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Going to a Party Aqua Bow Tie Tragus Cartilage Earring Get ready for a swanky soiree with this cheerful bow tie cartilage earring. Once shipped most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. Handmade unique beaded, crocheted and wire wrapped sterling silver, copper, gold and brass jewelry at affordable prices.
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A bright aqua bow sits on top of an 18 gauge straight barbell to give any tragus a touch of class, whether going to the prom or just hanging out. I am teaching myself to solder and polish my jewelry and am finally able to offer you my newly created little hoops. 316L surgical steel post with a small elephant charm piercing for the cartilage, upper ear, lobes, tragus, conch or helix.
I didn't get it done professionally- my friend did it for me, but the needle was sterile and so was the earring. Ear cuff fits comfortably on all ears and connects to a gold-plated stud earring with 3 chains.

The first ear cuff is smaller and more flexible and the 2nd ear cuff has a larger diameter.

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