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Our heroes set off on a new Pokemon adventure!After my last look at the Pokemon XY toyline, Tomy was kind enough to send out some more goodies to review! This is time is an assortment of role-play items and being a grown man, they’re not exactly designed with me in mind so I enlisted the help of my little sister, our resident toy-reviewer-in-training, to help!
Overall, me and Aimee had lots of fun with these role-play items, from the perspective of both a Pokemon veteran and a relative newcomer. When I first built a computer, I asked Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan what size of motherboard I should be going for. During installation, one thing I discovered that was quite interesting was the lack of screws for the power supply. Lots of reusable cable ties are included for use with holding down cables that run behind the motherboard tray.
Optical drives are installed to the Antec P182 by a set of rails for left and right -- in general, the Antec P182 is not a tool-free case since installing pretty much anything will require a screwdriver. When running cables down from behind the motherboard tray into the bottom hard drive section, round IDE cables will not work as they are simply too large to fit between the panel and the case rails.
As far as motherboard installation goes, it's pretty standard and easy -- motherboard risers are pre-installed in standard ATX motherboard mounting locations. Two openings are located at the top of the motherboard tray for cables running through, as well as one on the right. As for the ATX 4-pin connector, the one on my Tagan ITZ 700W power supply is actually quite long -- but just just a couple inches short of long enough for running behind the motherboard tray on the Antec P182.
Case connections went pretty smoothly, except there's no case speakers for those motherboard beeps with the Antec P182 as far as I can see. The Antec P182 is truly a cabler's dream -- especially for those who are lazy like me and simply use what's available out of the box without cutting things up. The only exception of an odd cable run is the floppy power connector from the lower chamber up to the ATI All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro -- but otherwise the rest is all good with minimal cables shown in front. Personally, I found that the case fans a little more than plain 'silent' -- these fans will still create that whooshing noise during usage, although not very significant. Please note that the APH Numeric Rating system is based off our proprietary guidelines in the Review Focus, and should not be compared to other sites. The Antec P182 is an awesome combination of excellent design, quality, performance, and price.
When I'm under a lot of stress, I tend to stress eat (I know, it's bad and I shouldn't, but I can't seem to help myself).
I know I said that chocolate makes the world go 'round but, after warming up a leftover bun for my dinner, I think these rolls might too, in a more subtle way. These Cranberry Orange Brioche Rolls are delicate, rich, buttery rolls with plenty of flavor.
Place dough in a bowl, cover with plastic film, and allow to rise for 2 hours at room temperature (or overnight in the refrigerator) until dough has doubled in volume. En dat, als ik 'em dan in m'n mond stop en ik bijt, doorbijt, dattie dan zo ineens bwehlehlee whe.
Een vrouw die achter een remmende bestuurder reed had dat te laat door en knalde op haar voorganger.
Vanuit Belgie, Frankrijk en Duitsland zijn vogelliefhebbers naar Zwolle gereden op de zeldzame vogel te zien. Omdat er geen nakomelingen kwamen, nam de koper samen met een veearts de bedprestaties van de stier onder de loep. Dat is nog niet geheel duidelijk, het grootste probleem is waarchijnlijk dat uilen veel moeite hebben met het vasthouden van boeken.
Na de Tweede Kamer heeft nu ook de Eerste Kamer ingestemd met het schrappen van het omstreden wetsartikel. Tegelijkertijd nam de senaat een motie aan die de regering opdracht geeft om te onderzoeken of de wet zodanig kan worden aangepast dat gelovigen afdoende worden beschermd tegen belediging van hun geloof, zonder dat dit de vrijheid van meningsuiting onnodig beperkt.
Het werd tijd dat dat er eens doorkwam.Yesterday is dead and gone, tomorrow is out of sight. Wat men verder (terecht) betoogt heeft is dat bij de bescherming tegen belediging artikel 147 niet nodig is om gelovigen nog wat extra te beschermen, en dat het beschermen tegen belediging van ideeen sowieso raar is. Los daarvan is dus een motie aangenomen die vraagt om een onderzoek of het nodig is artikel 137 aan te scherpen.

