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Bags bicolor from Fall Winter 2015-16From Miu Miu white and blue to black and red of Louis Vuitton, through the classic black and white signed Marni. Notizie del giornoFashion shows are changing: Burberry and all that’s new on the runwaysMenswear and womenswear collections will walk together and will be on sale right after the show.
White and peachy options go on with the diversity of shapes later, again introducing the strict shapes, the flamboyant fur options, and the classy jacket and pants combos. Finally, we see the chic and trendy bordeau shades for the next array of dresses, followed with the mystique black looks for the ultimate stun. Get The Latest Trend Reports And News To Your Inbox For Free!We'll send you only the hottest stuff.

The fluffy and cool looks for outerwear are followed with the nice pairs of khaki green tops and brownish skirts, still having the ruffled elements. And the timeless black and white appear for the final range of looks, making this line a perfect and uber-comprehensive pack of imagination of luxury.
As always, the accents are put on the most feminine and glamorous options, completed with the just as chic details like the classic shapes and the fur elements. The mohair options come right after, presented with the combo of the double-waisted coat and the denim jacket.
In case of other looks, the details like the brown knee high boots complete the khaki green duo.

So have a part of all this in your wardrobe and be the star of the show with these uber-impressive pieces!

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