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One of the most versatile machines in woodworking, it can be used for mouldings, rebates and curved work. Whilst it is recommended in Safe use of woodworking machinery (PUWER 1998 as applied to woodworking machinery) that for grooving a properly guarded vertical spindle moulder (or router) is the most suitable machines for the job, there are some unclear areas with regard to the tooling used for grooving, particularly for marking. In practice there is evidence that, in some cases, tool suppliers are not meeting these requirements fully as many tools supplied for grooving on a vertical spindle moulder do not have all of this information marked on them, particularly the a€?MANa€? for hand feed, sometimes having BG Test information instead.
Other means would include ensuring that the gullet width does not exceed that required for the tools cutting diameter. These come in a range of sizes and designs but all work on the same principle of inserting shims to increase the width of the cut over the range that the tool has been designed for. Wobble saws can cut a groove of different widths by altering the angle of the blade by means of tapered collars. The woodworking industry has one of the highest accident rates in manufacturing, most of which are caused by contact with moving machinery. This website will help you manage woodworking risks, as well as provide you with regular updates on health and safety issues. A worker at a pallet manufacturer lost three fingers on his left hand when assisting the operator of a semi-automatic cross cut saw. Guards must cover as much of the blade as possible and cross-cut saws should now either be fitted with a brake or a device to pull back the cutting head, locating the blade within a safe protected area.
There should also be a a€?no-goa€? area for hands - 300mm either side of the blade - to prevent the blade being pulled over thumb or fingers accidentally.
A cross-cut saw is an acceptable machine to point stakes on provided there is a properly designed and constructed jig and adequate support has been provided for the jig and post.

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Suppliers of new and used woodworking machinery, dust extraction, tooling and accessories across the UK and Ireland for over 30 years. Automatic wide belt sander with one operating group, perfect for small woodworking companies.
Select and install plant and equipment properly, use it carefully, and make sure it is maintained to meet the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.
Lifting equipment and lifting operations are subject to additional requirements, including periodic thorough examination, by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. By design and construction all work equipment must be safe and not give rise to risks to health when first placed on the market or put into service. Do you want guidance on simple precautions to take when working with or near machinery, plant or equipment?
There are different safety aspects of using machinery and maintaining plant and equipment in the workplace.
However, it can be dangerous if not used correctly, because of the risk of contact with the tool, and ejection of the tool part or workpiece.
They are quick to set up, very accurate (setting groove widths) and as they can be run at high speeds they produce a good finish. They are legal to use provided they meet the requirements for gullet width but the extent of injury in the event of contact increases with the width of cut (amount of wobble) and saw diameter, defeating the objective of limited cutter projection tooling.
This accounted for 25% of all major accidents and one of last yeara€™s two deaths in the woodworking industry.

In addition, the cut must end at least 50mm before the table edge to prevent the blade coming into contact with the stomach. Circular saws can also be used for cutting a slot with a dado head - this is a set of two saw blades with chippers in between or cutting irons (trenching a€“ across grain, ploughing with grain). The automatic detection of the work piece thickness allows precise machining at all times and without the risk of operator error.
The special geometry of the diamond-shaped profile of the transport belt provides the best traction surface for the work piece and with the increased support area also ensures maximum stability. The very much reduced size of all Sandya wide belt sanders simplifies their positioning in the workshop, while maintaining the performance and production potential of the sanders. This shall include the regrinding range and shall be selected in accordance with the requirements of Figure 12. The decimal setting of this system also allows setting the work depth independently of the material. For higher volume production, proprietary stake pointing machines are available.Stake pointing produces small sharp pointed off-cuts.
If these are allowed to build up around the saw they can jam the blade or be ejected back towards the operator. Regular removal of the off-cuts is therefore important by either using a push-stick or first stopping the machine.

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