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Benchcrafted™ Roubo Bench Plans & Vise Hardware Each of these kits includes two precision-machined Benchcrafted vise mechanisms, as well as plans and instructions to build a versatile adaptation of a traditional European workbench.
Each kit also includes four pages of 20" x 30" dimensioned drawings, a 28-page booklet of instructions, and all fasteners needed to build the bench and mount the vises. This product is not stocked at our retail stores, but can be ordered for pick-up at our stores. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Drawer stops are excellent for protecting curious children from pulling drawers out too far. The CNC-machined aluminum guide template is designed to interlock with a series of mounting plates positioned along a beam.
The jig can be used in two modes – freehand, where the jig and workpiece remain stationary as the router traverses the template, or on a router table where the jig and stock are inverted and moved past the bit.
These products are not stocked at our retail stores, but can be ordered for pick-up at our stores.

Kits with a glide leg vise are available with your choice of two styles of matching cast-iron handwheels. The template lets you machine a joint 9" wide; to produce a wider joint, you simply move the template to the next mounting position. Impressively engineered, these are some of the smoothest-acting and most reliable vises we have seen.
The cast wheels have a textured surface and knobs made of resin-impregnated beech; machined wheels are ground and polished to a smooth finish and have knobs of resin-impregnated cherry.
The three included plates provide two mounting positions for producing joints up to 18" wide. No floor climb make more room for guests work hobbies and everyday living with the industry’s best Murphy Wall Bed systems kits and hardware mechanisms. For longer work, additional pairs of plates are available separately (each pair allows two additional mounting positions, effectively increasing the width capacity by 18"). The combination of the large wooden jaw (called a "chop"), the single screw, and the absence of guide rods yields a large clamping surface free of obstructions, so you can hold stock in various orientations.

The supplied eccentric guide bushing lets you fine-tune the position of the cutter relative to the template to ensure snug fitting joints. Instead of the screw supporting the weight of the chop, ball-bearing rollers above and below the parallel guide at the chop base take up the load, greatly reducing friction and preventing the screw from binding. Though it is intended for installation in new or existing benches where the leg is flush to the apron, other bench designs can be modified to accommodate the vise.
The kit includes the screw, threaded nut and handwheel, two roller bearings, a turned cocobolo handle, suede jaw liners, a steel flange, all mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions.Made in USA.

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