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22k Gold small necklace and earring set - AjNs51627 - Beautifully hand crafted filigree necklace and earring set with 22k gold and frosty finish. Indian Gold Necklace Set - StGo9940 - 22k gold necklace and earring set with filigree design and light frost finish.
22k gold designer necklace and earring set beautifully handcrafted with the combination of meenakari work and ruby stones and colored stones together in antique finish.

22k yellow gold long necklace and earring set also known as patta haar designed with detailed handcrafted filigree floral designs in unique net-like shape with gold balls hangings on the bottom of the necklace and earrings. 22Kt gold designer necklace and earring set with filigree design in shine finish with small gold balls hanging. The necklace and earrings set expose the traditional authentic Indian look in combination with the authentic Indian bridal look and long earrings.

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