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American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. The better custom cabinets use no mechanical fasteners to attach the face frame to the cabinet. The latest “time saver” used by many custom cabinet shops is to cut a continuous slot in the cabinet and only cut individual biscuit slots in the face frame.
Using the above process can save you an hour or more – even if you are only doing a few cabinets. It seems like having a good-size box of sandpaper in various grits laying around might be a great idea. Unless you’ve been looking for a horrible new way to add fiber into your diet, inhaling wood chips and dust during woodworking projects is highly undesirable. Looking like a blend of a goalie mask, an astronaut’s helmet and the head of one of Sigourney Weaver’s aliens is the Trend Airshield Pro Face Mask. If you’re in the mood to upgrade, the Airshield Pro Face Mask also features attachment points for hearing protection and an audible low battery warning. A sturdy bench vise acts like a set of extra arms that can hold a wooden stock in place and make working on it easy.
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It’s easy to do, but you are not likely to do it the easiest way – at least not the first time.
Next move the router base to the inside of the cabinet body and to the left, right and bottom.
It is especially helpful when the stiles on your cabinets are different widths to accommodate filing gaps, adjacent handles, etc. A simple particle respirator mask and protective glasses can help, but for some people and for some projects, they’re just not good enough. This full face mask not only protects the wearer from bits flying into his or her face, but also provides twin-filtered air that flows into the mask for clean, comfortable breathing throughout the project. When fully drained, the battery can be recharged in 14-hours (battery recharger is included). The hearing protection is probably the best choice to get the full-meal deal on protection. Traditionally, this entailed cutting the a slot for each biscuit on both the face frame and the cabinet. Once you’ve built your cabinet body and you have completed the face frame, here is the process for joining them with biscuits. The reason for this “not so obvious” sequence is because the face frame aligns to the cabinet with the following characteristics – the top edge of upper rail of the face is aligned with the top of the cabinet while the inside edges of the side stiles and top edge of the bottom stile align with the inside of the cabinet. When you go to cut the biscuit slots in the face frame, you can set the gap distance once and cut all the slots around the frame – just rest the cutter on the correct side of the face frame.

This sequence guarantees things will line up even if the original routed slot is not perfectly centered on the cabinet. If you use some other sequence, you’ll need to adjust the biscuit cutter as you progress through your face frame sides. Such vise has two jaws made up of cast iron and it has a steel screw using which you can adjust the width. So, depending on the type of work you want to carry out, look for a vise that can accommodate the thickest piece of stock.The other commonly used woodworking bench vise is the ‘end vise’. One or more bench dogs will also need to be used in conjunction with the vise to hold the stock steady. The end vises with screw and guide rod mechanism are a good choice.When you go looking for bench vises in the woodworking store, you are likely to be confused with all the variety you will see.
But, if you ask which one is going to be more useful for your work – we will say that most woodworkers find a front vise with a clamping arrangement very useful.
Those vises with a pop-up dog on the outer jaws are quite popular as they lets one hold a piece stock face up across the width of the table. However, there are certain end vises that come with a set of bench dogs, can do the task of front vises quite well.In a nutshell, if you want to buy woodworking bench vises, you should first understand the tasks it can do.

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