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50 The early certificates had the course listed with space provided for the grade to be recorded. 69 house as Cecil Wells remembered doing, or there might be a number of schools gathered at a common location for the test as recalled by Dortha Highfill. County Superintendent of Schools Yearbook, , (Woodward County), 1894-95 through 1902-03, 1907-08 through 1918-19.
Official Session Laws, 1947, (State of Oklahoma).Our Ellis County Heritage, 1885-1979, Vol. All information found on these pages is under copyright of Donna Dreyer and Northwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society (NWOGS). Tumbling Whether your child is interested in tumbling to be able to try out for cheerleader, or you are just wanting more physical activity for your child, our classes are designed for success. Recreational  Acro-GymnasticsRecreational acro-gymnastics is a great way to introduce fitness and fun into your child's life. Boys Only Mini Dazzlers Extreme GymBoys in grade Pre-K through 1st Grade can enjoy a fun and fast paced tumble class. Show TeamShow team allows a student to be involved in working with music and choreographed routines.
Competitive Team The competitive Stars Team has an opportunity to compete in many different types of competitions. West is majoring in history education and health and sports science.  He enjoys fishing, playing intramural sports, working at the Wellness Center, and growing out his mustache. In a separate election, Sydnie Lowe, a freshman from Neosho, Mo., was chosen as the Freshman Queen.
Northwestern Oklahoma State University's annual Ranger Preview event for high school seniors will take place Saturday, Nov. Any high school senior who attends Ranger Preview, is admitted to Northwestern as a full-time student at the Alva campus and lives in Alva during the academic year will receive a $600 scholarship.
Honor rolls for the fall semester at Northwestern Oklahoma State University have been announced by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Those on the President’s Honor Roll earned all As, or a 4.0 grade point average (GPA), in a minimum of 12 undergraduate or nine graduate hours.
ENID – Gabriel Dunbar, Aranda Gulick, Sherri Hendrie, Benjamin Lentz, Kristin Mosqueda, Kelli Osburn, Ashely Preston, Shea Pulis, Tonya Schlecht, Wukyoung Song, Sherri West. ALVA – Shekhar Adhikari, Dalton Beeler, George Bouziden, Ryan Brandt, Riley Bryant, Amanda Callender, Rance Castleberry, Christian Coffey, Teris Dangol, Janet Faakye, Courtney Goodwin, Breanna Gossen, Elizabeth Guffy, Larry Hagelberg, Clayton Hill, Kathi Jenlink, Kristina Jones, Kimberly Lake, Andrea McDow, Caitlyn McOsker, Lindsey Nighswonger, Jugmen Sherpa, Anjeela Shrestha, Janaki Shrestha, Rabi Tamrakar, Lydia Thompson, Bradley Trekell, Valerie Venosdel, Erica Welch, Braden Williams. ENID –Angela Bryan, Audrey Buss, Tori Carson, Edward Cumpston, Larin Davis, Brittany Earhart, Darryl Gaddis, Devin Horton, Ashley Hutchcraft, Sapana Kadel, Frances Landrigan, Alexandrea McBee, Austin Miles, Erin Norrie Aaron Pierce, Ashely Ross, Tanner Schantz, Chandler Steckbeck, April Swinnea-Ogg, Jessica Taylor, Robin Zornes. WOODWARD –Allison Arnold, Haylee Bates, Cayla Deviney, Stefanie Dixon, Mariah Harmon, Jose Martinez, Gilda Palacio, Lupe Reyes, Wendi Vanderhorst, Matthew Weber. ALVA – Sugandha Aggarwal, Matthew Appleton, Braden Bettencourt, Madison Bird, Keyton Byrd, Jacob Carter, Taylor Clark, Francis Declan, Jonathan Dwamena, Drew Fischer, Yeboah Gyening, Lavar Hart, Debra Hayes, Kevin Herren, Jessica Hill, Aimee Horton, Garret Lahr, Magon Mayhall, Randi Morawitz, Dalton Moser, Mandy Norman, Jessica Ortiz, Kamal Poon, Cody Rader, Alison Seibel, Bipin Shrestha, Khadidja Souleyman, Tony Stierwalt, Fernanda Tomazini, Jana Washington, Wei Wu. CHEROKEE – Devon Evans, Connor McGee, Derek McKinnon, Michelle Penner, Justin Schanbacher, Jessica Unruh, Taylor Waugh.
