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The contraption I use as a substitute is often referred to as a 'panel saw', or a 'table saw sled'.
Have you ever noticed how most of the woodworking and do-it-yourself TV shows and magazine articles depict people building projects in huge workshops ?
So, the next time you read a woodworking magazine or watch a TV show about woodworking and see a suggested floor plan like the (24' x 32') example above that originally appeared at DIY Guru, Bob Vila's website, remember…you can indeed, create some beautiful work in a limited amount of space.
I designed and built this hand tool cabinet as a student project when I attended Haywood Community College in Western North Carolina.
Atlanta for a visit, we always include a trip to Highland Woodworking, my favorite Atlanta landmark. These photos are from one guy’s continually changing and evolving series of workshops, different depending on the focus of his work at any given time, some mechanical, some woodworking and some electronic, but always filled with creative solutions for storage and tool availability, places you could easily lose yourself for many hours at a time. No matter what kind of work you do, if you’re a hands on guy or girl, these have to set you thinking about what you could do with some unused space around your house. I’m in the process of making part of my basement (which connects to my garage) into a workshop.
Workshops can be therapy, putting together something like the one pictured above is a project of its own and it creates a nice space, just tinkering on any small project can be relaxing, tunes down low in the background, a few tools next to you on the bench, check this, adjust that, thoughts wandering a bit, … nope, nothing wrong with that at all.
It is funny how it happens that a collection of tools is acquired, then used to build a workshop and then build shelves for all of the tools and supplies. Gitan, that is the first thing that came to mind as well… at least there would be a milling machine in my dream shop. I think Mr Kneeslider has the point: It is the space, your place to think and even create something. I see many features of this mans shop that I might consider, but for the most part I’m very happy with my layout. If you want to see some nice garages and workshops check out Jay Lenos – his garage has its own website!
Does anyone know of a good website or other resource that has ideas for a one car garage (13’ X 23’), workshop layout? PapaFran, Grizzly has a workshop planning program that lets you program in your shop and arrange tools in it that might help you plan your shop.
Be sure to have enough power all around the shop and make table heights real close so some tools can double as out feet tables for other tools. If using a dust collector, make the ports accessible to the tools when it is moved into the work area. There are 2 problems I can see with having it the other way around – firstly, to use the saw safely (out of the line of fire) would mean standing roughly where the router table is.

Secondly, if using a mitre gauge I can cross cut pieces up to about 4’, which is the space between the blade and the bandsaw. Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.
Get a free woodworking plan here plus tips on how to build right, the first time and every time! Just click the image below to send an contact to Aschi's workshop requesting the free plan.
Some of these have a half-dozen or more mammoth machines, six workbenches and stacks of lumber laying about - and enough space around everything to hold a 24-hour golf cart race with 16 drivers and a herd of screaming fans !
We all know that this is not reality for all but the wealthiest of today's home woodworkers. They serve normal duties as basement laundry rooms, garages, carports or storage sheds…then spring to life as full-fledged workshops when a need arises. Take a look at three actual MARK V workshops by visiting the links at the top right of this page. It’ll be nice to not have to work on the floor or an improvised workbench, and have much better organization than I have now. Im happy to have my heated shop, with all the tools I need, But I had to equip my wifes car with the Auto Starter to avoid Divorce when I made my Garage into a Bike Shop. I need to get a set of gas logs back into the hearth so I can keep warm whilst tinkering away the next winter. Hundreds of magazines your local store never has along with all the rest, including all of your favorites.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. This feature from Fine Woodworking was the best piece I have found on this subject, giving me a lot of helpful suggestions. There is a only a small gap (maybe 6-8”) between the back of the table saw and the router table.
If you have it the other way around you limit your working space to the gap between the blade and the wall which is only about 2’. I have made some major strides in clean up and organization in my one car garage which shares the washer, dryer, freezer, HW heater, and a wall of storage shelves.

I gained additional storage (four drawers, and air compressor stg), some short cutoff storage and the miter saw…always at the ready.
Build it and attach to your Flatbed Truck (Plan #207), the Road Tractor (#209) or indeed any 1:27 scale truck!
You can try it out first, but we are confident that once you see the quality of our plans, you will be ordering more! If this kind of dreamland depiction has you convinced that you can't woodwork in less than 1000 square feet of space, you have been hoodwinked … it simply isn't true !
Just 400 square feet would be pure nirvana for most of these hobbyists, who typically work in about 200 to 300 square feet !
Sort of like a GSX-R with every race component installed but licensed on the street and parked at the local watering hole.
A drive in basement would also make offloading kegs of beer into a kegerator significantly easier. Example-one of my cabinet workbenches has 12 wall receptacles, and 12 strip receptacles on the face of the cabinets. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The only tool that I have that is a table saw and it is on wheels, but it usually stays dead center between the two doors. Always plugged in are 6 battery chargers, a bench drill press, Tormek sharpening system, a bench grinder, and and amp and tuner, which leaves the left overs for stuff like a soldering iron, heat gun, high-intensity lamp, dremel, etc. After a few hours of cleaning and organizing, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge. Metal shavings on the floor, grinder dust everywhere, tools left in place for continuing work, etc. There is no way to lay out a complete array of machinery in a one-car garage and have perfect access to everything. I have a subscription to FWW and pay 15-20 bucks a year for their website that is full of ideas and projects. For example a base kitchen cabinet that is 36 inches wide and 24 inches deep is about as big as I want to tackle.
We bought some land behind our property in 2005 and I was able to saw about 1400 board feet from the area we developed, so presently I don't have to buy my lumber.

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