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I really don’t think this bracelet has ever been worn, it definitely has never been engraved.
From the Italian house of BVLGARI comes the B.ZERO1 white gold gents 18 karat wedding ring size 9-10. Just in time for your fancy New Years Eve party; or perhaps  your spring wedding is on the horizon. From our brief title descriptions you have all the information you need to figure out the value estate jewellery offers.
Well over 1 million members located in over 100 countries around the world make up the Harley owners group.
When something like this shows up I know I’m going to buy it no matter what it is going to cost (within reason of course). High quality 18 karat Italian made yellow and white gold bracelet measuring just over 8.5 inches long. We’ll give you everything you need to know in order to access the value of this chain and everything else we sell. Anything that has survived 137 years that’s in this kind of condition has got to be admired. A simple looking gold chain is actually one of the more tricky pieces of jewellery to manufacture. No one does it better than Italian manufacturer Unoaerre. Fermanello in oro bianco 18 carati: vendita oro, gioielli, bigiotteria a prezzi imbattibili!
Descrizione:Fermanello realizzato completamente in oro bianco liscio 18 carati utile generalmente per evitare che un altro anello possa essere perso. Consiglia questo prodotto ai tuoi amicicondividendolosul tuo social network oppureinviandolo direttamente per email! Descrizione:Croce squadrata realizzata completamente in oro 18 carati con lavorazione diamantata in oro giallo ed inserti in oro bianco liscio. Gold is pushing $1700.00 per ounce Canadian so any quality piece of jewellery costs a bit more than it did a year or two ago. So imagine his expression when you present him with this little object to go on the weekend car keychain. The Mercedes Benz 3 pointed star logo is unmistakable. This 8.25 inch long bracelet has a brushed finish with bright diamond cut edges on one side and a plain highly polished reverse side.
BVLGARI is a name steeped in excellence and high fashion design dating back over 130 years. You buy it today, use it tomorrow then throw it away with little regard to what it cost when new.
They are incredibly hard, extremely tough and don’t require any special care or need to be worn with caution. Armed with a little knowledge the mysterious closed world of jewellery pricing is easier to understand, but mostly easily to compare. BIRKS is renowned for their high quality and great design.
The membership organizes many ride related rallies that often raise money for various charities including their official cause of Muscular Dystrophy.
This pair of handmade 18 karat white and yellow gold Birks cuff links weigh a little over 12 grams and have been made to a very high standard.
This chain was made in Italy by one of the best chain makers (Unoaerre) then exported to England for re-sale there as it has all the English hallmarks on the chain ends. The grooved flat shank contemporary design contains 3 channel set square modified brilliant cut diamonds of nice SI clarity with an I colour.
The soft rounded links on this heavy gents curb link bracelet are smooth and rounded to the touch. This little dump truck is hand made from 6 individual pieces cast in yellow and white gold. This is a Canadian made perfect condition 10 karat white gold wedding ring, weighing just over 8.5 grams. At this length it could fit the average man’s wrist or we could shorten it for a lady. I knew they were a high quality pair of cuff links made by BIRKS, but the crest on the front was a mystery.
Some of the most inspirational United States of America images are illustrated on this excellent condition $2.50 US gold coin. Imagine trying to internally solder each one of these square shaped links without melting it or fusing it solid to the next link.
Perhaps it’s because yellow gold in all forms of jewellery are again showing up in jewellery store showcases and designer websites.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
All it would take is gold to appreciate by slightly more than 50% of the current trading price. At 8.75 inches this bracelet should fit most men and it could easily be shortened to fit even the most slender wrist.
Depending on the level of bling you prefer, you can choose a simple outline of 53 diamonds or go all in with the double outline with 83 diamonds.