ENID –  Robert Akins, Katy Alcorn, Brenda Alvarado, Brooke Beckner, Kristina Bernitsky, Zechariah Burdg, April Burshik, Allison Butler, Christopher Campbell, Jennifer Hoppe, Kayla Jantz, Brooke Lee, Patricia Mitchell, Rachel Mock, Richard Mooers, Jennifer Newton, Connor Niles, Sarah Otto, Matthew Schneider, Nicole Stone, Jessica Tatro, Christopher Telinde. PONCA CITY – Mike Arnold, Allison Bishop, Brenton Carney, Timothy Cockrum, Kara Fagan, Kylie Fowler, Pamela Hunt, Connie Miller, Britanny Neighbors, Kara Polito, Irene Sanchez, Christopher Satterfield, Tracie Soutter, Patrick Swain, Paige Wells, Sage Wojcik, Morgan Wolfe, Kimberly Wyckoff. WOODWARD – Robert Armstrong, Shelby Barnett, Molly Brooks, Linda Cline, Raquel Conway, Joshua Cook, Caleb Deviney, Hannah Dirks, Roxanna Gonzalez, Kaitlin Hostetler, Cheyanna Johnson, Natasha Kelso, Christian Lares, Tyler Laubach, Hannah McKay, Jennifer Mitchell, Jessica Nielsen, Karlie Parker, Alexis Peterson, Rachel Reardon, Benjamin Smith, Jennifer Steiner, Dannelle Swearingim, Carley Thompson, Ellen Thyfault, Jennifer Warfield, Courtney Young.
ALVA – Kristen Anderson, Emilee Beard, Renna Bowers, Rebecca Hankins, Kaylyn Hansen, Laura Hopkins, Audra Olive, Brooke Taylor , Ryan Wiebener, Carly Williams. ENID – Carrie Bravinder, Sean Byrne, Teresa Byrne, Ana Ciudnaia-Melrose, Karen Davis, Danielle Fields, Anthony Goldman, Beth Kelly, Craig Liddell, Katy McNew, Carolyn Patzkowski, Darlene Staples, Amy Voth, Brenda Wells.
GUYMON – Molly Bentley, Laurie Brooks, Curtis Martinez, Jenea Midgett, Sherry Stonecipher, Melissa Watson. ALVA – Destinee Barnett, Kory Dietz, Harold Henson, Riley Hess, Mikala Hodgson, Cody Jones, Fawn Kingcade, Courtney Mapes, Matthew Martin, Gagan Moorthy, Marian Payne, Katlin Ramy, Makena Sherrell, Sage Sunderland, Karolyn Thompson, Prabhat Tripathi. ENID – Rhiannon Anderson, Melissa Arnold, Kyla Canchola, Anayo Chukwueke, Alissa Hart, David Jones, Tiffany Martin, Stephanie Metcalfe, Anna Picone, Jacob Roberson, Sharon Snow, Jo Vogt, Amy Yankech, Toni Zumalt. PONCA CITY – Derra Bishop, Cheryl Chanslor, Cassie Chavez, Kody Hartl, Doralyn Mears, Kaitlyn Perry, Traci Renbarger, Denise Tyson.
WOODWARD – Desiree Best, Anthony Byrd, Kevin Charmasson, Brandi Chilson, Chandra Flynn, Tammy French, Shivani Gandhi, Tiffany Heatwole, Chandra Hitchcock, Katheryn Ketcherside, Melanie Kleuser, Olivia Little, Ashley Malone, Sarah Meinders, Jessie Morgan, Sanita Padilla, Bailey Poer, Ashley Reeves, Rachel Ruble, Kaio’Okulani Shoaf, Kody Shoff, Tanis Thompson Clint Whitewater, Kade Williams.
ALVA – Shelby Avila, Byron Buck, Dew Cunningham, Nicholas Kimanzi, Paige Reynolds, Ralyssa Taylor, Shayla Terrel.
ENID – Carissa Hernandez, Lacey King, Amanda Martin, Georgia Spoon, Ty Stroble, Erin Webb, Mika Williams. PONCA CITY – Whitney Anthony, Rachael Fredrick, Regan Miles, Amanda Montenegro, Kim Scholey, Leslie Scott, Dylan Vancuren. WOODWARD – Maria Aceves, Aubrey Clark, Lacey Cline, Audrey Cooper, Matt Day, Amy English, Manda Hughes, Marsellia Longoria, Tayler Martinez, Bobbie Matthews, Kristen Owens, Hannah Ruble. The Northwestern Oklahoma State University Singers have been invited to perform as one of the top collegiate vocal ensembles in the state of Oklahoma by the Oklahoma Music Educators Association.  The ensemble will perform Thursday, Jan. The University Singers, a 24-voice ensemble, was established to bring musical and vocal excellence to Northwestern and the community of Alva. The University Singers have been praised by music educators across the state as being the ultimate embodiment of the choral art.
Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Woodward Public Schools, High Plains Technology Center and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) are sponsoring a seminar concerning Human Trafficking, Thursday, Jan.

Officer Michael Snowden, Agent in Charge of the Human Trafficking Division of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control, will be speaking. This event is free and open to the public; however, information discussed during the public program may not be suitable for children. The Northwestern Oklahoma State University Art Program, in conjunction with Bluebird Arthouse, presents “Starting Line,” an art exhibition in Wichita, Kan. The chance to view “Starting Line” locally will present itself again in February at Enid Symphony Hall, 301 W. The Northwestern art program also will be welcoming its first artist-in-residence, Elizabeth Gahan, a painter and public installation artist from Seattle, Wash. Northwestern Oklahoma State University is offering an opportunity for high school seniors who were unable to attend Ranger Preview in November, by playing host to its first ever spring “Saturday Showcase” event that will take place Saturday, Feb. Any high school senior who attends Saturday Showcase, is admitted to Northwestern as a full-time student at the Alva campus and lives in Alva during the academic year will receive a $400 scholarship. Six Northwestern Oklahoma State University students have been inducted into the Phi Alpha Theta honor society. The purpose of Phi Alpha Theta is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas.
Phi Alpha Theta was organized in 1921 at the University of Arkansas and has more than 850 chapters throughout the United States. Audrey Richmond, Cherokee senior, received the Alfalfa County Retired Educators scholarship. Audrey Richmond, Cherokee senior, received the ACRE scholarship for being an outstanding senior education student.  ACRE elects its recipient based on academic record and campus involvement. Northwestern Oklahoma State University junior nursing students conducted Pediatric Assessment Day 2014 in Jennifer Tyree’s kindergarten class at Washington Elementary School, Tuesday, Jan. Members of the kindergarten class were weighed, measured, had their hearts listened to, participated in other “ice breaker” activities and received goodie bags. Food For KidsAt Oklahoma's Own News On 6 we are on a mission to end childhood hunger in Oklahoma. News On 6 Public FileFor assistance with accessing the Public Information File, contact Kim Eubank at 405-841-9920 or by email. In July Jane Phillips Elementary School fifth grade teacher Therese Rawlinson was named one of 12 finalists for the 2014 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year.
It is quite an accomplishment for Rawlinson as she was selected for the prestigious honor over hundreds of other outstanding educators throughout the state. Rawlinson has been part of the Bartlesville Public School District for nine years and she has spent the last two years as a fifth grade teacher at Jane Phillips. The finalists for this year’s honor included Barbara Bayless (Choctaw-Nicoma Park), Frank Cooper (Sand Springs), Jentri Guinn (Porter), Betina Jones-Parra (Noble), Tera Landrum (Broken Arrow), Peter Markes (Edmond), Dana Moore (Lawton), Mara Richards (Durant), Susan Rindal (Vanoss), Chelsea Roberts (Woodward), Eddie Lou Strimple (Enid) and Rawlinson. Barresi announced the 2014 Teacher of the Year winner at the Oklahoma State Fair in September 2013.
School community – As a teacher, we have the responsibility to support staff within our building. Heart – We have to teach with our whole heart, with the kind of passion that draws children in.
Obstacles – What happens when teachers make a goal and an obstacle or rather a few obstacles get in the way?
Committees comprised of teachers, parents and community members selected the 12 finalists -- two finalists from each of the six regions in the state. Update your subscriptions, modify your password or email address, or stop subscriptions at any time on your Subscriber Preferences Page. These were two to four weeks in length and were held in Woodward from 1894 through 1913 for twenty-two terms. It covered the whole township in 1895, and in 1905 had ninety-four pupils.58 This kind of situation usually led to new districts being formed.
Many more left for the same reason in the early forties when World War II was being fought. Money—raising events gave neighbors an opportunity to catch up with what was going on at the same time that they were working to provide materials for teaching, treats for Christmas, or whatever the school cause. Examples are Woods County, Unity #78, the eastern half became Houston Valley #93; Woodward County, Happy Valley #35 was created from parts of Locust Grove #150, Woodward View #18, Mitten #135 and Little Jewel #216.
The Annual Catalogue and Courses of Study of The Northwestern Territorial Normal School, Alva, OK, 1902-1903, Page 16. There are many different types of gyms and places to learn how to tumble and do gymnastics.
Offering a developmental program is one that allows a tumbler or gymnast to develop over time, thus lessening the possibilities of injuries. Students learn to discover how far they can actually achieve higher levels of flexibilty, strength, coordination and more.
