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Tinnitus ear ringing makes it difficult, sometimes impossible to get a full night’s sleep.
There are many causes of tinnitus, but the most common is ear damage, from either loud noises or ototoxic medications. If you have tinnitus, you’ll try almost anything to stop the constant ringing in the ears; have you ever considered weight loss as a tinnitus cure? Where the most common symptom of tinnitus is constant ear ringing, pulsatile tinnitus produces more of a throbbing sound that reflects your heart rate.

Tinnitus is hearing condition that causes constant ear ringing and other disconcerting sounds that only the sufferer can hear. Instead of limiting yourself to one therapy, doctors advise a swift and steady application of the best tinnitus treatments, prescribed all at once. Scientists who saw a link between intracranial hypertension and morbid obesity wondered if weight loss surgery might be the answer to finding the elusive cure for tinnitus…reduced ear ringing through weight loss.
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As of yet, there is no tinnitus cure, but researchers are currently on a tinnitus treatment that would be nothing less than a miracle.

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