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As the blade exits the bottom of the workpiece, the teeth can cause tearout — especially with the wide opening in most table saw inserts. When I need to make several identical parts, measuring each part takes time and doesn’t provide consistent results. Another way to improve your crosscuts is to use a saw blade specifically designed for the task, like this crosscut blade.
The cutting action on this blade is on the draw-stroke, cutting as the user pulls, totally the opposite to a traditional western saw.
This cross-cut blade can be fitted directly onto the Hassunme Japanese Saw and interchangeable with the Japanese Hassunme Replacement Blade, Ripping.

We appreciate this scabbard is almost the price of the saw itself but it must be viewed as a long term investment and will save time by not having to sharpen the saw as much due to needless damage, it also looks great! This way, the workpiece is fully supported on both sides of the blade, minimizing any chance of tearout. While a typical saw blade may have 40 or 50 teeth, a dedicated crosscut blade may have 80 or more. To make the cuts more safely, I simply flip the stop block over and clamp it to the rip fence.
Adding some self-adhesive sandpaper to the fence keeps the workpiece from shifting during the cut.

Then, all you have to do is butt each workpiece against the block, and you’ll get consistent pieces quickly. By clamping the block in front of the blade, you can still position each workpiece identically.

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