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Jessica Choi is a Content Marketing + Business Development Associate specializing in Social Media and Video Production. Really interesting collections, those kinds of 70’s are truly priceless to view along, nowadays many modified versions of Southpole Men’s Relaxed Fit Jeans are come from these retro versions of outfits, I think these versions are highly influenced in today’s movie style, it’s quite clear these types of fashions roll backs to the store again, and people will wear them quite delight. Great article… I seriously enjoyed the whole concept and the write-up… I would love to read such more articles. The moment you hear someone squeal, “The 70s!” the first thing that pops into your head is the fashion of this decade. The hippie era was gradually drawing to an end during the late 1960s; however, its influence was still evident in the mens fashion trends of the early 1970s.
There seemed to be something about bell-bottoms that it made every man go weak in the knees. Men wore bell bottoms with buttoned down shirts and business suits, the same color as the trousers and paired them up with loafers that had a slightly enhanced heel. Bell bottomed patterns were not incorporated only in formal trousers, but this trend was also prominent among men’s denims in 1970s, where men paired up T-shirts with these bell bottom jeans.
The combination of wide collared shirts paired with bell bottom trousers and jeans was quite common.
Hippie shirts were short sleeved, did not have collars, but rather round necklines with a “V” shaped pattern in the center. When the people of the 70s had to ditch the hippie trends of the 60s, they invented new trends that ran along the lines of the hippie movement’s fashion trends. The polka dotted shirt is another fashion trend which crossed over from 1960s into the 70s (see the famous British pop star Davy Jones, the frontman of the boys band The Monkees donning the black polka dot short). Polka dotted shirts were popular in blue, brown and black, but there was something in the water back then that made all the men go for the red polka dotted shirts.

Polka dots have vanished from the men’s fashion scene; however, they are still doing well among women.
Heeled shoes, pastel shaded trousers, a white shirt, sunglasses, slightly overgrown hair, a thick moustache and a plaid coat and yes… a gun in the hand. The 3 piece disco suit that John Travolta sported in the Saturday Night Fever has truly been immortalized.
Work on your poses, because it'll be a night full of good hair and pictures with this Mens 70s Prom Wig. Thus, fashion had evolved drastically from 1950s and 60s to bring us some glorious trends in the decade of the 70s. So let’s step into a world where everything seems a tad far above the earth, gloriously colorful and blindingly loud.
The only problem there was is that we couldn’t really see a man go weak in his knees in 1970s because bell bottoms start flaring from the knee downwards. Casual floral shirts had wide sleeves and cuffs from the elbow down, resembling bell bottom pants.
It probably had something to do with red, the color of passion for every man in the street, at workplaces, at places of social entertainment was wearing these. Plain seemed to be too boring, which is why prints and designs were ‘the in thing’ in those times.
Men who stepped out dressed like this were highly admired as the famous and fashionable men to-die-for. The pearl white suit jacket, waist coat and bell bottom trousers, black shirt and shoes comprised Travolta’s highly memorable look in the movie that the people of the 70s carried forward with them for as long as the trend lived.
The characteristic traits of bell bottom trousers are the high waist, tight fit through the thigh and the flare from the knee level, resembling a bell, thus the name.

They had a wider rim and the edges elongated and tapered downwards to form an accurate “V” shaped pattern. Though the movement died out towards the end of 1960s, people were still reluctant to completely let go off its vibrant fashion trends in 1970s. Closely borrowing from the bold prints of the hippie shirts, floral shirts were buttoned down, wide collared and long sleeved shirts. Men usually left the first few buttons undone, exposing their chest and sometimes had a peace symbol hanging from their necks.
If you sit down to watch a couple of movies or television shows from the 70s, the red polka dotted shirt is not going to miss your sight. You might be taken aback with shock knowing that this look was a burning hot sensation in the 70s.
With a variety of clothes for men to choose from to wear at formal dos, the polo neck remained as the most popular casual item that men wore to social events and especially to watch a sport or play golf.
While some would consider the decade of the 70s as the major fashion disaster there ever was, we’d go against them and support the 70s as a decade of experimentation and new ideas. These 70s fashion trends for men may have not stood the test of time but they certainly were a feverish rage of their times. Men didn’t place any restrictions on colors too and went ahead with every bright color under the sun like yellow, green, pink, orange, blue, purple and so many more.

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