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We're sorry, it looks like you're using a browser that doesn’t fully support Zoara's website graphics. Exquisitely crafted to create an enthralling and contemporary design, these 14 karat yellow gold dangling linked hoops have elegant and stylish allure. This isn't just another pair of dangling earrings girls, it'll be your new favorite from the moment it arrives! I used to think drop earrings weren't appropriate for my age group (I'm 19), but when my mom got me this pair and I actually tried them on I saw that I couldn't have been more wrong! I really wanted to get my sister something beautiful for her graduation and since jewelry is a girl's best friend, jewelry was my starting point.
My boyfriend bought me these same exact earrings for my last birthday and I have to confess I'm obsessed with them.
Exquisitely crafted to create an enthralling and contemporary design, these 14 karat yellow gold dangling double hoops are simply stunning in their elegant and stylish allure. A friend's of my wife told me last week that my wife would love to receive a pair big gold hoop earrings. Beautiful in their unique aesthetics, these multi-hoop 14 karat yellow gold hoop earrings are sure to impress. My sister is getting married in two weeks, and I bought these stunning earrings to match my gorgeous dress for the evening. I loved the earrings from the second I saw them, but I must admit I was quite apprehensive about buying them. I bought these earrings as a surprise gift for my girlfriend after I noticed she was browsing through this site and added these earrings to her "wish list cart". A style essential, these small hoop earrings are crafted from 14k rose gold tubing for a polished, lightweight look, finished with a latch back closure.
When you select two to four products we'll show you a side-by-side detailed comparison so you can choose the best piece of jewelry you're looking for. I found something I really like on the Kay Jewelers website, and I want to share it with you.
The information entered on this form will not be used to send unsolicited email and will not be shared with a third party. These remarkable two tone gold hoops are captivatingly designed with both 14 karat white gold and 14 karat yellow gold to create an absolutely stunning piece.
My husband bought these earrings for me, so I don't know much about the whole ordering process, how does the item look like compared to its photo on the web site, how good was the service, etc. I can't tell you how much I love hoop earrings, which is why I bought these, they're lovely! The hoops are so trendy, I love wearing them, everyone complements me on them and I feel like a diva!
This classy pair of refined 4 mm wide 14 karat yellow gold hoop earrings are sophisticated, charming and elegant, a must-have jewellery accessory.
I'm not used to wearing dangling earrings and was afraid they wouldn't suit me.So I called customer support and talked to this nice sales lady who told me that if I ended up not liking the earrings I could send them back within 14 days and they'd exchange them for me (provided that I didn't try them on first).

Love the design and how pretty these earrings look dangling from my ear and I get tons of compliments on them1! I began looking for a pair, though I was kinda clueless (and I didn't want to ask my wife's friend again and again). I knew he was planning on getting me jewelry and I was afraid that he might go a little overboard with the gift.
I got them a few days ago, right as scheduled, and I was completely blown away by the quality of these babies! I like the details of the hoops and and their construction seem to be of very high quality.
Diamonds are always the best choice when it comes to birthday presents, but I had no idea just how successful this present will be! I wanted to make her feel a bit better after the difficult time she went through during labor, and bought her these earrings as a very modest way of saying how much I appreciate and love her. Constructed of 14K yellow gold and polished to a glowing shine, they’re the perfect accompaniment to any attire. Generally speaking, I think that gold is overpriced, but this item has a very good value per money value.
My boyfriend bought me the hoops for Christmas and I haven't been able to take them off since. Louis bought 5 pairs of these hoops to auction off to help raise money for the nearby children's ward. I love the sleek, lustrous look of the earrings and how the hoop shape beautifully frames my face. I had never ordered jewelry online and had heard all sorts of horror stories about ordering off of online jewelry stores. I'm always afraid that they'll get lost in shipment or that the company will send me a substandard item.
The posts are secure and overall the earrings are comfortable to wear and aren't heavy at all. I keep getting compliments on them wherever I go, and I just feel like it's the most successful purchase I recently had! I finally got the guts and placed the order, and in retrospect I really don't know why I was so nervous.
Although I knew she would really like these earrings, it turns out that I was right on target! It looks great on my ears and it can serve as a present for any women in age 30-50 I would say. You usually get the cheap looking kind, but these are beautiful and they really look expensive. I ordered them off the site hoping and praying that they would be as gorgeous in real life as they are posted on the site, and they WERE!!
I'm so happy I decided to get them, they're a great addition to my amazing jewelry collection.

Anyways, I was looking for the ideal present for our upcoming anniversary when I found these hoop earrings on your site. The earrings were perfect, their design was elegant and tasteful, which made the earrings look delicate and classy. I was looking for something beautiful and unique to give my wife on our anniversary and these are the earrings I chose. I've heard it all, from loose diamonds, to low quality and even fake (!) gemstones, to faulty designs and substandard craftsmanship. Everywhere I go, people ask me where I got my gorgeous earrings from, and I love the attention! The ordering process was more the convenient, but the most important part was obviously my wife's reaction.
My boyfriend after 3 months together already knows my tastes and has selected a perfect item for me. She even told me that all her friends really loved the earrings as well, and she loves showing them off!
Everything went so smoothly, and most importantly the earring turned out completely amazing! And you can imagine how happy I was when they arrived and they were every bit as gorgeous as I had hoped they would be. If you consider their relatively low price I'm sure you'll find out, just like I did, that it's a fantastic deal. She really appreciated the gesture, and she just couldn't thank me enough.I will definitely come back and shop here again in the future!
I especially have to thank zoara;s customer support for helping my guy pick the perfect gift for me.
Although she understood that her friend told me about her desire for hoop earrings, emotionally she is still surprised that she received such a great gift from me, making her feel very special.
They aren't light, but I like feeling my earrings on, and not have them hidden inside my hear. Before I placed my order I made sure that the company had refundable guarantees and that I would get my money back if I was in any way dissatisfied with the product. She says she thinks about me every time she wears the earrings on, which is basically every morning.
Some girls like earrings they can sleep with, not me, I like the look of big hoops on a girl, preferably with a lot of lipstick on the lips. Luckily, the item arrived in perfect condition, the design and craftsmanship were impeccable.
These hoops suit my needs completely, but if you can't handle the weight, maybe you can handle only small delicate earrings.

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