Made from premium quality 18 karat white gold this ring measures 6.0mm wide in a rather large finger size 12. How about 1.00 carat of nice bright I1-HI quality brilliant cut diamonds, bead set in a super low white gold rectangular setting. It’s not just the common Figaro chain consisting of one larger oval link connected by a few smaller round links.
It’s hard to say how old it is because this style is still in production today by many manufactures. What gives this chain it’s soft slightly pinkish tone is the slight bias of copper in the alloy mix. The 3 diamonds weigh a combined 0.25 carat and add just the right amount of sparkle to the very handsome ring. At Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers we’ll show you  everything you need to know when comparing value, because value has little to do with price. Now trying doing it perfectly 350 more times as done in this 20 inch box link chain. The exact process Unoaerre uses to make their high quality chain is a closely guarded secret. The extra cost in making something of true quality doesn’t really matter in the big picture. Will fit a smaller size men’s wrist or can be shortened to fit the smallest ladies arm. If that doesn’t happen at least you get to wear a great necklace made from ultra high quality 18 karat gold. Most bracelets in this price segment come with a simple lobster style catch or even with just an open hook link and safety clasp.
The pendant measures almost exactly 1 inch diameter, weighs just over 6 grams and has been tested at 14 karat gold. Now it’s time to find it a new home with someone who can continue the adventure for another million miles or more. Either way you’ll be getting a great estate bracelet for a significant discount when compared with new.
The little pucks can be partially or completely removed making the ring a little bigger than a size 10 if necessary. You could run it over with a train and it would still have the same value of recyclable precious metal contained within the flattened links.
Measuring less than 3.5mm in height this ring is just as comfortable as a plain wedding ring. Nothing fancy, nothing too decorative, just a wide and heavy flat shank design of solid construction. A small window under the diamonds was left on the inside to allow for easier cleaning. The circular cufflinks  measure approximately 13.5mm diameter with a pierced mill grain and hand engraved decorative border.
It fits like a comfortable pair of your favorite running shoes. A very secure upgraded box clasp with side safety catch insures this bracelet will stay put.
A flat brushed surface contrasts with the highly polished concave grooves and edges in an endless brickwork pattern. This design is very flattering and goes great with many of the large stainless steel sporty watches so many guys are wearing today.
Each link is made from a white gold and yellow gold section showing no signs of wear between the joints. Big discounts might grab your attention, but a discount on an overpriced item has little value. 13 stars symbolize the original 13 colonies who declared independence from Great Britain forming the new nation of the United States. They are one of the worlds premium manufacturers of high quality gold jewellery and have been in business for almost 90 years in Italy. The inside gallery of setting has a pierced filigree design making for a very comfortable wearing and easy to clean ring. Polished up like new the ring is in excellent condition showing practically no wear of any kind.
The circular 10 karat yellow gold ring is a size 12.5 with a circular frame setting measuring 25mm diameter.
The ring is in good condition needing only a fresh rhodium plating to restore a brilliant white finish. The popular style Figaro link 18 karat yellow and white gold chain measures 5.6mm wide and 29 inches long.
Diamonds are 200 times harder than the second hardest gem and even when they have been permanently coloured they still have the dispersion and brilliance that diamonds are prized for.
They each measure 16mm x 13mm and can be separated if you have a French cuff shirt with very tiny holes.
The tongue of the clasp is made from white gold providing a better, tighter spring compared to yellow gold. A flat polished section on the clasp would be a perfect spot to personalize the bracelet with an engraved initial. Knowing all the key bits of information that contribute to the price of something is the only way you know you are getting true value. Make a phone call or two to a jeweller of your choice and ask what the price of a similar chain would be.
They use many tons of alloyed gold in their annual production of  jewellery that is sold in almost 100 countries throughout the world.
We have given the bracelet only a light polish bringing it to a 9 out 10. Just a little patina remains demonstrating some careful previous wear from a very conscientious owner.

19 karat palladium alloy white gold is seen occasionally for use in engagement rings, but 19 karat yellow gold is rarely seen in North America. We can adjust to fit your finger size as required up or down by up to 2 sizes in as little as one day by our on site goldsmiths. A three dimensional freightliner tractor cab is exploding out of the centre of the ring looking like it’s doing 60 miles an hour.
A few links can quickly be removed and all of a sudden you have a ladies bracelet of any length you like. It weighs over 68 grams and is secured by a hidden plunger style clasp with a heavy side safety catch. Solid link chains like this are very expensive to manufacture. A highly polished flat profile design with stepped and bevelled edges has been the popular choice for many grooms who like a more industrial machine look. This is a sophisticated timeless design that will co-ordinate with any colour or texture of clothing. A low dome profile with the fine milgrain border has always been a timeless and popular design. I wish I knew the history of these little works of art or why the original owner had them commissioned by Birks. At 62 grams and just over 10 inches in length this 10 karat yellow gold bracelet would fit the larger gentleman or we could shortened it as required. One can only guess they were a presentation gift for a much respected civic official in Toronto’s boom years.
A new ring of this quality and weight not including any diamonds would sell for more than our estate price of $1200.00. When I look at this ring it’s hard not to smile and imagine the sense of pride the original owner had in it and his trusty 18 wheeler. If you want to upgrade from your rounded thin yellow gold wedding ring, come in a check this one out. Careful attention when polishing the ring for sale was taken so as not to remove any of the fine details. We will happily refinish the ring to perfect condition at no charge if you like; although the weight may be reduced by several tenths of a gram or so. The back of the pendant has a flat finish that could be engraved with your motorcycles serial number or a special message. We won’t display an estate or previously enjoyed necklace that looks like its been worn.
The plunger type catch with side safety clasp are working as designed and offer a secure connection. Showing some scuffs and surface scratches but in very good condition with no worn areas of concern between the traditional curb style links.
It took great a great amount of skill to assemble all the different little pieces of 10 karat yellow and white gold together then solder it all into the ring.
The high quality pendant shows great detail. A Sandblasted background with polished highlights and frame provide excellent contrast. The only evidence this chain has had a previous life is the heavy 10 karat lobster catch is not original. The 67 grams chain is pictured beside a standard pencil to give you an idea of the scale of this piece.
The 75% pure gold content also showcases the rich yellow colour not commonly seen in domestic jewellery. A quick refinishing could be accomplished making the bracelet look like new but the gold weight may be reduced by a few 10ths of a gram lost to the polisher’s buffing wheel. 25 round faceted good quality rubies and diamonds are bead set in the frame adding approximately 0.50  carats of bling. We have the ring priced at less than half that figure at just $720.00 CAD including minor size adjustment and rhodium plating.
Bill LeBoeuf Jewellers on staff goldsmiths can alter the size for free with purchase in a day or so. The original 14 karat clasp may have failed or deemed too frail for this 17.8 gram 14 karat gold chain. The phonograph was demonstrated for the first time and Ivory soap was introduced in the year 1878. The coin is composed of 90% pure gold and is one of 178000 minted in San Francisco.
Made in a size 11 the 10 karat yellow gold ring will fit the slightly larger than average hand. Hopefully that doesn’t happen because this item looks much nicer as a usable jewellery item than a pretty puddle of gold.
I hope it finds a great home with a man who takes pride in his work and is not afraid to express it.

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