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27.04.2015 admin
Mike Scorgie and Andrew Borley have finally opened the doors to their collaborative endeavour, Woodwork, on 100 Street in Edmonton.
The classic entrepreneurial cocktail of blood, sweat and tears (and probably a few choice words) went in to transforming the withered Japanese Village into a venue fit for a magazine photo shoot. How does an Edmonton restaurant garner attention in a national magazine without so much as a morsel thrown to the salivating masses? While we dined, the bearded ones congregated at the showpiece bar and downed double-digit-dollar artisanal cocktails made with barrel-aged spirits and apple pomegranate foam. Can we please, please all agree to start referring to hipsters as “bearded ones”?

It could hold its own against any establishment in food-crazed cities like Portland, Chicago, or Austin, Texas. Out of nine dishes four of us tried, only the hanger steak and hickory frites disappointed; the steak being tough, and the hickory frites, although tasty, were a challenge to eat because of their short length. Our server, sweet but awkward, was distant at times, interruptive at others, and lacked the required knowledge of ingredients and preparation techniques of dishes. How about a plate of Toulouse sausage in a pork and onion reduction with Parisienne potatoes? We should be so done with restaurant food that needs to be thawed, deep fried and soaked in sauces from five gallon pails.

We done growed up here, folks; step aside, Caesar salad, this here is serious food for serious eaters.

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