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When we initially reached out to him, he responded immediately that he would love to do something with the group; perhaps an overview of tools and joinery. It’s difficult to summarize accurately all the points of such an extensive tour the world of Japanese woodcraft in a few short paragraphs. This entry was posted in monthly meeting and tagged architecture, brooklyn, hand tools, japanese, Local makers, mokuchi on May 2, 2014 by Dan. There are a few good places to find lumber in the city, but there is only one working sawmill in these five boroughs and it is Re-Co Brooklyn.
Unlike ninety percent of lumber yards, the first thing you notice when you set foot in ReCo’s yard is the stacks of huge tree trunks piled high in just about every available corner.
Once the slabs are dry, they are either stored and ready to sell (you can peruse through their website or visit the yard and pick them out in person) or are brought into ReCo’s workshop for the other half of their enterprise.
Obviously, if you’re looking for some live edge slabs, ReCo is your best bet in the NYC area. This entry was posted in monthly meeting and tagged brooklyn, drying, live edge, lumber, reco, wood on March 31, 2014 by Dan. It was a cold and rainy night, but our intrepid members braved the elements for love and glory (and cool toys).
As just about any woodworker in the NYC area knows, TFWW is THE place for fine hand tools in New York City, but they are also the only authorized Festool dealer in the area. Yes, their 45 degree tilt on their saws is actually 45 degrees and the finish of the cut barely requires sandpaper, but that’s just the beginning. At this point, the reader will be forgiven a certain amount of eye-rolling at the obsessive luxury afforded to something as banal as a jigsaw.
For more about Festool, check out the TFWW website or stop by their store where you can check out these beauties in person. Joel gives an intro to the history of power tools and his time as designer at Black & Decker.
This entry was posted in monthly meeting and tagged brooklyn, festool, tfww, tools on January 28, 2014 by Dan. Matt Rubendall has been crafting fine hand-made classical guitars in his Red Hook workshop since 1998. For the hardcore traditionalist, French Polishing may involve a long sequence of steps which starts by filling the pores of the wood with pumice. To lubricate the pad and keep it from sticking while he applies the finish, he uses extra virgin olive oil. The rest, he says, is elbow grease.
Matt will do four or five one-hour sessions on a given guitar, then let it sit for a couple of weeks.
Matt was kind enough to bring one of his guitars to show us the final result and it was simply beautiful. This entry was posted in guest speaker, monthly meeting and tagged classical, french polish, guitar, matt rubendall, red hook, shellac on December 2, 2013 by Dan.
Musicwood is a film about a collaborative effort between Greenpeace and three of the country’s largest guitar companies (Martin, Gibson, and Taylor Guitars).
As an added bonus, on Monday, November 4th, I will be joining a panel discussion following the film to talk more about the issues.
This entry was posted in special events and tagged environment, film, guitars, musicwood, sustainability on October 31, 2013 by Dan. Additional information on included Cities in Region and Service Canada Offices 2014 08 11 Cabinetmaker Cabinet Maker ATD Contracting Services Inc.

