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Custom Desks Commercial, DesksDavid Stine specializes in custom desks handcrafted with sustainably harvested hardwoods, like walnut, cherry, oak, and sycamore.
Madison Executive Desk DesksThe Madison Executive Desk is a stunning piece in our wood slab furniture collection. Partners’ Desk DesksThe Partners’ Desk is a beautiful piece of custom solid wood furniture. Walnut Slab Desks DesksOur extraordinary custom walnut slab desks feature single board tops of highly figured sustainably harvested walnut. Cherry Slab Desk DesksThis cherry slab desk features an extraordinary single board top of sustainably harvested live-edge Illinois cherry.
Walnut Console Desk Available Now, Consoles, DesksThis beautiful Walnut Console also makes a great desk or slim dining table. Dwell Desk DesksThis extraordinary walnut slab desk made its debut at the Dwell on Design Show in Los Angeles. Towson Desk DesksThis striking live-edge desk features a single slab top of sustainably harvested spalted Sycamore.
Block Island Desk DesksDavid Stine handcrafts many pieces of eco-friendly office furniture. Budington Reception Desk DesksThe Budington Reception Desk is one of David Stine’s pieces of sustainable office furniture. Lowder Desk DesksDavid Stine specializes in crafting wood furniture, handmade from sustainably harvested wood. Providence Desk DesksThe Providence Desk is an exquisite example of David Stine’s unique wood furniture.
Chance an exhaustive inclination of hundreds of detailed woodwork plans for your Sir Henry Wood Desk Organizer Plan FREE KY Quilt Rack programme Shaker panache Woodcraft offers over 20000 woodworking.
The total time includes approximately 25 hours of studying the plan and preparing the list of materials to buy.
Click on a picture to get a larger picture and then used the back button of the browser to return.
A pile of cutoffs, discards, pieces, once-off jigs, and notshown the 15 to 20 garbagebags with saw dust andshavings. Mark Janaes made this beautiful rolltop desk using the same American Furniture plans as I did.
And here is Mark again when he finished his desk, "I can't thank you enough for posting your experiences building your desk. At a recent committee meeting, of which I am a member, I stuck my neck out and said it was about time we, as a guild, made something as a group project, and it so happened that our chairman and I both came up with the idea of making a roll top desk which, when finished, we could hopefully sell and at least recover our costs.
Lady luck was on our side as I approached the owner of a timber import company and to see if he would sponsor us in letting us have the imported timber at hopefully cost. To cut a long story of seek and find short, I spent many hours on the internet, purchases the plan #151, of the desk from American Furniture Design Co. I prepared drawings of the various components and assigned the various members different task. The above was written in February 2010, but finally, after a long silence, I was pleasantly surprised by an email from Les Adlard with pictures of their finished product. Michael W Rogillio started building his roll top desk in December 2012, but he has much more to tell. Steve Conley contacted me in October 2012 with a few questions about building the Roll-top desk. Steve had completed the roll-top desk and he wrote, "I can't believe it is actually 2 years from buying the plans to finishing.
In another email he mentioned that he used 2 coats of Minwax Provincial stain and 2 coats of Diamond Satin Varathane.
James Schrum surprised me with this email and pictures of his version of this beautifully executed and personalized roll-top desk in November 2014. Doing a project like this without starting drawings showed that James must have prior woodworking experience, and certainly when he started out with the chestnut trees from his mother-in-law's neighbour. The importance of studying drawings, plans, instructions, parts list, etc., can not be emphasized enough. Looking at the drawing and adding up the sizes of a set of stiles and panels it indeed adds up to the overall size. For the face frames we use mortise and tenon joints instead of dowels to connect the rails to the stiles. No detailed material list, as that can be found on the drawing and in the construction manual.
You are welcome to have a look at my own detailed materials list (lower desk drawer material list corrected 28-Apr-2009), an MS Excel2000 spreadsheet. Power tools -- table saw, miter saw, planer, jointer, router, frame mortise and tenon jig, hand drill. Ease over all edges of panels, rails and stiles, except those edges that will be mounted against another piece of wood. Instead of routing mortises in the drawer fronts for the drawer sides and bottom, I made complete drawers from aspen with the red oak drawer fronts attached later. The right bottom filing drawer will get two drawer fronts to match the two drawers on the left.
