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These elegant high polished dangling 14k Yellow Gold Oval Ornament Leaf Design Drop Earrings combine simplicity and sophistication in one solid 14k gold piece.
Crafted of superior strength and rich natural color 14k Yellow Gold, our Medium (M) Size Hoop Earrings measure approximately 1"(25mm) in overall diameter, featuring thicker 3mm high polished profile design with a secure "U" shaped snap closure bar on the Item comes in our complementary velour jewelry gift box. Anzor Jewelry - 14k Yellow & White Gold Genuine Diamond Russian Style EarringsChoose free genuine gemstone.
The 2mm thick high polished piece is finished with beautiful sparkling diamond cut texture.

These solid 14k yellow & white gold earrings are created in a Victorian inspired, old Russian design. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what various forms of plating and marks actually mean.
A ROMANTIC STORY: A jeweler loved his wife very much and often gave her flowers to express his love for her. As much as he loved flowers and the pleasure they gave to his beloved the jeweler wanted to give her something that would be as beautiful but would, like his love for her, last forever.

He came up with the design for this diamond jewelery in the shape of the flower petals to reflect the immortality of his love for his wife.

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