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Each of the thirteen, half-hour episodes is built around a theme and teaches the skills and safe tool techniques necessary to build a variety of woodworking projects in a home shop. The Woodsmith Shop television show is designed to help you get the most out of your woodworking shop. In this episode, the editors of Woodsmith show you how to build an all-new table saw sled to cut perfect miters.
The editors of Woodsmith magazine show how to build an inexpensive wall-mounted shop storage cabinet. The editors of Woodsmith magazine cover the ebst ways to build and protect a planter box and an outdoor bench. Don: Look Bryan, we built this TV cabinet and just installed the TV so I can watch my favorite show right here in the shop!

Check your eligibility for the reduced-price season 9 set by entering the exact email address or name and address you used to order the prior 8 seasons. Each episode is a fast-paced, lively presentation of the tips and techniques of woodworking. Then they use the sled to make an easy-to-build picture frame that not only highlights your woodworking, but your favorite photos as well. Pegboard and smooth-sliding doors allow you to maximize your storage capacity in a minimal amount of space, and simple construction techniques make it a snap to build. Whether viewers are just starting out or have been woodworking for years, they’ll find something new in every episode to get them interested in woodworking, or to apply to their next project. In this episode, you'll learn about three quick and easy joints and the advantages of each.

To get the entire collection, go online and check out the NEW very special pricing on the eight season collection. In every episode, host Don Peschke, founding editor of Woodsmith magazine, leads a cast of editors as they explore a wide range of tips, tools, jigs and fixtures, techniques, and projects. The cast members are both experienced woodworkers and editors of Woodsmith magazine, and eagerly share their expertise in the techniques segments, along with helpful opinions in the roundtable discussions throughout each episode.

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