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I was just a 50s girl haha and I ended up loving this look a lot and I wanted to wear it everyday.
From small hoops to diamond studs, earrings can complete a man's look and add a stylish touch. This style of earring is understated and can be worn with anything from casual clothes to suits.
Many sports figures, musicians, and other celebrities show off their wealth by wearing noticeable bling.

Earrings come in endless shapes, colors, and sizes and can be changed to reflect whatever mood you are feeling. Earrings for men come in a range of styles, and it is easy to find the style that is right for you. A simple hoop, a stud, and an earring done in a funky shape can be worn together and will look great. A simple hoop with a beaded end might be your signature look, or if you want something flashy, choose a hoop embellished with diamonds.

A small hoop in each ear is a popular look for men and looks great with a variety of clothes.

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