I reviewed this last time but Aimee thought it was pretty cool and couldn’t wait to crack it open and add it to the rest.
Aimee loved everything, especially the belt but for me, I don’t think the Trainer Gloves give you as much bang for your buck but are still a fun addition to line. Included accessories are placed in a box inside the case for shipping, and after removing the box from our Antec P182 -- the fun officially begins.
It took me a while to figure out which ways we should lead the cables out by default, and from what I can see we should lead it out towards the back of the motherboard tray -- the place where no one ever cares or looks at, haha. Yes, all the screws were included for attaching the power supply frame -- but where are the screws for the back of the power supply between the PSU itself and the case?
In our photo above, you can see that one of the side rails has a section to allow even relatively thick cables to pass through without interfering with the chassis door. With the Antec P182, most of the cables will go behind the motherboard tray -- so this is very important. After attaching the rails, you can slide the optical drive into the case from the front and it will lock into place. Special screws are included to accommodate the vibration dampeners between the drive and the cage. No gaps are implemented in this section for cables to pass through, but SATA and flat IDE cables will work just fine.
I even ran the front USB internal connector from the bottom chamber up through the left opening to the motherboard -- and an advantage to this is that the sound card will cover this up haha.
I installed the included metal mesh "spoiler" on top of the Antec P182 -- in my opinion, it really does help in terms of looks to make the P182 more stylish. Bread, whether you realize it or not, is one of the perfect foods to make when you are home, but busy working on projects or chores. Sweetened with honey, the rolls are contrasted with tart cranberries and a hint of orange zest.
Punch down the dough, cover again, and allow to rise a second time for 45-60 minutes, or until dough has doubled in volume once again. Roll each portion into a ball, flatten with the palm of your hand, and place rolls on a lined baking sheet close to each other (this will help them rise better). Toen bleek al snel wat er mis ging; de stier besprong niet de achterkant, maar de kop van de koeien. Volgens hem is er sprake van een verborgen gebrek, de koe doet namelijk niet waarvoor hij gekocht was. Tijdens een hoofdelijke stemming stemden dinsdag 49 senatoren voor het voorstel en 21 tegen. Als gelovigen zich nu beledigd voelen kunnen zij een aanklacht indienen op basis van het zelfde wetsartikel als de rest, en verder niet. Ik vermoed dat dat niet gaat gebeuren, en dat men deze motie vooral heeft geaccepteerd om tegemoet te komen aan de confessionele partijen. Funny story, the package containing these samples was left outside my door so my awesome neighbours noticed and kept it with them until I got home. The Pokemon XY toy line is available in most good toy retailers and is also available from Tomy’s website! For this review, I have used an old AMD Athlon 64 3000+ based computer I purchased back in 2004 for testing. Apparently, none were included and I had to whip out four screws from my own collection to install this power supply. A small section is also featured to allow cables to get from the power supply half of the bottom chamber to the hard drive section, however that gap is not nearly as wide, so fat cables will not pass through. Again, this is not tool free -- you'll need to use a screwdriver and four special screws (Included). These locations are extremely crucial for cables running behind the motherboard tray to properly reach the motherboard in the appropriate locations. I would highly suggest that users buying the Antec P182 which are unsure if their ATX 4-pin connector is long enough to buy an extension as well.
I ran the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro's power connector behind the opening above the ATX 4-pin connector to a Zalman Fanmate 2 controller and then the cable from the fan controller through the opening above the RAM slots to the motherboard 3-pin connector. My only complaint is that it scratches quite easily; you can see a ~1cm scratch on my case door located beside the audio jacks.

Personally, I would change the fans on the Antec P182 if you are really into quiet computing through. This case is as good as everyone says it is and more -- from its excellent retail packaging, to a beautiful and smooth exterior (Minus some easy scratches, of course), plus Antec's excellent and carefully designed interior of the P182, with exception of some minor cabling tweaks between different case sections that can be made -- and hardware installation so it has better than average noise isolation capabilities (Fans can be just a bit quieter, however), the Antec P182 is a case that's fun to build computers in and pleasurable to use. I've done little else but stress over deadlines in the last week, frantically working as fast as my hands and mind will allow. It requires a few minutes of attention every couple hours (a welcome distraction when you need a bit of a break) and, at the end of the day, there is something piping hot coming out of the oven to feed your tired soul. These rolls would make an elegant holiday breakfast to serve overnight guests, or perfect to keep as a secret all to yourself. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and allow to rest for 30-45 minutes, or until dough begins to ferment and bubbles form. Add in the butter, 2 tablespoons at a time and continue kneading the dough for 5 additional minutes. Hij leeft normaal vooral in Noord-Amerikaanse bossen, het noorden van de Scandinavische landen en Rusland.
Dus, ik denk dat het er op neer komt dat we nu allemaal dezelfde mate van bescherming tegen belediging zouden moeten hebben.
Assistant Editor Aaron Poole is a wood chucker and could chuck lots of wood but does not feel like it. Regardless, both Aimee and I had an immense amount of fun with this, even if I couldn’t wear it. After the hard drives are screwed into place, simply slide the cage into the P182 and it will lock into place with the help of a thumbscrew.
After working for what feels like non-stop for far too long, I feel like there is little left of me to go around.
I just sit in front of the table eating much more than I should because every minute I'm there is one minute I don't have to spend working, never mind the fact that the work will have to get done whether I eat more or not. En dan natuurlijk de regel dat er gekeken moet worden dat de gelovigen zich niet te beledigt voelen? He has avoided wood chucking in all it’s forms since the great chuck wood disaster of 2007. I find it strange that these don’t have a pull-tab that activates the electronics when you open the packaging. Dried cranberries may also be substituted for the fresh cranberries if your tastes would prefer. The two Pokemon included in this set are an adorable Pikachu and Noivern, one of the Pokemon from the new games, and you get both a regular Poke Ball and an Ultra Ball. I could easily see many of these losing their battery power in stores because of the lack of that feature. These two, as well as the Balls from the two Charmander sets mean we can carry four Poke Balls at once! Despite my issues with the packgaging, the gloves fit both Aimee and myself quite comfortably and we had a great time trying to figure out the best way to throw a Poke Ball and have the sounds activate. You won't see me praising a product all that often -- here at APH Networks we are hard markers and are not easily amused -- but I can assure you that Antec's P182 is deserving of this. I was pretty surprised to see that the belt had alloted space for the traditional maximum of six Poke Balls. In all seriousness, I would be glad to show off my beautiful cabling job with a case window on the side to sacrifice some noise isolation performance. This amazing set retails for around ?18.99 and is a must have for any would-be Pokemon trainer! While some users may want it and others won't, an option for such would be best to accommodate both worlds.
Not because he does anything illegal but because he has an assortment of hats that just seem to draw trouble to them like a magnet.

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