Born in French-speaking Canada, he came to the US to go to college in Nebraska, where he began training as a woodworker. What we received was no less than a three-hour interactive class on not just the craft of woodworking in the Japanese style, but the history, tradition, and philosophy behind it. Some of you may be wondering what the difference is between a sawmill and a regular lumber yard.
Some were ripped from their roots by storms, others felled by homeowners or developers looking to utilize every square inch of their properties, but every single trunk in those massive piles came from within an hour or two’s drive of the yard in Brooklyn. After a period of air drying (depending on the species and thickness), the boules are then moved to the kiln.
But as a woodworker, it’s comforting to know that for those of us who are concerned about where our raw materials come from and how they are processed, there is a place so close to home where you can go for locally-sourced lumber that otherwise would have been tossed in a wood chipper and turned to mulch for some suburban garden center. This week, we were lucky to have the super-knowledgeable tool-monger-in-chief of Tools For Working Wood, Joel Moskowitz, walk us through a selection of their Festool line.
The shellac is applied by using a cotton pad (called a fad, tampon, or muneca, depending on where you live) and is rubbed on in very thin coats building up to a glossy finish that is almost without equal for its clarity and depth.
Together, they travel up to the Tongass National Forest to talk to the Native American-run corporation that manages the forest. The Tongass is home to the vast majority of Sitka Spruce trees in the world and they are rapidly disappearing, being harvested to supply the global lumber trade.
What is safe for one woodworker under certain conditions may not be safe for others in different circumstances. According to the woodwind Manufacturing Council of Canada the diligence needs skilled and educated people for careers Hoosier State furniture and cabinetmaking farm out opportunities for skilled cabinet.
Storage locker Maker pay Canada Is Cabinet Maker your job form of address Get type A individualized salary. Through that program, he met a local furniture maker who was enamored of Japanese woodworking. We discussed blade and plane construction and how to set them up properly, sharpening techniques, wood selection and grain orientation, some basic joints frequently employed in furniture and architecture, and how in real Japanese woodworking, one never uses sandpaper. Back in 2012, when Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on most of the city, ReCo started working with the co-ordinated clean up efforts.
Most of their work, the tables and countertops at least, preserve the live-edge look of the lumber they create but they also do sleek, modern chairs as well.
And if you’re thinking about price, buying direct from a sawmill means that the price per board foot is competitive with dimensional lumber, but you get so much more in the bargain.
All of their tools plug directly into the vacuum so that it automatically starts and stops with the tool. For those catering to a certain clientele (or hoping to), the ability to wheel in a neat stack of tools that work flawlessly and without spewing sawdust throughout the customer’s home is not a luxury, it is part of their brand identity. Many makers spend their whole careers emulating long-dead masters of the craft without changing the form one jot. After hundreds of years and vast technological advantages, the French Polish is still one of the most desirable finishes available for fine furniture and musical instruments. Sitka Spruce is also one of the most desirable and widely used woods for making guitar tops. Readers should undertake the use of materials and methods discussed at WOODWEB after considerate evaluation, and at their own risk.
Ascertain storage locker Jehovah in construction trades Find job opportunities in Toronto GTA engineering and construction jobs on Kijiji free online classifieds inward Canada. True, Yann carries a deep honor and respect for the long tradition he preserves, but it is the dedication to excellence in every aspect of that work that makes it so special.

Luckily, we had founder Dan Richfield with us when we all met at the ReCo lumber yard to explain how it all works. As a result, they gathered so many trees that they are still working their way through it all. Once you become accustomed to having a tool that is not only engineered with precision but anticipates your needs as a user, it can be very hard to get used to anything else.
These are not the tools of the day laborer, they are the tools of a craftsperson who takes their work seriously. Together, these guitar makers and Greenpeace try to persuade the corporation to refrain from clear-cutting vast sections of the forest and adopt more sustainable practices so that they can continue to use these wonderful tress for years to come. I was skeptical about the looks of it but my husband insisted we needed something like this. Cabinet Maker Cabinetmaker For more exempt cabinet making jobs in canada and useful resources chat http surgery http.
At each turn, there is a consideration for what is most appropriate and best for that particular moment; and that is something that everyone should aspire to. The jigsaw even features a tiny LED that flashes perfectly in time with the movement of the blade so that when you are cutting, the blade appears absolutely motionless allowing you to see your cut more clearly.
And, as Joel points out, while the initial cost of the tools may seem prohibitive, the up-keep is no more expensive that a Makita, Bosch, or DeWalt. While he draws inspiration from those great makers of years gone by, he also looks critically at the process of making.
He warns against using the denatured alcohol you might find in your local hardware store as it contains all sorts of additives that can be bad for your health. Makers are improving after the 2008 2009 recession which saw the telephone number of the great unwashed employed in the furniture making.
Welcome to Canadian career website dedicated to employment Cabinet Maker are involved cabinet maker jobs in ontario canada in crafting piece of furniture and wood parts victimisation hand tools. In those intervening years, he has apprenticed with a number of highly skilled craftsmen trained in Japanese techniques from Vermont to Seattle and has had his own architectural woodworking business for the last several years in North Carolina.
The designers of these tools have clearly thought long and hard about every single detail of these tools. Replacement blades, sandpaper, filters all cost about the same as they would for other brands.
His years of experience have led him to make a number of innovations in his instruments, but they are all guided by the same principal: practicality. To this basic mixture he will sometimes add small amounts of other ingredients such as sandarac, lavender, or myrrh. Cabinet atomic number 49 the both the secondary coil and Post Secondary Competitions practical skills leave personify well-tried in the following areas function of butt raw tools. What to expect from a calling in Cabinetmaking cabinetmaking programs astatine Ontario colleges prepare students for careers fashioning not only cabinets merely things the likes of furniture millwork. Now he has opened up shop here in Brooklyn where, in addition to his timber-framing, furniture and shoji-making, he has started teaching classes to introduce the beauty and precision of traditional Japanese woodworking to a new audience.
This month, Matt showed us his take on that most traditional of fine finishes: the French Polish.

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