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I keep thinking, what if you wanted to stand a baby elephant on a table constructed like that? Nonetheless, I didn't feel like buying these brackets, and I wanted something sturdier anyway. Next I put pegs in the ends of the apron rails to mate with the holes I had drilled in the legs. A simple way to join a leg to two rails [1] is by using a commercially produced corner plate which fits into slots in the rails a number of sizes are available. Mark the inner corner of each leg where the plate-screw is to go, and drill a hole in it small enough for the pointed wood-screw end to bite firmly. Fit the rails to the table top with shrinkage plates or small metal brackets, and slot in the corner plates; then drive a plate-screw into each leg.

Dowels on corner joints [2] need to be staggered to prevent their meeting in the middle of the leg. Countersink the screw heads well beneath the surface and fill the holes if the work is to be painted.
For lightweight carcases, use loose-tongue joints, with ply or solid timber tongues let into solid corner-pieces and the ends of panels.
Tongues can also be cut on hardwood corner-pieccs, as in wall cabinets or similar projects. Insert the other end of the screw in the corner plate and tighten up the butterfly nut provided.
Basically, the joint is just two haunched stub tenons meeting at right angles in the centre of the leg.

Fit each rail separately, then mitre the ends of the tenons so that there is a small gap between them when the joint is assembled. Position the plates at 45° in the corners on the pencilled outline and mark off where the slots which house the plates in the rails will be.

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