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BERNE, IN - Residential furniture maker Smith Brothers said it will create up to 266 new jobs by 2021 as the company ramps up production of its fabric and leather upholstered furniture. And we are checking in with self-proclaimed toolhound and host of Rescue Renovations Kayleen McCabe about making magic from a pile of boards. Like you and many other woodworkers, we need some techniques and skills to plan and construct our project. I am a newbie in woodworking, I am searching for great resources on the internet and stumbled upon your website .
Last fall we collaborated on a project for Camp Dudley, with our highly skilled friends at High Peaks Carpentry, who we always enjoy working with.
The Pavilion sports a beautifully crafted stone fireplace, built with local stone from the Lake Champlain Valley.  I am certain that many, many future generations of campers will enjoy evenings here around a blazing fire.
The result was this 24’ x 36’ story and a half timber frame project, with a second floor, and a gable end hay mow door with a run out ridge beam so equipment could be raised to the second floor via a rope and pulley system.  We crafted the structure out of rough sawn, local Eastern White Pine, and used very traditional joinery, including under squinted, wedged scarf joints.
The structure has a strong resemblance to historic New England timber frame barns, but meets the more modern needs of the clients, such as sheltering their vehicles. The uniqueness of the house, however, really is the result of Erik and Molly’s vision.  To further save money, we utilized local rough sawn Eastern White Pine timbers from a favorite sawyer of ours, then Erik later chose to sand the timbers, thus reducing their “roughness” but keeping the texture and character of timber in a “rougher” state. Last Saturday my wife Nan and I attended the annual pancake breakfast at the North Country School in Lake Placid—a wonderful private residential school and summer camp that is nestled in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks and has a working farm.
The Pavillion is a multi-purpose space, used for dance classes and performances, for art exhibits, and for camper, student and staff get-to-gethers and meetings.
The timber frame utilizes 3 clear span, queen posted trusses to create a 28’ x 60’ interior open structure with no internal posts, hence its adaptability to function well for a variety of purposes. The roof is a Dutch Gable design—the roof has 4 hips, but at the ends of the ridge there are 2 small gables with windows to let in light. It is a pleasure to return to structures we have built and see that they are functioning well and doing what that are supposed to do. A few weeks ago we raised the largest Timber Frame Barn we have built to date, a 64’ x 80’ beauty that is 32’ feet to the ridge, and has a center aisle section with 32’ clear span trusses and 2-16’ wide side sheds. The trusses were engineered by the folks at Fire Tower Engineered Timber, and they did a great job.
When meeting with clients about prospective timber frame projects, we often tour some of our completed projects.
It is a rare day in which we build a house that has a real attic, where the roof structure is hidden out of view with all those old boxes of stuff. Trusses are structural configurations of timbers that allow for large spans without the need of intermittent posts.
Raised cord king post trusses: This intimate living room with a fireplace at the end utilizes red oak timbers to do the real work of holding up the roof. Burr Arch Trusses: This style of truss was designed for covered bridges that require large and strong spans. Because their needs and the character of their small farm more closely resemble the traditional family farms of our ancestors, it is also not surprising that a very traditional Timber Frame barn is the right structure for their homestead.
This Timber Frame is a 4 bent and queen posted English style barn frame, and at 30’ x 42’, the floor plan is divided by the post placements into 12 – 10’ x 14’ quadrants.
As you travel through the rural northeast and mid west, you will see an abundance of old Timber Frame barns that are in disrepair or worse. It is always a pleasure for us to build Timber Frames that are going to be working agricultural barns. Over the years we have had an increase in demand for seasonal and non-house timber frame buildings and structures. There is a long tradition of magnificent and architecturally significant boathouses on the lakes of the Adirondacks.
As long time instructors of timber framing classes at the Yestermorrow Design Build School in VT, our classes have built many timber frames for garden sheds, picnic table and sand box shelters, wood sheds, of course cabins, and even sign posts. We also recently built a timber and log cabin high on the side of a mountain, which is only accessible by vehicle seasonally.
On a different note, we are negotiating building a timber frame band shell for a local Adirondack town. Each month in Wood News Online we feature Steve Johnson’s column, The Down to Earth Woodworker, which is full of a variety of woodworking projects, tips, videos, and events. The Tool Tune-Up Squad: You may have heard of The Geek Squad who can be called to come fix your tech gadgets. My Visit to Highland Woodworking: We were lucky to have Steve come and visit our store in Atlanta during our January Open House!
