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Keyless entry systems are one of those little conveniences most of us have come to appreciate – unless your neighbor is using one at two in the morning.  Most sound the horn to signal when a door is locked or unlocked – loud enough to jolt even the deepest sleeper out of dreamland or shock a pedestrian walking by in a parking lot. Now, an anti-noise group is blowing the whistle on keyless entry systems and demanding (softly) that makers turn down the volume.
The problem, the good doctor notes, is that automotive engineers seem to be engaged in an automotive arms race. Yet, a quick survey by the organization revealed that two-thirds of the vehicles sold in the U.S. That may ease the concerns of motorists who want to be sure the vehicle has been locked, but Dr. Noise Free America is calling on Congress to outlaw the use of horns in keyless entry systems. Tags: anti noise, auto news, car horns, car news, car noise, keyless entry, keyless entry noise, noise free america, paul a. The horm sounding may be considered a problem, but it is not a problem if you own a Chysler.Owners manual instructions for my 2008 Sebring limited showed me how to disable the horn sound (Therefore,I only get lights flashing to indicate the doors are locked or unlocked).

I’ve found a number of vehicles allow the owner to disable or reduce the level of the audible alert. In general, despite a range of customization options on many of the latest vehicles, folks tend to largely stick with the factory settings unless a (rare) sales or service person actually asks a buyer if they’d like to customize the settings.
The worst car system I ever heard, however, was an alarm system that somebody put on a Jaguar some years back.
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The organization, Noise Free America, has given the auto industry its Noisy Dozen Award for making the technology all but ubiquitous in today’s cars. Cullen Ruff, who serves as an Associate Professor at the Virginia Commonwealth school of Medicine, in Fairfax, Virginia.
Ruff observes that “the cumulative health effects of intrusive noise on blood-pressure, sleep disruption, and anxiety are real. The good news is that Toyota and Subaru have switched to softer chirps on some models, but most keyless entry systems continue to blare.

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