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Shinobu Kobayashi is a Japanese woodworker based in Australia, currently studying Scandinavian techniques in Sweden. Technique was really fantastic!!!Loved the Japanese Products like Bowls, Dishes and Sushi Plates. Equally entertaining is the joint in the top-center of Kobayashi's video: dovetails on multiple faces. Question; do you think Shinobu Kobayashi built the join the same way using the milling machine?
While Airbus is figuring out how to stack folks double-height in Business Class, Boeing has been looking into ultralight metallic structures.
On Sunday, a reporter covering the flooding in South Carolina made an interesting discovery: A colony of fire ants were weathering the storm by creating an enormous life raft, made out of themselves.
MINIMAL teams up with a Beverly Hills dentist to create an alternative to the traditional "boil and bite" guard. If you played sports as a kid—or have a kid who plays sports—you're probably familiar with the cheap, ubiquitous and not terribly effective "boil and bite" mouth guards sold at most sporting-goods stores.
Step 3: Connect the three pieces and trace out the mitered peak lines on each of the Front and Side pieces. Step 4: After doing step 3, you should see the additional lines shown below on the copy of the Side component. Step 7: Re-connect the three pieces, and trace over the tenons to make the mortises in the Front and Side pieces.
Step 14: Of course, I would make a bunch of orthographic templates in X-ray or Back Edges, and use these to help with the layout in the shop.
Allencarl writes: It might be fun just to make one and not glue it, just to satisfy my woodworking skill ego.
PVKen writes: Well, after seeing this joint on the online Williamsburg segment I also had to experiment.
Learn the art and science of designing furniture in SketchUp with Fine Woodworking's official blog. The laughter turned to rapt attention as Hunter began to demonstrate how he makes the joint.
After cutting down one of the tenons to make room for another tenon in the joint, this was the beautiful result. It is Day 2 at "Working Wood in the 18th Century," the annual conference at Colonial Williamsburg co-sponsored by FWW.
He delivered and then some, showing how he breaks down a seemingly impossible three-way miter into a series of simple steps.
He mixed in a few more deep thoughts as he went, pointing out why he spends so much time making sure his initial boards are straight and square, and how any problems there will cause problems with the next steps: careful layout and careful joinery cuts, etc.

Roxie2401 writes: I would also like to see Andrew include the two-way miter joint he used on his framed piece with the sliding dove-tail. By the way, the second session was great, too - but just not enough time for some of the presentations - a lot of material this year!
DStacherski writes: I have just completed day 2 of the second session Colonial Williamsburg and it is one of the best of the six I have attended. FredsWorkshop writes: And here is the ingenious but complex joint that was used during the Ming dynasty. Most people won't even register its weirdness, but woodcrafty people will suddenly stop with the thought, "Wait a minute, something's not right. The ants had all linked their limbs together, creating a contiguous mass that readily floats. Review the X-ray view to see if everything fits properly and that there are no collisions of the joinery. For Xmas, my wife has recieved a book of photographies of chineese interiors and in a lot of those pictures I noticed tables and different pieces of furniture that I would like to reproduce. I will keep a copy and try it after work slows down, after I first handle all the little changes in my shop layout I need to make so the jobs flow smoother, things that I have been wanting to do for a couple of years now.
It is a simplified version (the two apron pieces are identical, otherwise I never would have fit the article into 8 pages), but it should give you a good sense of a workable order to follow and adapt for these joint pieces.
I maintain anesthesia and respiratory equipment for the largest medical facility in southeast Minnesota. Jaws dropped and their was some wry laughter from the crowd when Andrew displayed this joint.. He starts on the router table with a straight bit, plunging the workpiece into the bit and resetting the fence until he has a workpiece that looks like this.
After singing the praises of the proper mindset, body awareness, and uncompromising tool setup and sharpness demanded by Japanese woodworking techniques, it was time for Andrew Hunter to put his money where his mouth was, and do some real woodworking. He admitted to the hand-tool loving crowd that he does use power tools when they make sense. He said he hasn't seen the need to replace them, and hasn't been able to afford more than a few Japanese chisels.
They allow one curved piece to be joined to another cleanly, such as the shaped rails around a tabletop, without needing one piece to be coped to the other, which is tough to pull off cleanly.
It is admittedly a slightly dumbed-down version, but it is a good place to start exploring this kind of joinery. I too would like to see a Fine Woodworking article on how Andrew Hunter makes the 3-Way Miter Joint. I cant beleive someone can put a side the fact of the awesome craftmanship involed in making this peice and complain about one wrong word.

Check in every weekday for news, information, projects, and answers to questions from Fine Woodworking readers everywhere. Enter a caption (optional)Enter a caption (optional)I couldn't figure out how the darn thing works--but Matthias Wandel, who didn't even know what the joint was called, managed to figure it out only by watching the video above!
I would not rely on the templates for accuracy of my knife joint lines, but they would help prevent me from making mistakes in the layout. But now that I understand the joint, I can easily produce a step-wise procedure in SketchUp that would coincide with the actual wood.
I love woodworking, too, and I was about crazy, looking for a sketch about three way miter. Since I only worked from a hand sketch and didn't use SketchUp I won't be able to add much to this blog, but can offer some advice to those ready to build it in the shop. In this case he said plowed out precise cuts in the ends of the workpieces on the router table, leaving precise internal tenons behind. I give detailed instructions for making the joint either with all hand tools or incorporating power tools. Even after watching his careful layout and precision tool work, I was mystified about the joint details. I'm  not sure that I've done this precisely per Andrew's design, but I think it works. And contrary to the customary sequence of making mortises first, then the mating tenons, I made the vertical member with the two tenons and mitered skirts first. He stressed the importance of starting with perfectly square stock, and careful accuracy in marking out the joints. This is because the spacing of the tenons can be affected by your router bit and they need to be flush with the sides of the member. If you're laying out the mortises in the horizontal members first you may not end up with them being flush.
I found it wasn't that difficult to mark out the mortises based on the finished vertical tenons.
Just carefully use an edge marking gauge to transfer the exact dimensions between the outboard faces (which you want to always use as your reference) and the tenon edges onto the horizontal members.

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