The Berne, IN-based manufacturer has invested $4.5 million in the project, which includes a 110,000-square-foot addition to its existing 215,000-square foot facility.
Funding for the project has been aided by $1.75 million in conditional tax credits and up to $200,000 in training grants by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. Koenig has more than 25 years of experience in the woodworking industry, including visits to wood products manufacturing facilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia. I just want to share with you the resources I’ve got: 16,000 Plans for ANY Woodworking Project.

A horse lover & daughter of a western was artist I was curios was this total freestyle or did you do this on a cnc or programed machine.
I have a question, for years I’ve been (recycling) carving scrap wood, tree branches, tree stumps, old tables, chairs and furniture into works of art .
After some research I’ve learned some artisans do these by hand while others, as you point out, have figured out how to CNC them. Camp Dudley is a YMCA Camp in Westport, NY, for boys and girls, and it is the oldest continually operated camp in the country.  It is situated on the western shores of beautiful Lake Champlain. While there, I re-visited “The Pavillion”, which we built in 2002–one of my favorite timber frame structures.
In keeping with the Schools “localvore” and sustainable priorities (such as, to use local products, materials, and services and to raise as much of their own food as possible) we utilized local rough sawn Eastern White Pine and Red Oak timbers.
Additionally, the designers chose to install some special domed sky lights that diffuse light throughout the inside.
Its first function was to host the wedding reception of one of the owners’ daughters….
Fact is, it is the largest free standing structure Amstutz Woodworking has ever contracted for.
We purchased 20,000 board feet of rough-sawn Douglas Fir timbers from a specialty mill in Oregon. We were able to “stretch” the spacing of all posts and quadrants of the frame to lay out grids of 16’ x 16’ or 16’ x 32’. We designed the trusses so that they could be completely assembled on the ground, and then set on the wall lines with a crane.
And I try to take clients to see projects that bear a resemblance to what they are dreaming of building for themselves and show them what is possible with timbers.
With a timber frame and the complete exterior enclosure and insulation system of Structural Insulated Panels, “under the roof” is often the most architecturally exciting place in the house. The horizontal cross member that connects the two principle rafters of each truss is called the cord; the vertical center post of each truss is the king post, and the branch like curved elements going up to the principle rafters on the right and left are called struts. We wanted to create a building that was attractive and demonstrated our timber framing skill. The utilize rigid triangular configurations of timbers that transfer the roof loads out to the walls. In such bridges there would be two trusses, flanking both sides of the road way, and the roof rafters would sit perpendicularly on top of the upper horizontal cords. When we first met, I questioned them about they wanted to use of the barn for, and discovered that their needs are diverse. A large pair of sliding doors will allow access to the center bay from the eave side of the barn (there are 3 bays between the 4 Timber Frame bents), so machinery and animals can be brought in, and a traditional style transom window will sit above the sliding barn doors. Fact is, many of these structures have suffered from the demise of small family farming and from the shifting face of American agriculture.
So, in our updated website, we feature more of our boathouses, gazebos, studios, pergolas, car ports, cabins, and of course, barns.  The craft of timber framing nicely dovetails with a wide variety of structures. Most of the traditional Great Camps were built on lakes, and boats were important for transport and access as well as recreation. One architectural historian has referred to them as the “Cathedrals of rural America.” And although the last decades have seen a dramatic loss of many of these historic structures, we are proud that the timber framed barns that we have built in NY and VT are enhancing the traditional agriculture landscape. One of the cabin timber frames cut by our class is now the home office for a local writer—just far enough from his house to allow him uninterrupted attention. In the winter, the owners ski or snow shoe into their cozy retreat, which features a photovoltaic electric system and a composting toilet. As you can see, size, shape, form and function can be infinite in the world of timber framing.
Steve’s Tool Tune-Up Squad would work in a similar nature, a group of woodworkers who would hop into their Volkswagen van to come fix any of your broken tools or machinery. Steve walks you through the steps he took to create the clamp brackets and rack, and also shares the PDF’s of his plans and video series that accompanies the project. Steve had never been to the actual store and in this column he shares his observations, experiences and expectations he had on his trip. As Editor-in-Chief of special publications under the Woodworking Network brand, including the Red Book Best Practices resource guide and website, Karen’s responsibilities include writing, editing and coordinating of editorial content .
I contacted a few colleagues and was given this reference if you’re looking for an artisan. It is a year-round building that is very easy to heat (it is insulated with Stress Skin Panels), and it replaced a previous seasonal structure.
