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While rings have been in existence for at least 6,000 years, there’s nothing musty or stodgy about all the things you can do with them. Veteran fashionistas know that while the fourth finger on the left hand is sacred in some circles, decking out any or all fingers is absolutely fine. For aspiring ring-wearers who may want to dip a toe into this fashion pool instead of diving in head-first, there are tons of options. If too many gems are not your thing, there are subtler cocktail rings that still let you look fantastic. Whether your plans consist of spending $150 on an all night formal extravaganza, or just hanging out with a few close knit confidants and watching the ball drop on TV, you must ring in the New Year with some fresh new glam. If your night looks to be more like a party straight out of The Great Gatsby, you’ll be in need of some sharp new jewelry to really make yourself stand out on the big night. Of course, some of us are a little too weary to spend the night out due to the “Ghost of Christmas cash,” so even if your New Years plans aren’t exactly eventful, you can still provide yourself with a little something to spur your motivation to follow up on your New Years resolution(s). Facial Piercings: This is when you will want to ditch the basic steel balls and hoops and go for something a little more glamorous.
Ears: for non-stretched ears you can wear glorious dangling earrings or glamorous diamond studs. High Nostril: a high nostril piercing is differentiated from a standard one because of the interesting look it provides being further up the nose, rather than resting in the indentation of the nostril. Instead of the standard rhinestone-studded fare, why not modernize your baubles with a cluster of shining jingle bells?  Dashes of crystal and brilliant colored titanium give your style a little extra boost while the gentle jingle of dangling bells leaves a come-hither flash of flirt in your wake.  Just be sure to reward any hotties that follow the sound with a smile (and maybe a dance or two). The style payoff of kimono patterned accessories?  Just like haiku, it’s pretty poetic.

Today, as it was in centuries past, the Winter Solstice still finds a means of celebration, particularly amongst the neo-druid and pagan subgroups of the modified community. The cocktail ring (also called cluster or dinner ring) is a slightly more modern invention (think early-ish 20th century, and closely tied to the ladies flaunting their disregard of the law regarding Prohibition). Imitation pearls, gold, rose gold and silver tone, marbled glass, and double-finger rings let you play with style and still have as much fun as the next party-goer. There’s nothing wrong with a new belly ring to motivate you to prevent the winter gym evasion. Two piece party dresses (think little tight top and princess skirt) or form fitting dresses with cut outs at the waist, are great options for your new years look. Regardless of what you’ve done with the past year, it’s time to shelve the regrets (or celebrate the triumphs!) and charge ahead full-steam into 2014, and there’s no better way to do it than with glitz aplenty. Initially, the cocktail ring had a specific design of a large center stone surrounded by smaller stones, but today, the moniker pretty much refers to any oversized ring. Whether a single color, different shades of the same color, or all the colors of the rainbow, there are styles to quicken anyone’s pulse: hearts, flowers, butterflies, animals…the only limits are how far you want to go. If you don’t want to be too subtle, try something with glitter – which is always welcome as you watch that crystal ball drop into a brand new year. Or some new plugs might be just what you need to remind you that you’re making positive changes this season. Wearing a cocktail ring doesn’t immediately require you to hold a drink (although, what looks cooler than a brilliant faux gem against a martini glass?), so if you’re the designated driver at this year’s New Year’s Eve bash, you can still rock the look of Daisy attending a Gatsby party, without all of the uncomfortable after-drama. And because it’s generally costume jewelry, the cost is far less than buying adornments made up of precious metals and gems, so getting more to display won’t require using up all your holiday cash.

Rings can be specific sizes, or adjustable, or with stretch bands, so you can swap styles with your friends easily. If you plan on doing a formal up-do, maybe what you need is a sexy new ear cuff to really set it off.
Glitter shines like fireworks but there’s still something to be said for the simple and sensational little black dress. A shimmering gem nose stud is much more elegant than a hoop, and makes a bold yet classic statement.
Multiple ear piercings are always fun to accessorize too; graduated size crystal studs look fabulous going up your ear. If you’re not planning on bearing your midriff, you can go for a simple double gem belly ring for comfort. The most popular colors of the season are gold, silver, black, champagne, white, red, fuchsia, or navy blue.
Depending on your dress, a vintage inspired pearl necklace or big gem cocktail ring would also be an adorable addition. Whether you are sipping champagne at an elegant soiree, watching fireworks at a chic rooftop party with prince charming, hanging at a chill house party with your best friends, or anything in between, you will want to shine.
For your date, if he’s wearing a tux or snazzy suit, set him up with black titanium gem tunnel plugs and sleek blackline body jewelry.

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