaning toward the lap joints like the photo, and probably some double-wedged mortise and tenons that aren't in this photo (that I can see).I also haven't decided on how to keep the panel flat. It’s so rewarding to see your enthusiasm on social media as you receive your copies of Issue One. This is the way I have sharpened this in the past and it's time to see if there will be rejoicing in Mudville.the test is to make a knife wallWhen I tried to make a knife wall on sunday after I had sharpened this, when I tapped the chisel the right side went in the left side didn't. It was totally unexpected considering it is a LN carcassI dislike ripping vertically in the vise and I will saw other ways if I can. Sometimes you need to be knocked down so you can see the big picture from a different vantage point.enough time left to put a seal coat on shelf #3DVD shelf #2I have an LED light in the overhead at my sharpening bench. I did see that the top looked bad under the LED light but the rest of the shelf needed help too.I'm liking this Hake brush more and moreThis is a habit I got from my father. Here there is nothing to distract you.what the round over dance step was forThis will definitely be long enough to cover up the through dadoes on both sides. After a day of painting, we would usually spend 30 minutes or more cleaning the brushes used during the day.
I'm undecided about whether or not to go to the outside edges of the sides.wedgesI cut some small wedges to see how this looks.
My father always smoothed out his brush making sure that there weren't any stray hairs going out away from the brush. The grain of the wedges and the grain of the shelf are aligned so I don't have to worry about a cross grain glue line. I've been doing the same with this Hake brush and it reminds me of the times I spent painting houses with him.Time to go get dinner ready for the wife and the in-laws. Once it's glued in place and cooked, I'll trim it flush.the top is tightThis is the show side of the joint and I want this to be gap free. That is where the wedges come in and they are doing a good job of making a good looking joint line.back slatsI ripped these out and then planed them together. Tonight they will be given another chance to relax and do their stupid wood tricks.I'm not done yetThe top of this side is splotchy and doesn't have any sheen like the rest of the shelf.
I'll be putting more shellac at least on this part.shelf #3This is ready for the seal coat to go on.

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