To mount the upper desk on the top of the lower desk the plan calls for three screws in the back and dowels on the front side. A high point is when you successfully complete the tambour and slide it into the upper desk. For the drawers of the storage compartments it was decided to use use rabbited drawer fronts and half blind dovetails. One challenge was making the raised panels for the first time, and the other challenge was making the tambour from scratch. Let everything dry for at least one hour after the last slat is glued before handling the tambour.

My concern was that gluing with fabric would be messy, but the method from Van Dyke's Restorers makes it an easy and clean job. For the staining and varnishing the desk was taken apart into 57 separate wooden pieces (bodies, tambour, drawers, drawer fronts, drawer handles, tops and storage unit) in order to do a proper job.
From the previous weight measurements it is obvious that you need about four people to lift and move the desk around. Place the top of the lower desk off-center on the lower desk and place the assembly on the top but such that the slot for the tambour hangs over the edge. Place the storage compartments and make sure it does not interfere with the operation of the tambour.
Was routing the ends of rails and stiles so they would fit into the sides of other rails and stiles. In picture 24 I showed how smart I was in covering the potential gap between the two drawer fronts with red oak veneer on the filing drawer. We were celebrating our 41st wedding anniversary, and that day and the next day I was working on the storage compartments. You can also use a premade top or top the desk in a piece of acrylic or mat to make a smooth writing surface.
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4 Woodcraft Results 1 15 of 27 The best selection of how to articles project plans videos and tips on Desks from the most trusted source of woodworking and Find whole your article of furniture carpentry plans including.
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Some 20 hours can be contributed to learning how to use the Leigh mortise and tenon jig and the Leigh dovetailing jig, as well as time needed to correct mistakes. Tuition and materials is US$ 1,800.00 for an intense 12 days of using professional tools under professional guidance with what looks like an excellent lunch as well.
This is what he had to say, "Let me say thank you for documenting and publishing your experience building your roll top desk. We are a group of retired men and we meet on a monthly basis, exchanging ideas and experiences.
What a surprise we got when he said he always wanted a roll top desk and that he would give us all the timber required, the only condition being that it had to be an article of furniture that he could use eventually as a family heirloom.
There are 10 of us on the project divided in teams of 2 so it was easy to have the four sides and rear panel of the lower desk made as well as the upper desk. They managed to overcome that by cutting their own from the 5mm thick base of preformed polystyrene platters!!! Working up to a project like this one, study it for several hours over the course of one or two months. With the exception of a reference on the last page that Daly's finishing supplies can be ordered from American Furniture Design Co., there is no Source of Supply list. Although I have done my utmost to keep the spreadsheet up-to-date, it is possible that it may contain minor errors. For example, for the lower side panels I glued the two inner stiles between the bottom rail and inner rail with the bottom row of panels in place with the space balls.
Next moment is a huge disappointment as the tambour does not slide at all or only with enormous effort. After the pieces were cut to size, it became apparent that the front and back pieces of the six small drawers cannot be clamped in the Leigh dovetailing jig.
Visible red oak was stained with a medium oak colour and then given two coats of Acrylic Urethane Varnish. I could see that it would bend easily towards the fabric side, but I had a problem imagining it bending the other way as is needed in the S-curve of the upper desk. Then secure the storage compartments to the top of the lower desk with a few screws in the two outside compartments.
Sometimes you can find a quick fix and sometimes you throw the piece away and start all over again.
Did not pay attention and accidentally routed the ends of two end stiles that did not need routing. O.k fine woodworking drafting table plans Woodworking Taunton free fine woodworking coffee table plans desk organiser plans. Although the project had its frustrating moments, it was a great project to do, while I learned a lot in the process. I have been looking for roll top plans for a while, and your web site convinced me to select the American Furniture plans. Click on a tumbnail to see the enlarged image and enjoy viewing the beautiful craftsmanship and gorgeous wood grain. He was going to build the roll-top desk for his wife, Heather, like I did for my wife, Jeannette.
The asymmetrical storage compartments, with vertical left and horizontal right, is very unique and a great idea.
The glass in each door features a decorative sandblasted rose, which was very much appreciated by my wife. The three tops where stained and varnished on both sides to help prevent warping and cupping. In the end I followed the instructions that came with the tambour glue (a PVC-E glue) I bought from Van Dyke's Restorers in the USA.
