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21.04.2015 admin
I will be watching with interest.My mum has recently asked me to make something similar for her hoover, ironing board etc.
I sprayed an MDF box file cabinet (8 individual compartments about 400mm square) as one piece a few months back (bright pink it was too ).
Today started out trying to source paint strainers - unsuccessfully so was forced to nick a pair of the wife's tights! Steve,I get some dried paint on the nozzle which causes some splattering, so every time I put the gun down to change parts I give the nozzle a quick going over with a toothbrush. Gazza, they are all touch open drawer runners and now I've fitted sprung touch release for the door as well, so no handles.
I've never made any fitted furniture before and i'm interested about how you go about such a project. Laid out all the components on the template as I like to try and keep the grain matching across adjoining rails and stiles. Or push to open catches I gave the customers the hafele catalogue and they chose the Oak D handles - which was a result as they are obviously old stock - 100 handles for ?5.00 Somewhat less than I'd estimated in the quote!
As long as you get your spray gun set up just right and the finish doesn't dry too quick, you shouldn't have any problems with the over-spray buggering up the finish.And Jonny is right, you really should strain all finishes before spraying them, but water-based products are particularly susceptible to containing large particles of crap that clog the gun up.

I think that as long as they are big enough to get the gun in and spray the insides then it is probably easier to do them in this way.
I think I may steal some of your ideas as well (just re-read the drying rack post, excellent stuff). I managed to get the top coat on all the parts yesterday and things are looking better having taken the time to a) thin the paint to the right viscosity, b) mix it thoroughly and c) strain all the lumps out of it.
The bottom drawers have tall skirting to put your foot to release, middle drawers is nice height to bump with your hip.
The plans for this under stair unit are custom made for the space and cabinetry was done in my workshop.
I've temporarily fixed with quick clamps a couple of pieces of osb to make the sides of the 'booth'. As mine are having false fronts I'm not too worried about painting the front as it won't be seen and this enables me to manoeuvre the boxes from the spraying area to the drying area.
I also tried to spray a couple of components with the top coat - making sure that I strained the paint first this time. This picture shows all the storage compartments, large coat rack, middle section with 3 drawers and small shoe drawer.

I'm putting in 600mm shoe draw in the narrow bit then on the customers one 600mm two shelf draw with centre divide but on ours I'm doing same as you two draw.
The turntable uses I made myself and it sits on the base of one of my roller stands - with the roller removed.
I'd intended in making units up and just installing, but man a few bits of ply stuck together weighed a ton, so assembled on site.
It seems to have gone on ok except that every so often the gun deposited a gob of paint onto the work I think it is because the air coming out of the hvlp (earlex 5000) turbine is quite hot and this causes paint to dry around the nozzle and then every so often it comes loose and gets blown onto the work. I have to say it is very useful and I may well make another as when it is folded up it takes up hardly any space.
Not so much of a problem with the primer but it will be a nuisance if I can't find a solution when I come to spray the top coat.Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
The drawer boxes will be 800mm to utilise as much of the space as possible - the actual depth of the recess is 900mm.

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