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This Woodsmith Plan is a downloadable PDF file that you save to your computer after you complete your order.
This tool chest is packed full of storage options, including a bank of drawers and adjustable shelves, all inside a classic, “country Craftsman” cabinet that looks worthy of storing your most-prized tools. Woodsmith’s editors cover the key details as they build a TV cabinet with built-in lift using basic plywood construction and solid-wood trim. Sturdy construction and a classic design are just a couple of the features of this classic cherry console.
The editors of Woodsmith magazine walk you through building a dartboard cabinet as a fun addition to any home, or even the shop. Noise from power tools is more than just a minor annoyance — long-term exposure to the noise from power tools can cause hearing loss. One of the simplest ways to deal with a loud tool is to contain the noise by enclosing it in a cabinet or stand.
Note: Most tools require a source of ventilation in order to prevent heat build-up within the motor.
When it comes to stationary, beltdriven power tools, vibration is one of the biggest contributing factors to noise.

If you were to make a list of the tools that are the worst noise offenders, the shop vacuum would rank near the top. Even though there are ways to minimize tool vibration, it’s nearly impossible to eliminate it altogether.
What makes these mounts work is the fact that the mounting bolts thread into each end, rather than passing all the way through the mount.
The heavy-duty locking casters make it easy to keep your tools at hand wherever you need them.
Join the editors of Woodsmith magazine as they show you how to turn a sheet of plywood and some hardwood edging into an elegant storage project. The first step in reducing vibration is to make sure the pulleys are aligned and securely attached to their shafts.
But if your shop vacuum has an exhaust port that will accept a hose, you can make a muffler that will cut the noise level almost in half. So in some cases, the next best thing is to simply isolate the vibration before it’s transferred to the tool stand.
The enclosure doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, as long as it seals out as much of the sound as possible.

If this doesn’t alleviate the problem, try replacing the stock V-belt and die-cast pulleys with a link belt and machined steel pulleys, like those shown at right. The muffler is nothing more than insulation foam housed in a PVC pipe and fitting assembly.
These components run smoother than the ones that most likely came with your tool and they can greatly reduce the amount of vibration. The foam dampens the sound, and then the air is forced out through a reducer at the top of the muffler. These are simply hard rubber cylinders that have either a threaded stud or a threaded hole at either end.
Then to fit the muffler into the exhaust port of my shop vacuum, I used a simple adapter fitting around the inner pipe.

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