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If you’ll remember back for a second, Titus was recently closed down by their factoring company for situations not entirely unlike what just happened to Race Face. Then, retaining a single former Titus employee (Ben Webster), they’ve worked at lightning speed to bring several models into production. Sealed cartridge bearings in the front rocker and main pivots with Igus bushings in the rear near the axle.
Dropouts are full carbon fiber, and the frame is a monocoque front triangle design with full carbon seatstays save for a small alloy insert at the pivot. They’ll also offer a model with an alloy front triangle but the same carbon rear triangle. This alloy hardtail 29er is internally nicknamed the Riddler, an homage to an older Titus model. Titus’s Facebook page announced that they reduced prices on many models to help get funds for the purchase of RaceFace. Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure.
Long ago, they showed prototypes using ENVE rims, but for various reasons, they never went into production.
Wish more were doing this as my XX1 groupset is going to land anyday now and i still dont have a driver !!!
It’ll be available next month because the rear triangle was already developed for the Rockstar.

They’re renegotiating with that tube manufacturer to continue to use that design, so its future is TBD.
We’re looking forward to see what comes from the brand and glad to see them back in the game! Since RaceFace employees are being picked up by others, I’m skeptical that, after buying RaceFace, it would be restored to anything like its former self. Now, Reynolds has provided them with custom drilled carbon fiber rims that weigh in at just 430g each.
Choice of hubset (SS, Superlight?, Enduro) axle type front and rear, and now freehub body configuration (whether standard or XX type). If the threading inside the cassette enganges the thread of the driver body, how could the Splines match up, considering they don?t move horizontally towards themselves because of the threading.
The sleeve extends all the way to beneath the 10t cog and is splined to accept the installation tool. So close that he predicts the alloy version of the Racer-X 29er bike (carbon version shown above) will be out in about one month. They took the Rockstar concept and tightened up the geometry to make it more of a XC racer. The only change is that it’ll use a full-length cable housing run to the rear derailleur. At any rate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some form of titanium model from them soon.

I had a rather high opinion of RaceFace and Titus, but now I treat them as any other middle of the pack brand.
Coupled with I9’s fat alloy spokes and house-made hubs (check our factory tour here!), they weigh in at 1640g. Available now, and it’s a direct replacement for the standard freehub body on any of their mountain bike wheels from as far back as they’ve made them! It appears to me that all the threads and Splines on both the Driver body and the cassette are a solid piece, so no theres no relative motion, so how is this possible?
The cassette remains still as the sleeve is threaded onto the driver, and I’m guessing the backplate is just thick enough to stop the threaded sleeve from interfacing with the splines on the driver. This one has a 70? head angle and 73? seat angle combined with a slightly higher bottom bracket. Alloy version has the same tubeset of the Rockstar, but the tweaked geometry for racy XC performance. Reynolds is their partner on the road wheels and has been for a while, so this drilling is a custom 32-hole drilling but uses a standard 4mm spoke hole. That, along with the inherently stiffer carbon rims, should make for a solid yet light wheelset.

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