Team is our acrobatic and tumbling team that competes in the Mid-America  Acrobatic Tumbling Society. The class offers a great teacher that knows how to keep young boys focused and working hard on physical literacy skills that can make a difference in any sport! 26, Baylei Zehr, a senior from Copeland, Kan., and Jake West, Tonkawa senior, were crowned as 2013 homecoming queen and king during the coronation ceremony at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.
Those on the Vice President’s list had grade averages of 3.5 or better in a minimum of 12 undergraduate or nine graduate hours.
Graduate students on those rolls were enrolled in a minimum of three to a maximum of eight semester hours.

Snowden will be presenting programs specifically for high school and middle school students earlier that day at their schools.
Douglas Ave, in Wichita, and will be on display for the entire month of January with a closing reception on Friday, Jan. Students who received the Ranger Preview scholarship are not eligible for the Saturday Showcase scholarship. Students will have the opportunity to tour campus, get to know the university, meet the faculty and student organizations and get all college questions answered firsthand. Roger Hardaway, professor of history, has been the adviser to Northwestern’s Phi Alpha Theta chapter since 2004. Currently, more than 900,000 people, including all current Northwestern history professors, are members. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. In the past, Bartlesville High School instructor Granger Meador was named a finalist, BHS instructor Mitsuye Conover captured the state TOY award and BHS instructor Betty Henderson was named a finalist. Peter Markes of Edmond was the winner and will represent Oklahoma in the national Teacher of the Year competition, received more than $50,000 in cash and prizes from generous donors, and serves as Oklahoma’s “Ambassador of Teaching,” presenting to teachers and civic groups throughout the state for one year. A state committee comprised of education business and civic leaders will choose the winner, with Superintendent Barresi scheduled to make the announcement in ceremonies at the Oklahoma State Fair in September. The trip was a long one for wagons, so it was dark well before the men reached the site, and they just left the wagons there overnight. Starting in mid-November, 1963, and running through the end of March the following year, The Woodward County Journal ran a series of short stories contributed by readers who had either attended or taught in some of the earliest county schools.
A percentage grade average of not less that 90%, with no score less than 70%, was required and the recipient must be twenty years old or older. Not only did they provide the education needed by the children (if anyone thinks it was an inferior education, I suggest that they try the Common School Exam in Appendix I), schools brought the adults most of whom were strangers to one another, together as a community. The last half of this book has the Woodward County School District Plats listed as 1 Mar 1908 however, there are some missing and some that were established later in the year.
Happy Valley #35 was a reassigned number after Statehood,the original having been in Harper County. The original copy of this information is available at the Plains Indian And Pioneer Museum, Woodward, OK.
Preschoolers are not ready for some of the more complicated tumbling or gymnastic movements but are capable of obtaining front rolls, cartwheels, acro poses and better balance and coordination. Our programs and coaches do not believe in shortening a training sequence just to get a student into a trick that they may not be ready for.
Each member takes a tumble or acro-gymnastic class and then a team class to learn their compulsory routines for competition.
Show Team is a great way for your child to "show" their skills as well as develop performance ability and experience.
As the need arose to have another school, a number formerly used in one of the other counties was reassigned, so that after 1907 it wasn’t always apparent which area had been settled first. In many instances, languages other than English were spoken in the homes; schools then became tools for the Americanization of whole families. The pre-tumble program offers opportunity courses for students to lean to make decisions about space, distance,and time. Students also work on bars, sprung tumble strips, wedges, octagons, handspring machines and much more.
Challenge courses help to develop cognitive abilities to make choices, increase flexibilty, strength, agility and over all fitness level.
Show Team performances may incorporate tumbling, mini tramp, acrobatics, dance, builds and much more. Golda McCaslin Riling wrote that Enterprise #151, in the southwest part of the county, was first a one-room sod house with dirt floors.
The class is filled with alot of hard work and fun and those who put forth the effort soon find themselves tumbling, walking on beams, swinging on bars and much more. Teachers are only eligible for the state TOY honor if they are named a TOY for their local district.
Schools began to transfer their pupils to larger districts; and then the Oklahoma Legislature stepped in. Students work with developmental gymnastic equipment that are just their size as well as balls, hoops, parachutes, bean bags and more. Students work with many different pieces of developmental equipment that builds strength, flexibility and confidence for the tumbler.
Call today 580-256-3262 for more information or visit our on line registration page for more details. Our gym is equipped with specialize preschool age equipment such as a turning bar, ring tower, trapeze bar, p-bars and more.
A state of the art tumble strip that offers a balanced system to spring the tumbler into the air allows for more repetitions with less fatigue. They were still holding box suppers when this writer attended a rural school in the 1930s.) The flooring for Enterprise was thus obtained.

Pole barn 60 x 100 zl
Framing a shed corner

Rubric: Shed Garage


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