Three magnificent 9” x 12” x 30’ long second growth Pine timbers were used for the truss bottom cords. Our timber frame design was eclectic, and we borrowed a Japanese “dragon beam with bow and arrow” to timber frame the 4 hips in the corners.
This barn is destined to serve a number of purposes on a working alpaca farm south of Syracuse, NY. One truck load came cross country through a Rocky Mountain snow storm to us in Upper Jay, NY, and a partial truck load went to Tully, where 72 common rafters were cut by Drumm Construction carpenters.

In turn, the trusses carry a timber ridge system, which then carries the top of the common rafters.
Nowhere are there more design options than in a roof system: what we can do with roofs is darn exciting! Many of the trusses we have built over the years originated in the Middle Ages, and were used for great halls, churches, and bridges. The raised cord gives the room a taller and more curved ceiling feel, but allowed us to keep the height of the side walls and ridge lower. We also wanted to use some of our left over timbers from our northeastern forests or timbers harvested from our land. The Burr Truss used an arching timber element to help transfer loads out to the end support walls or abutments.
The adjacent bays of the Timber Frame can be divided into livestock stalls or other functional spaces, and partition walls can be built and evolve as necessary.
Clearly traditional barns don’t fit the needs of large agribusinesses with huge tractors and equipment and large-scale dairy operations, so one sees new style “barns” and agricultural pole barn type structures. We have had the privileged of building a number of timber-framed boathouses in the last 15 years, and most have been built on sites that are inaccessible by road. She is also a contributor to FDMC and other Woodworking Network online and print media owned by CCI Media.
Nancy Bernstein of Amstutz Woodworking did a fine carving in the middle cord with the date and the logo for the school—a tree with its roots deep in the ground.
A closet and bathroom in two of the corners of the building have flat ceilings below the timber frame roof so as not to break up the visual ability to see the whole timber frame.
It will ultimately house animals, store farm equipment and possibly some antiques tractors, and provide space for sheering Alpacas and storage for Alpaca-related needs. In Upper Jay, we cut all of the rest of the frame, including the 6 -32’ clear span trusses. In so doing, we were able to maximize the efficiency of joinery placements, or to put it differently, because of the large spans we could engineer using the Douglas Fir timbers and the trusses, this Timber Frame achieves a very high amount of square footage of usable space for the total number of timber joint connections.
These trusses are fabricated from old growth and very fine and dense Douglas Fir timbers salvaged from forest fire burned areas in Oregon. These trusses were designed for the roof system of a great room, and made of laminated red oak.
For easy human access, a hinged 3’0” wide door will face the house, which is about 80’ away.
And, if not of use as farms have shut down or ceased to be productive enterprises, traditional barns are often ignored and then fall into dis-repair. Which, aside from presenting some construction challenges, means that boats are vital to the clients gaining access to their properties, and our boathouses serve a very real function of sheltering these boats. All of our timbers met up with their timbers in Tully in early May, and Cal and I worked with Mark Drumm and his team on the raising. We also kept the layout very symmetrical and the joinery highly repetitive, which added to the “big bang for the buck” in this project. The front king post truss has a curved red oak beam (often called a “Tyco Beam” in Japanese timber framing) that we sawed flat on 2 sides, which allows us to appreciate the interior grain of the log—something that does not happen when building with logs.
To see more photos of this beautiful home, check out the Ray Brook House in our Gallery section.
We were able to fully fabricate and assemble each of the four trusses in our shop, load them on a truck, and transport them to the site and install them with a mobile crane. This barn will have a second floor for hay and general storage, and a walk up stair from the ground level. I know of at least 3 barns in our area of the Adirondacks that came down this winter due to dis-repair, bad roofs, and heavy snowfall. Some of these boathouses are elaborate Adirondack structures with beautiful enclosed spaces, while others are and graceful “car ports” for boats. It was a fabulous and fun team effort, and I know we were all impressed with how smoothly the Timber Frame was erected despite less than perfect weather.
The king post is also “live-edged”, and the “live-edged” struts are “book mated” by sawing from the same log and opening the faces to each other.
And there is a desire to have a horse or two, at least by the female members of the family. In the winter when the lakes ice over, the boats are lifted and hung out of the water within the protection of the timber frame boathouses. It is simply gorgeous and I am married to a carpenter, haves horses and 2 western artists in family so that compliment is not given lightly.
The middle roof element is also a king post truss, but with a straight cord that is positioned at the eave height. Note that the kids’ barn swing that is attached to the ridge timber, is being enjoyed by my wife, Nan.

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