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The Audiogram is the graphical representation of the results of the air conduction and bone conduction hearing tests.
The vertical lines represent the test frequencies, arranged from low pitched on the left to high pitched on the right. The Audiogram shows the minimum volume at which a person can detect a tone played at a particular frequency.
Flat loss - A hearing loss where hearing is relatively even across all frequencies, which is more common for conductive hearing losses. In interpreting an audiogram, it is a common for clients to misinterpret the results ~ looking at the good news rather than taking in the whole story.
Low frequencies of sounds found in speech (125 Hz - 1000 Hz) are largely responsible for a person's interpretation of the volume of speech. Because these sounds are difficult for someone with high frequency loss to hear, they may often mistake what someone has said. Bill has been on the tools for 40-years as a carpenter and admits to rarely using ear protection for most of that time.
David is currently suffering from a conductive hearing loss due to a nasty illness that has led to fluid gathering in his middle ear.
All of us already know what hearing is but you should know what is hearing loss as it has become a common complication nowadays.

A person with hearing loss may have a partial or complete hearing loss while impairment means that something is not properly functioning.
Nowadays, hearing impairment ratio is the most alarming birth defect which is about 3 in 1000 babies. A patient having such a complaint is due to a problem with connection from a cochlea to the brain. This occurs when a cochlea does not work properly because of the destruction of tiny hair cells; patient can’t hear any sound in noise but can listen only in silence. Hearing loss can be due to any injury, or it may be due to some parts of an ear which form incorrectly by birth and don’t work properly. The horizontal lines represent loudness, from very soft at the top to very loud at the bottom. These represent scores based on bone conduction tests, which as discussed earlier, bypass the outer ear and middle ear. This is the most common hearing loss that will be shown due to the ageing process and noise damage. This results from degeneration of the hair receptors within the cochlear due to the ageing process.
His sharply sloping loss in the higher frequencies can largely be put down to noise induced hearing loss produced by electrical saws and other equipment that he has used in his job.

Hearing impairment or hearing loss is a problem which occurs when there is a problem with one or more ear parts.
When sound waves strike the eardrum in the middle ear, it vibrates and starts vibrating three bones of an ear called hammer, anvil and stirrup, which then help sound waves to the inner ear.
Patients suffering from this complication have a mild hearing loss, but mostly it is temporary and can recover with a general medical treatment. Neural means which is related to nerve so persons suffering from neural hearing loss means that the nerve which carries messages from a cochlea to patient’s brain is damage.
Before she was fitted with hearing aids, Annie always found conversations with her younger grandchildren particularly difficult - especially when in a noisy situation.
These vibrations travel to a cochlea, filled with liquid and have numerous hairs on its surface.

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