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You've often used an extension cord around the home, but using the wrong type of cord can be dangerous.
For simple extension cord use around the home such as lamps, clocks and other light duty electrical devices up to 7 amps, use the following table for gauge size and extension cord length.
Heavier duty extension cord use for power tools and larger appliances of 15 to 10 amps require a three wire grounded extension cord. OK, lets say you want to edge your sidewalk and need a 50 foot extension cord but you only have two 25 foot cords.
Product Safety Commission found that extension cords are among the most dangerous electrical appliances in our homes because of improper usage.

Each year, accidents from extension cords kill around 50 people, result in injuries requiring hospital treatment to 4,000 others and also cause over 3,000 residential fires. These numbers are tricky however in that the smaller the number the thicker the wire, and conversely, the larger the number the thinner the wire.
18 gauge extension cord may only be rated for 5 to 7 amperes of load and a length of up to 25 feet. A No 10 gauge extension cord may be rated for 15 amps of load and 100 feet of length.Length of the extension cord affects voltage drop. Voltage drop is result of the friction or resistance the electricity experiences flowing through a long wire.

Thought of another way, the longer the extension cord, the thicker (lower gauge number) the wire.

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