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This ear plug is lightweight, comfortable and easy-to-use for workers in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. This reusable, multi-flange designed ear plug fits securely in the ear canal and helps provide reliable protection. Product Description For workers who need to protect their hearing and be extra visible – on road construction sites, airports or other high-risk workplaces * Optime III is a super-muff SNR 35 dB, and has been developed for use in extremely noisy environments. Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more!
The king of niche headsets, Peltor Tactical has once again branched out to produce at very narrowly focused headset that  is designed specifically for shotgun users and skeet shooters, called the Shotgunner hearing protector. Despite its popularity and self proclaimed comfort design, these are actually inferior to other similarly priced passive headsets on the market, minus the low profile to prevent interference. Price: Pretty much what you would expect from passive hearing protection, these come in at less than twenty dollars.
At around twenty dollars, these are quite affordable and pretty much in line with what you would expect most passive headsets to cost.
The design is very unique and low tapered, and pretty much the best reason for buying them, as they provide enough flexibility to allow for larger guns to be fired without interference. Stressing it again, despite being light, the fit is going to be very uncomfortable for you if it doesn’t fit right, and there are much better headsets available for similar prices that have a normal design. 3m Peltor once again has come up with another way to simultaneously excite and disappoint the hearing protection crowd.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. What makes these unique, is they come with a tapered cup which helps to minimize the stock interference that you would get with these larger guns, but at what cost? This isn’t that impressive considering there are quite a few shot guns which exceed 85 dB and will need higher levels of protection.
The tapered cup and low profile give shotgun users and skeet shooters plenty to like, because they avoid stock interference while simultaneously enjoying gel-filled ear pads. They are only 8 ounces and are very light and comfortable to wear, you could probably wear these for hours and even forget that you are wearing them. Going along with the design, the headband and ear pads come with a type of gel-filled cushion which makes them extremely comfortable to wear, provided that they fit.
Despite being adjustable, the tapered cup and low profile shrink their potential audience, and when combined with a weak 21 dB rating, I’m sure that there are going to be many shotgun users with bleeding eardrums if used over a long period of time. The Shotgunners do exactly what they say they will do, minimize gun stock interference that larger profile headsets have.
Misuse or failure to wear hearing protectors at all times that you are exposed to noise may result in hearing loss or injury.
This results in maximum high-frequency muffling, while at the same time it’s still easy to understand speech and signals.
The final product is once again, very niche earmuffs which skeetshooters and quiter shotgun users will like, but aren’t a great fit for everyone else.

The only way you can get by is by combining these with earplugs, which defeats the purpose of the purchase. At the same time, while minimizing they also managed to create an awkward fit that man other users might find very bothersome, and want to remove after a short period of time. However, the headband is a little stiff to use despite being adjustable, and the unique design makes getting the fit to work with your head size a tall task.
Combined with lower end noise reduction, this significantly narrows who might find these useful. For this reason, I recommend that you purchase these only if you are skeet shooting outdoors or have low powered shotguns. If there is any drainage from your ear or you have an ear infection, consult with your physician before wearing ear plugs.
It is recommended that the NRR be reduced by 50% for estimating the average amount of noise reduction provided.

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