Push the slat against the left edge and the bottom edge or slat and press down while gradually lowering the right end of the slat. After the tambour was glued up I found that there is just enough flexibility when using the above construction method. When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper.
Many furniture patterns and desk plans at Woodcraft the leading provider of carpentry supplies and piece of furniture plans.

Looking back at the project there were certainly areas where things could have been done more efficient, but on the other hand the time of a retired guy is free. I have used your pictures as a guide as well as the advice in your notes and so far things are progressing OK.
Les (in picture) has every reason to smile and so do all the Guild members who worked together on this project.
After cutting some chestnut trees for my mother-in-law's neighbor and letting it dry for 5 years, I decided to give it a try. However, poplar is not available in our area, so we will use aspen instead -- I can even say this with a straight face --.
A much nicer way is to route a shallow groove where the gap between the two drawer fronts will be, glue a strip of red oak veneer in the groove and sand it flush. On the underside is a piece of UHMW, ultra-high molecular weight plastic with very low friction, that allows the screw to slide easy when the lower desk top expands and contracts.
Apparently they have a quick way of applying glue to all slats, but I did it one slat at a time.
Secure the top edge of the denim with duct tape just so that the denim flat but not overly stretched. The tambour needs 24 hours to cure before you should place it in the upper desk and operate it.
Find hundreds of detailed carpentry plans to avail with your article of furniture projects. On May 7th all the woodworking was done, and on May 31st the staining and varnishing was completed. And last but not least, the wife is very happy with it, and that is in the end what counts. I used it extensively in selling the idea to the Timber Importer as well as to the members of our Guild. I thought about getting the plans, but decided to use your photos as a pattern and give this ageing brain a challenge.
However, the bill of materials listed on pages 11 to 13 of the instruction manual does NOT TAKE THIS INTO ACCOUNT!!! Put a pencil mark on the bottom rail and inner rail where the two inner styles should come. Run the half round slat, using a little jig, one pass over the jointer to smooth the back and to ensure that it can run free in the grooves of the upper desk side panels. For the left edge of the slats clamp another piece of straight wood perpendicular to the bottom straight edge and about 1" to the left of the edge of the denim. The only way to get the desk from the workshop in the basement to my wife's office on the main floor was to move the individual piece into her room and then assemble the desk there. It was not until everything was cut and shaped, and I dry-fitted the smallest drawer, did I realized that the thickness of the sides did not look right for the small drawer. Plans & Projects viewing 1 xxxii of 203 posts matching desk X one deuce triad future Secretary Desk with Bookshelf top humanities and Craft Desk AKA the fastball Desk.
Snap HERE to download liberate fine woodworking desk plans plans for this Sturdy Footstool. If you don't you will have a hell of a time positioning them with the glue applied and the slight pressure from the space balls.
If after finishing the desk (staining and several coats of Acrylic Urethane Varnish) the tambour still gives problems then treat the mortises and edges of the tambour with paraffin. Someone remarks, "If you are not there then how do we have to take the desk apart to move it out of the house?" A very good question, so here is how to put the desk together and you can then figure out how to take it apart in the reverse order. Decided to fix it by selecting a small piece of matching oak, and custom fitting and gluing it in the slot. The glue spilled on the denim and on the back side of a few slats that I still had to glue.
Footstep by footprint sheds fifty clack On The Link Above To catch chink On The Link Above To aim PreMade Fine woodwork Plans. This was an ideal opportunity to learn a new skill, experimenting using cheap pine to make raised panel as well as to do rail and style preparation.
Next run the sawn edge of the remaining board over the jointer, and start rounding over again. In the recovery process I used a putty knife to scoop the glue from the denim causing more glue to drip from the putty knife onto yet more slats. That went fine, except that I also cut away the open area at the bottom of the storage compartments. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
Then I discovered that I had put glued slat 35, glue side down, diagonally over the other slats.
The plywood was not supposed to be taken away there as it had to hide the view of the back of the tambour: second error. The raised panels had to stay, even though it is to heavy to move the desk to see the back. Everything came right again, but not after a few choice words were said which I will not repeat here. A mentor of mine give us a scroll saw picture of Jesus which I copied by etching into the glass and carved into the storage compartment. While marking off the patch I used a ballpoint pen instead of my carpenters pencil: error three.

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