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Ribbonwick Candles are beautiful to look at, fun to light and easy to enjoy thanks to their unique wicks.
When lighting your Ribbonwick Candles, always allow them to burn at least until the wax is melted fully to the sides of the candle container. If after lighting the candle, the flame is more than an inch high, blow it out and wait for it to cool. Be sure to remove any loose wick debris from the inside of your Ribbonwick Candles before you burn them. If your Ribbonwick Candle starts smoking, first check the wick to make sure it is not too long. The Frasier Fir WoodWick Candle will remind you of what it is like to camp among the pines.
If you have ever gone camping during the height of summer, you know how hot it can get outside! For more information on WoodWick Candles, call The Woods at 1-888-838-4067, browse our online store or visit one of our Retail Locations.
In 1870, Julia Ward Howe wrote “Mother’s Day Proclamation.” This document urged mothers to unite to promote world peace, and in 1873, she lobbied for “Mother’s Peace Day” to be celebrated on June 2 of every year.
By 1912, many towns, states and churches were celebrating Mother’s Day annually and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially established Mother’s Day, which would be celebrated on the second Sunday in May. For more information on these candles or any of the other ones we carry, call 1-888-838-4067 or visit one of our Retail Locations.
As the seasons turn, parties change from outside backyard barbeques to indoor, more elegant functions. If you’re looking for that perfect stash away gift, RibbonWick Candles will do the trick.
There are still a solid couple of weeks of summer left to enjoy, so don’t miss out on your last chance to snatch up some summer scents! We have many light and summery scents, some of which are our most popular, available for purchase. Ribbonwick Candles come in a couple of tea scents including Green Tea and Tea Blossom. The essence of tea has been captured in a candle for your pleasure. You could choose a fruity Ribbonwick Candle if you’re looking to feel happy and upbeat.
Parisian Vanilla is a great choice of Ribbonwick Candle because it is a gender neutral scent.
All content provided on The Woods Gifts blog is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Highly fragranced WoodWick Candles by Virginia Gift Brands feature a natural wooden wick to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire.
The WoodWick  Car Scents featureing all your favourite Woodwick scents are the perfect way of eneveloping your car in the yummy familiar scent that you love in your home.

Each WoodWick Car Scents is carefully crafted by experienced candle makers passionate about creating the best products possible. The Virginia Candle Company (made in the USA) makes candles with premium wax blends and carefully formulated fragrances ensure consistent smells and one of the longest burn times in the industry.
Keller Charles plastic melamine dishes are just what you need for summer picnics and easy entertaining. Made in the USA, the dishes and serving platters are 100% pure melamine, perfect for outdoor dining.
They come in a wide variety of scents, so it is simple to find a fragrance you or a loved one will like.
If the wick is fine, then you probably need to move the candle to a less drafty area of your home. The air bubbles form since these candles are made from soy wax, and soy tends to be more sensitive to temperature changes. For more information on Ribbonwick Candles or how to care for them, call 612-584-9405 or Browse our Site. Memories are made sitting around the campfire and making s’mores or hiking through the woods and feeling at one with nature. When you light this candle, you will be taken back to the days of sleeping on pine needles and smelling the sharp and fresh scent of pine trees. Thankfully, you can still enjoy the smell of a hot day in the woods but without having to deal with the heat, humidity and bugs! They were called “Mother’s Day Work Clubs.” These clubs taught women how to care for their children.
So if you want Mom to have a nice and relaxing time, you could try one of our Ribbonwick Candles.
Stock up now so when fall sets in, you don’t have to light your autumn scents right away. Vanilla is a more relaxing scent that makes you feel like you’ve just taken a trip to the spa. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this blog or content found by following any link on this site. They are also great  to eliminate odour while refreshing your, bathroom, wardrobe or any other space.
The Woodwick Car Scent features features a carefully designed and unique gel that gently releases its essential oils over a period of a month.. Virginia Candle is also a leading pioneer in the development and use of the finest renewable natural and organic resources. The beachy designs on the summer collection of trays, platters and other pieces are always in style, adding add color to your table decor. Shatter proof, food and dishwasher safe. In addition to the salad plates, try some of the matching accessories to complete the look, including paper napkins and more.

But if for some reason you can’t get to the great outdoors this summer, bring them to you with these WoodWick Candles from The Woods.
The Warm Woods WoodWick Candle will help you reminisce about the days you used to spend in the Great Outdoors. And if you have not visited, you can get a peek of what the forest is like without having to leave your home when you buy one of our Redwood WoodWick Candles. The Night Sky Ribbonwick Candle is a great choice for you if you have fond memories of counting the stars while falling asleep. The first Mother’s Day celebration was held in May of 1908 at a Methodist church in West Virginia.
What better way to show you care and appreciate everything she does for you than with one of WoodWick Candle’s beautiful and unique candles?
Thanks to the unique way the wick burns in these candles, they are mesmerizing to watch and really fill a room with their lovely scent.
If your family likes to eat outside during the summer, a RibbonWick Candle will make a great addition to your table. Depending on what you’re going for, you can choose a scent that will boost your mood or work to relax you.
Some studies have shown the ability of tea scents to ease depression, lighten spirits and provide relaxation. We find sandalwood to be a particularly relaxing fragrance, but, really, you can’t go wrong with any of them. This one-of-a-kind gift shows that you really went out of your way to get her something nice.
You can never have too many candles, so if you buy a few more candles, you will already be prepared next summer!
If you have housework to complete or you are just enjoying a beautiful day, a fruity scent may enhance your mood.
We have a wide selection of them in The Woods Gifts locations, and you can always browse our selection online. So, if you’re feeling blue, light one of these tea-scented Ribbonwick Candles and relax.
In this blog, we’re going to review some of our most popular scents and their potential effects on your mood.

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